10 Best Free Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable

If I shared with you about the search engine statistics of people searching for an app to spy on Android phones, you will be surprised. It is as if everyone wants an Android spying app nowadays.

And this does not surprise me, since an Android spy app can turn out to be very useful no matter what your reason for spying on a cell phone is. No matter whether you want to spy on your partner’s phone or your child’s, cell phone spying is something much needed.

However, there is a downside to it as well. Due to the high demand for a working Android spy app, there are many scam apps that claim to spy on an Android phone but do not really work. Obviously, you need to stay away from such apps at all times.

Therefore, you need this list of best free Android spy apps that are tried and tested by me. I will mention all the coolest working Android spy apps that you can find on the internet, in order starting from the best and moving down from there.

Part 1: Best Android Spy Winner: Spyine

When it comes to spying on an Android phone, there is nothing better that you can find other than Spyine.

Spyine is a phone spying service available for both Android phones and iPhones. Its Android solution alone is used by millions of people all over the world. For the purpose of this list, I will talk about only Spyine’s Android spying solution.


Spyine is a web service that lets you control, monitor and view an Android phone’s data from any corner of the world. Its interface is as flawless as its repute. You are going to find Spyine to be the perfect fit if you are searching for an Android spy app.

Don’t worry, I am going to give you plenty of reasons for why you should choose Spyine to get someone’s Android phone data.

1.1 What Makes Spyine the Best Android Spy App

When we are talking about how to spy on an Android phone, there is no better answer than using Spyine. This is because of the following reasons:

Secret Android Spying:

Android spying is not of much use unless you are doing it secretly, without the phone’s owner finding out about it. However, you would be surprised about the number of apps that do not offer a stealth mode.

Yet, Spyine can track an Android phone secretly, 100% hidden. In fact, its stealth mode is quite remarkable due to its special design for Android devices.

No Root Needed:

While most Android spy apps ask you to root the target device in order to work, Spyine does not make any such requirement. Each one of Spyine’s features works without needing root, which is a feat in itself.

Web Service:

You don’t have to worry about installing any spy app on your phone or computer. Spyine’s features can work through any web browser, from its personalized dashboard. It is just like using your Facebook account from a web browser.


Data Security:

Almost everyone who is looking for an Android spying solution is doing so to get the data of someone they care about. Therefore, data security is a big concern for all these people.

This is why Spyine uses the best security measures in the world. It does not store any of your private data at all. Even Spyine’s own team cannot access your private data (including the data you spy) even if they wanted to.

If I were to list all the reasons that make Spyine tread ahead of the best Android spy apps out there, the list would go on and on. Therefore, it is a better idea that you try out Spyine’s live demo and see for yourself why Spyine is so good.

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Spy on Android Phones Secretly With Spyine

As I stated earlier, spying on an Android phone using Spyine means that the target user will never find out about it. This is because of Spyine’s Android solution, that is designed specially keeping in mind the structure of Android phones.


All Android phones need you to install the phone spy app on the target phone, no matter whether you use Spyine or any other Android spy application. This might make you think that spying on an Android phone will always get you caught in the act.

However, Spyine’s Android phone spying app is designed in a way to be completely hidden. In fact, its design features might even amaze you.

To start with, the app size of Spyine for Android devices is less than 3 MB. This means that it takes Spyine just a few seconds to install this app.

Once the app is installed, the app icon of Spyine will vanish from the app menu of the target Android phone. You can still launch the app on that phone by dialling a secret code. However, you won’t really need to launch the app on their phone.

The app runs on their phone’s background without triggering any notifications. In fact, it does not even consume any battery at all.

