How to Read My Wife’s Text Message from My Phone

When you’ve been in a marriage for several years, it’s hard to imagine your wife keeping secrets from you. But if she’s been acting weird lately, she could be hiding something, or “someone,” that she doesn’t want you to find out about.

Lest you get fooled by her antics and end up getting cheated on, you need to find out what it is that’s keeping her away from you. Is it just a new hobby, or is someone trying to take your position in her life?

One look at her text messages can reveal the truth. And the most exciting part is, you can do it from your own phone. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The solution lies in a reliable phone monitoring app which can grant you secret access inside her phone so that you can check her text messages and a lot more.

Let’s try to discover what this magical solution is all about that can give the answer to “how to check my wife’s text messages for free”.

Note: In part 1 we will introduce the solution for Android phone monitoring. For iOS phone monitoring, skip to Part 2.

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Part 1: How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages without Her Knowing

If there is someone else in your wife’s life, she would obviously be communicating with him on a regular basis. Even if she’s clever enough to delete the call logs, she might have missed out deleting a few message threads. That’s your window of opportunity!

The best way to catch her red handed is reading those text messages using a phone spy app. A discrete app like that can quietly relay all the information that’s exchanged through her phone into your hands without giving away your identity as the spy.

While there are numerous such apps available online, not all of them are worth your time and money. Stay away from such bogus apps, and instead, put your trust in a globally renowned app like Spyine.


1.1: Spyine – “Secretly” Read Cheating Wife’s Text Messages

Spyine is not just a phone monitoring app; it’s a truth finding solution. Having been in the phone monitoring industry for a decade, it has accumulated millions of positive reviews from users across 190+ countries.

Even large corporate houses like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BBC have featured Spyine as the leading solution when it comes to accessing another phone’s data remotely.

Working like a charm on iOS and Android, Spyine makes stealthy phone spying possible. For the iOS version of the app, you don’t need to install anything anywhere.

In the case of Spyine’s Android version, after installing the app you can hide its icon from the app drawer.

The Android app is lightweight (less than 3M in size) and runs quietly in the background without consuming much battery and resources. Without needing any human verification or surveys, Spyine relays all information exchanged through the target device to its online dashboard which you can access by logging in with any web-browser (desktop or mobile).


Since everything happens through a web-based dashboard, once the app has been set up, you don’t have to be anywhere near your wife’s phone to allow monitoring. And since there is no way for it to be detected, you stay in the clear. Your wife can never know that you’re spying on her!

User privacy – Spyine’s top priority

Didn’t we say Spyine was super reliable? Here’s why.

In addition to it being a malware-free application, Spyine isn’t designed to access the personal data stored on the target device. So it cannot store any photos or multimedia on its servers. Hence the user data of the target phone isn’t vulnerable to theft or leaks.

In addition to this, Spyine fits your budget and is extremely easy to work with. A single subscription purchase gives you access to 35+ great features. Moreover, to let you get a feel of its working, Spyine offers a free live demo for which you don’t even need to sign up.

If all that doesn’t establish an app’s credibility, we don’t know what does!

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1.2: How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages from My Phone

If your wife uses an Android phone, without installing anything on your own phone, you can view all her text messages by following these steps. Note that you will need to physically install the Android version of Spyine on her phone for it to work.

Note: All Android monitoring apps need installation on target phone. Any app that claims making this possible without installation is a fake and will cheat you for your money.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account. Purchase a subscription plan and register.


Step 2: Enter the name or nickname of the person you wish to monitor. Then, select the OS of the target phone that you wish to monitor. Pick Android here.


Step 3: Now you will need to prepare the target phone to download and install Spyine. Follow the detailed steps given on this page.

Step 4: Next, you’ll see a “Finish Installation” screen where you need to hit the “Start” button to kick start the monitoring.


After the previous step is completed, you don’t need to access the target phone physically any more. Just open the browser of your phone, log into your Spyine dashboard, and start monitoring your wife’s phone to read her text messages.


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Part 2: How Can I Read My Wife’s Text Messages without Her Phone?

Wondering if you can monitor your wife’s phone without even touching it? What if we told you that it was possible with Spyine’s iOS version?

Yes, you read that right. Spyine makes 100% remote phone monitoring possible for iPhones and other iOS devices!

To work with it, you don’t need to install anything anywhere. All you need are the iCloud credentials used on the target device.

Using those credentials, you can allow Spyine to sync all data from the target phone into your online app dashboard. Here’s how:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account. Purchase a subscription plan and register. Once you’ve registered, you will automatically be redirected to Spyine’s online dashboard. Here, the remaining steps will need to be completed as instructed.


Step 2: Enter the name or nickname of the person you wish to monitor. Then, select the OS of the target phone that you wish to monitor. Pick iOS here.


Step 3: When prompted, enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone.


Step 4: Now you’ll see a “Finish Installation” screen where you need to hit the “Start” button to kick start the monitoring.


After these steps have been completed, Spyine will be fully configured and ready to monitor the target phone remotely. You can see all available spying options in the left-hand sidebar of the dashboard. Click on the appropriate option and start reading her text messages.


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Part 3: How Can I See Who My Wife Is Texting?

In addition to giving you access to your wife’s text messages, Spyine allows you to view much more detailed information.

You can check who the contacts are with whom text messages have been exchanged and when. Detailed logs with timestamps are generated by the app so that you can know to what lengths a conversation between someone else and your wife has taken place, and exactly what has been discussed.

With features as extensive as that, you’ll never need any other app to prove your wife’s loyalty or infidelity. You can confront her with full proof!

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To sum it up

Even a slight thought that your life partner may be cheating on you can give you sleepless nights. Why put yourself through the torture of not knowing when you can find out the truth easily.

Stop wondering “how to read my wife’s text messages without her knowing” and make the best investment of your life. Use Spyine to remotely and discreetly monitor her phone 24×7 and read all text messages she exchanges with suspicious contacts.

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