How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages for Free?

Parenting is tough. As children step into adolescence, parents need to be more wary of their activities. You may see them in person, but what’s happening in their virtual lives? You may wonder ‘How can I track my kids’ text messages?’

The question bothers a lot of parents and the concern is genuine. Get relaxed! There is no need to worry anymore.

We are here in helping you keep your children safe and protected, while they will not know that you are monitoring their activities. Let us tell you how you can monitor your child’s text messages for free using the Spyine Parental Monitoring app.

The first part of the article will introduce Spyine and a brief overview of its features. The next section explains the working mechanism of Spyine. In the second part, we will see how you can monitor your child’s text messages on an Android phone. The third part will explain the same for an iPhone. You can skip either the second or third part, depending on the target device.

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Can I Monitor My Child's Text Messages

Part 1: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

Spyine is an immensely popular and reliable parental monitoring app. It is specifically designed for parents to keep an eye on their child’s phone without them knowing. With a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, Spyine is trusted by millions of users in over 190 countries across the globe.

Spyine is the No.1 choice for parental monitoring. Endorsements from major media outlets including Forbes, Tech Advisor, Mashable are a testimony to the trustworthiness of Spyine.

It is a browser-based solution. You can access your Spyine Dashboard from any device through a web browser. This means you can keep an eye on your child’s activities on the go!

The simple and intuitive interface makes the monitoring process easier and enjoyable. It takes only a few minutes to set up Syine and start monitoring the target phone.

Unlike competitors, Spyine offers a no jailbreak, no root spy solution. With Spyine latest technologies, you can monitor your child’s phone data without messing up with its operating system.


With over 35 features, Spyine allows you to monitor much more than only text messages on your child’s phone. See text messages, read conversations on social networking apps, track location in real-time, sneak inside the emails with Spyine.

Nonetheless, Spyine respects and protects the user’s data privacy with the utmost diligence. The retrieved data from the target device is not stored on our servers anywhere. Nobody has access to your kid’s phone data except you.

Don’t you want to try out different features and see for yourself how Spyine helps in monitoring your child’s phone? Click here and play around the free live demo!

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How Spyine works Without Them Knowing?

Parents care, and so do we. Our customers rely on Spyine because we do not make false claims. For this reason, let’s first understand how Spyine works and enables you to monitor your child’s text messages without them knowing.

Stealth Mode for Android Phones

Spying on Android Phones is tricky! Grab your child’s phone for once and secretly install the Spyine Android solution. As the app installs, the icon is hidden from the installed apps view. So, your child will never find it on the phone – not even when the child looks at the list of installed apps for cleaning up the storage space.

  • Stealth Mode of Operation: The Spyine app operates silently in the background. There are no notifications or strange text messages on the target phone which might make your child suspicious.
  • Minimum Battery Consumption: Get relieved that your child may get a hint about the presence of a spy app as the phone runs out of the battery quickly. Spyine makes sure the battery consumption is so minimal that the phone neither heats up nor drains the battery.
  • Smaller Footprint: You might have the impression that a powerful app like Spyine would require a lot of memory space. The reality is otherwise. Spyine occupies less than 2 MB making its presence more oblivious on the target device.
  • Remote Uninstallation: When you decide to stop monitoring your child’s phone, you can go to your Spyine Dashboard and perform remote uninstallation with one single click. That’s it!

Remote Spy for iPhones

Commonly, the security of the iPhone is perceived as impenetrable. On the contrary, Spyine can penetrate through the iPhone’s security without even physical access to the device.

There is no need to get a hold of your child’s device. There is no need to install any app or do any configuration on the target device. This makes it impossible for the kids to know that you are overseeing their virtual lives.

You might be wondering how Spyine actually works without being installed in or connected with the target device. Here comes the magic of Spyine.

The Spyine iOS solution gets access to your kid’s phone through the iCloud services. After setting up your child’s account in the Spyine, it successfully synchronizes the data via iCloud backup.

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Part 2: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on Android

In this part, you can learn how you can monitor your child’s text messages on an Android phone. It is a simple 3-step process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

It is important to note that you will need to get hold of your child’s device once to install the Spyine app. Be aware of any scam app which claims to penetrate through Android phone’s data without being installed in the target phone because that is impossible in the Android operating system.

Here’s what you will need to do:

Step 1: Sign up to Spyine

  • Go to the Sign Up page.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Hit ‘Sign Up’.


Step 2: Configure Android Phone

Once you have purchased a plan, you will be taken to the Setup Wizard.

  • Select ‘Android’ in the OS.

  • Name your child’s device appropriately and grab the download link.
  • Install the Spyine App into the phone.


Step 3: Monitor your Child’s Messages

  • Go to the Spyine Dashboard.
  • Go to the ‘Messages’ tab to see messages.
  • Switch between different tabs to see all activities as they happen on your child’s phone.


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Part 3: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages on iPhone

There are two simple prerequisites for the Spyine system though. The target phone needs to have an active internet connection and the iCloud backup should be configured. However, these prerequisites are quite basic and already set up in all iPhones so you don’t need to worry about these.

As you comply with the prerequisites, here is how you can monitor your child’s text messages on the iPhone.

Step 1: Get Spyine Account

  • Sign up for a Spyine account.
  • Get a premium subscription package.

Step 2: Set up your Child’s iPhone

  • Now, you need to tell Spyine about your child’s device by doing the following:
  • Choose ‘iOS’ as the operating system.


  • Enter credentials of your child’s iCloud account which is configured on the target phone.
  • Hit ‘Verify’.


Step 3: See your Child’s iPhone Messages

  • Once the iCloud credentials are verified, the data synchronization starts.
  • Go to Spyine Dashboard> ‘Messages’ tab.
  • See your child’s text messages!


Quite simply, isn’t it?

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Click This Video to Know How Spyine Helps a Mother

In this post, we have learned how you can read text messages on your child’s phone – be it Android or iPhone. Spyine Parental Monitoring app enables you to keep an eye on your children without them knowing using Spyine.

Spyine is very easy to use the app with a bunch of powerful features to meet your child’s phone monitoring needs. With a lot of feathers in its cap, Spyine is a must-have child monitoring app for all parents.

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