And if you ever feel the need to uninstall this application, you won’t be needing to touch their target phone at all. You can uninstall Spyine from its dashboard through any web browser that you use. Pretty awesome if you ask me!
Check This Installation Guide On Android:

**All Android phones have the MANDATORY requirement of installing the spy app on the phone that you wish to spy on. If any spy app claims to spy on an Android phone without installing the app on it, that app is making false claims and you should never use it.**

Spyine’s Android Spying Features

Spyine offers you a range of options when it comes to spying on an Android phone. The extent of their private data that you can get using Spyine is unimaginable. This data includes:

Social Media Data:

Spyine’s social media monitor shows you all the private data of the user on platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and any other social media platform that you can think of. You can see all their sent and received messages and everything else they have hidden.


Call Data:

The call data shows you all the calls that the user has made or received on their Android phones. You can view the call logs along with the timestamps and the caller information. You even get to record their phone calls if you like.


Location Data:

With Spyine you can track the live location of the target Android phone 24×7. You even get to see its recent locations along with the timestamps. Further, Spyine’s location tracker also comes with the geofencing feature, which is pretty helpful.



The keylogger feature gives you details about all the keystrokes that are made by the user on their Android smartphone. You can view their typed messages (including the deleted messages and even the unsent ones), their web searches, and even their login credentials.


There are countless other features that you get with Spyine. If you want to see how these features look in action, you can view Spyine’s free live demo here.

If you think that you have already found the perfect Android spy app in Spyine, I do not judge you. After all, I have myself used Spyine and I realize how awesome it is. For others, I will continue with the rest of the list and tell you about other awesome Android spy apps too.

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Part 2: Best Android Spy Runner Up: Cocospy


Android phones never really advertised themselves as secure systems, maybe because they knew that it is very possible and doable to spy on Android devices.

Cocospy realized this early on, which is why it has been offering Android spying features ever since Android phones became popular.

As Cocospy is one of the oldest Android spying solutions, it is not surprising that it has a HUGE user base. This makes Cocospy a very reliable and trustworthy Android spying solution.

Further, Cocospy’s features are no less than Spyine. If you are looking for a Spyine alternative, Cocospy will not disappoint you in any way.

Some of the other things that Cocospy has got just right include:


Cocospy has one of the most easy to use interface among all the Android spy apps that I have encountered. This makes Cocospy appealing to both- the novice users as well as the advanced users alike.


All ‘working’ Android spy apps are premium apps that come with a subscription plan. Note that I stress on the word ‘working’ because there are many free Android spy apps that claim to work but do not actually work.

Among these premium Android spying applications, Cocospy has the lowest price. This is without compromising on features or interface, which makes Cocospy the best value for money.

User Support:

Cocospy also has a user support team which is ready to assist you with any queries that you might face. No matter whether you want to resolve an issue or you want some guidance about using Cocospy, the user support team will always help you out.

There are many other things that Cocospy has got right. If you want, you can see Cocospy in action in Cocospy’s free live demo.

Part 3: Minspy


It can be hard to mention the best Android spy apps and not give Minspy a spot in the top three apps. Minspy is another cool phone monitoring solution that works for both Android phones and iPhones.

With Minspy, Android spying becomes a piece of cake. Minspy is designed for the most novice users out there who have no idea at all about how to process.

This is because Minspy’s interface is simple and minimalistic so you won’t have to waste hours trying to find a particular feature. All of its features are right on your screen, just a single click away.

Another great thing about Minspy is that it can spy on an Android phone without rooting it. This gives it a favorable review from its users.

Part 4: Spyier


Spyier is similar to Minspy in a lot of ways, so I would tell you every little thing about Spyier all over again.

It comes with over 35 Android spying features and each one of these features seems to be very helpful for someone wanting to have an Android phone’s data secretly.

Spyier seems to have the best bits of the best Android spy apps out there, making a really good choice if you want to go in another direction than Spyine.

After reviewing it for hours, I did not find anything wrong with it. Therefore, Spyier has a green light from my end.

Part 5: Spyic


Spyic is one of the most popular Android spying solutions, with a lot of great publicity on the internet. Even the authority tech websites such as Forbes, Mashable, TechRadar, etc. ahve talked highly of Spyic.

