How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Do you have that someone special whose text messages you wish to read? I don’t judge you, since we all have that one person (or in the case of family men, many persons) who we want to have eyes on.

However, Apple has marketed their iPhones since time immemorial on the basis of their walled garden policy. This makes people assume that iPhones are impregnable to any spy attacks.

However, that is not true at all. With the methods that I am going to teach you today, you can learn how to spy on iPhone’s text messages without touching the iPhone at all.

No, it is not some sort of magic trick that makes things happen out of nowhere. And no, it is also not one of those scams where you are led through a series of fake ‘human verifications’ or surveys (you know what I am talking about if you have searched for a spy app before).

The methods that I am going to tell you in this guide will work like a charm no matter how many times you use it or on what iPhone you use it.

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Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spying on an iPhone text messages is not as hard as you might have thought. In fact, when you are using the method that I am about to tell you, it is going to be as easy as using your social media account.

Here is this awesome iPhone message spying method. No matter what your iPhone spying needs are, this method is going to work like a charm for you:

1.1 Spyine- The iPhone Spying Innovation

Spyine is a cool way to spy on any iPhone without having the iPhone at hand. It is a smartphone monitoring application designed for Android phones as well as iPhones. However, for the purpose of this guide, I will focus my discussion on iPhones only.


With its dedicated iPhone message spying module, Spyine is used by over a million people all across the world. Seeing how good Spyine is, I am not surprised.

When it comes to iPhones, there is hardly any type of message that you will not see with Spyine. Spyine sees it all, Syine covers it all. Yet, this is not why Spyine is the first choice of everyone who is looking for a message spying app.

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These reasons lie elsewhere, and include:

Secret iPhone Message Spying:

When you are reading someone’s private iPhone messages, you obviously would not want the iPhone user to find out about it. While most of the other iPhone message spy apps fail to offer you this, Spyine offers it to you with ease.

Web App:

When you are using Spyine, you would not need to download any app on your phone or computer in order to make it work. This is because all the features of Spyine are available through its personalized dashboard which opens in any web browser that you use.


Data Privacy:

Many people who want to use a message spying app refrain from it because they think there is a chance of the private data being leaked. This is why Spyine uses world class encryption measures to ensure data security.

In this regard, Spyine does not store any of your private data on its servers. In fact, even Spyine’s own team cannot see it if they wanted to.

No Jailbreak Needed

Most iPhone apps ask you to jailbreak the target phone before they even talk about getting you its data. However, Spyine is different. With Spyine, you can spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Jailbreak

As you can see, Spyine is pretty good and a must have if you are thinking about spying on someone’s iPhone messages. If you feel you need a hands-on insight, you can check out Spyine’s free live demo here

Spy on iPhone Text Messages Without Installing Software

Most iPhone message spying apps ask you to jailbreak the iPhone and then install the spy app on the iPhone in order to get its messages.

However, if you are using Spyine’s iPhone solution, you won’t have to install any app on the target iPhone to get its messages. In fact, you would not need to touch the target iPhone even once.


Spyine accomplishes this by utilizing the iCloud feature that is present in all iPhones already. Due to the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets uploaded to the iCloud server.

Spyine utilizes this backup to extract valuable data about the user’s iPhone.

Therefore, all you need in order to read their iPhone messages secretly is the iCloud credentials of the user.

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1.2. How to Spy on iPhone Text Messages

Spying on a user’s iPhone messages is an easy three step process. You just have to do the following things:

Step 1: Register for a Spyine account and get a subscription plan for iOS devices.


Step 2: Verify the iCloud credentials of the user with Spyine. As I stated before, Spyine does not store these credentials on its servers.


Step 3: Click on the ‘Start’ button to begin reading their private messages.


Once you click on the ‘Start’ button, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can find all of the Spyine’s message spying features here on the left hand side.

When it comes to reading their iPhone’s messages, you will find the following features to be useful:

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Message Monitor:

The message monitor feature of Spyine gives you access to all the send and received SMS messages of the user. You can also see the contact information of the people they interact with.


Social Media Monitor:

The social media monitor feature gives you access to all the messages that they send and receive on their social media platforms. These include platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and whatnot. Check this guide to read WhatsApp messages.



The keylogger feature shows you details about everything that the user has typed on their iPhone. This includes their typed messages (even the ones they deleted or never sent), their web searches, and everything else that you can possibly imagine.


There are many other features to use which you are going to find very helpful if you are searching for a message monitor. You can check out all of Spyine’s features in action in the demo that I talked about.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to spying on iPhone messages, there are many apps that claim to work but do not actually work.

However, the method that I just told you about is a tried and tested one. You will find it to be working ten out of ten times. Therefore, why don’t you start using it right now?

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