In fact, it was one such review on these sites that made me push towards trying out Spyic. And let me tell you this- I felt grateful towards them that I was introduced to something so good.

Spyic is a balance of all good things that you can think about when spying on someone’s Android device. You should give it a go too, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Lastly, just like the top apps that are above it on this list, Spyic does not require rooting the target phone too.

Part 6: Spyera

If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have said that Spyera deserves a spot in the top three spots of the list. However, as times have changed, better apps have surpassed Spyera in every way.


It is not that Spyera’s quality has been failing, it is simply that Spyera is not providing you with latest updates to match up to apps like Spyine.

A major factor towards this can be seen as Spyera’s requirement of needing the target Android phone to be rooted. Since Spyera requires root, many people often shy away from using it.

After all, no one wants to go through the hassle of rooting an Android phone, that too of somebody else’s.

Other than that, if you ask me about Spyera’s features or interface, I don’t have anything to complain about.

However, I think Spyera should work on its pricing plans since it is too costly than the apps that I just told you about (with Spyera offering lesser features and root requirement).

Part 7: Copy9

If you have spent a few hours on the internet searching for a working Android spy app, you might have come across countless reviews criticinsg Copy9.

While Copy9 is on my list of best Android spy apps, I wouldn’t say that the people who are writing hateful reviews about Copy9 are wrong.

Copy9 is a mix of both worlds, a working Android spy app that often does not work. This is because of the fact that Copy9’s creators have probably lost interest in keeping the app running (or maybe they forgot about this app after creating it).

Copy9’s service is down for more than half of the time. During the time it works, it can provide good Android spying services without needing root. So I will not exclude it from this list.

Part 8: Spyhuman

Spyhuman is not that popular as compared to the other apps on this list. However, its Android solution is still okay and it will work for you without scamming you.

So if all is good then how come Spyhuman ranks on the lower end of the list? Well, the primary reason for this is data security, which Spyhuman does not offer much.


With Spyhuman, there is a good chance that your data will be seen by many people, including their team and maybe countless sources on the internet.

Further, while their interface looks good, it has a few bugs here and there which can be quite annoying at times (espeically when the feature you want does not work at all).

Lastly, even with so many low points, the price is not really a comforting factor either. Therefore, you should use Spyhuman if you are looking for an average but working Android spying app.

Part 9: Mobistealth

While the word ‘stealth’ is in Mobistealth’s name (and rightfully so, since their stealth mode is good), it feels like they forgot to pay attention to everything else.


Mobistealth’s features still seem to be in a development stage because most of their features do not work most of the time. They have succeeded in creating a stealth application that is comparable to our top picks when it comes to being hidden, they have also created a lot of room for improvement.

During the first few seconds of tetsing Mobistealth, I was happy to find another great working Android spy app. However, things went downhill from there since I noticed so many glitches and placeholder features that weren’t really working at all.

Part: 10 Fonemonitor

Closing my list with another working Android spy solution that will not scam you, Fonemonitor grabs the last spot.

Fonemonitor is unlike the Android spy apps that I have on my list so far. This is because Fonemonitor is a mediocre Android spying solution. You can see it more like an Android location tracker which you see in  your Play Store.

While Fonemonitor likes to tag itself as a data aggregator, the terminology does not really make much of a difference. It claims to offer the same features like the top apps on this list, but only in a very wrong way.

Further, Fonemonitor charges you on a daily basis, which can turn out to be very expensive for a low quality Android spying solution.

You can try it once for fun sake, but I would suggest you not to form an opinion about all Android spying apps just by using Fonemonitor.

Wrapping Up

If you were searching for a working phone spying solution, you now have plenty of options. You can try the apps in the order that I mentioned since I already ranked them from best to least preferable. Or perhaps you can choose one that you like the most and go with it.

Only reading about them won’t do you any good. Once you have chosen which app you want to use, you should try using it rightaway. After all, it is easy to forget such good and indepth information.

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