10 Best Keylogger for Android

So things have gone bad and you want to know what someone is hiding from you? I agree with you, an Android keylogger can be very helpful in learning about the hidden secrets of the person.

Basically, an Android keylogger works (or is supposed to work) by giving you the key logs of all the keystrokes that are made by the user on their phone. These include their messages, web searches, usernames, passwords, and everything else that you can think of.

I know your mind might be running wild already with ideas about all the information that you will get with an Android keylogger. I am with you, an Android keylogger is the best way to protect your relationships and your loved ones, by knowing all that they are hiding.

However, when you search for an Android keylogger solution, not every app that is available actually works. Therefore, what you need is a tried and test app that can do the job for you. You are going to learn about ten such apps today.

Therefore, let us get started with the top ten list of best keyloggers, arranged in the order starting from the best and moving down from there.

Part 1: Absolute Best Android Keylogger: Spyine

If you want the best Android keylogger out there, you don’t have to look any further than Spyine.

Spyine is a phone monitoring solution that can give you the phone data of an Android phone as well as an iPhone. This phone data includes the key logs of the target phone. However, for the purpose of this list, I will focus only on Spyine’s Android solution.


Spyine’s Android solution is designed to work within a matter of a few minutes to give you an Android phone’s keystroke logs without needing root.

You might be wondering why am I emphasizing on the ‘no root needed’ part. This is because most of the working Android keyloggers ask you to root the target phone as a mandatory step.

Rooting compromises the integrity of a phone and its data and can even damage it. Further, it will get you caught reading their keystrokes too. Therefore, Spyine’s rootless interface gives you a big relief in this regard.

Now let me tell you about a few of the thigns that give Spyine the first place on this list.

What Makes Spyine the Best Android Keylogger

There are a LOT of reasons for which Spyine is the best Android keylogging application. Don’t worry, I will only tell you about a few of them and leave the rest for you to explore.

Here are some of my favorite things about Spyine:

Minimal Requirements:

There are minimal requirements that you need to follow with Spyine in order to get someone key logs. As I mentioned earlier, Spyine does not need you to root the target device. Further, it only needs a one time access to the target device while most other apps ask for more.

Web Service:

You don’t have to worry about someone finding a keylogger installed on your phone or computer. This is because you can use Spyine from any web browser that you use, through its personalized dashboard. The dashboard is accessible when you log into your account.


Data Security:

If you are spying on the keystrokes of someone you care about, you obviously do not want someone else’s eyes on them. This is where Spyine has got your back.

Spyine uses the best security measures that are available. In fact, it does not store any of your private data on its servers. Even Spyine’s own team cannot access your private data if they wanted to.

Hidden Android Keylogging:

Spyine employs special stealth features in its Android solution so that you do not get caught spying on someone’s private keystrokes. This secret keystroke spying is not a feature that you will find in most keylogging apps.

App Organized Keystrokes:

Spyine’s keylogger module shows you the keystrokes of the target Android phone organized by the apps in which they are made. For example, if you want to read someone’s WhatsApp key logs, you can simply find the ‘WhatsApp’ section in the keylogger feature.


Spyine comes with a lot of other cool things as well. If you want to have a hands on experience with Spyine to understand it better, you can try Spyine’s free live demo here.

How Spyine’s Hidden Android Keylogging Works?

As I just mentioned, Spyine’s Android keylogging solution makes sure that you do not get caught viewing someone’s private Android keystroke logs. It accomplishes this through its special Android app design.


To start with, the app size of Spyine’s Android app is just around a couple of MB. This means that it takes only a few seconds to install Spyine. Once the app is installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone.

You can still launch the app on their phone if you want, by dialling a secret code that is only known to you. However, you will not really need to launch the app on their phone since you can use the features from any web browser of any device.

The app runs on the background of their phone without triggering any notifications. It won’t consume any battery too, so you are safe on that front.

The awesome part is that after the first time access you never have to touch their phone ever again. Even if you feel like uninstalling the app from their phone at any time in the future, you can do it remotely from Spyine’s web browser with a single click.

**There is a compulsory requirement in all Android phones to install the keylogging app on the target phone. If any keylogger claims to spy on Android phone keystrokes without installing the app on it, that keylogger is a scam and you shouldn’t use it.**

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Part 2: Spyier


The next best app on the list of the top keyloggers for Android phones is Spyier. Spyier offers phone monitoring and keylogging services for both- Android phones and iPhones. However, I will talk about only its Android solution here.

Spyier’s Android solution is designed to get you the keystroke logs of any phone without having to root it. Just like Spyine, Spyier is also a web service that does not need you to install any app on your end.

Here are some of the things that you will love about Spyier:

Ease of Use:

If you are using Spyier, there is no need to learn programming or any advanced software information. Spyier is as easy to use as your Facebook account, so you will never face any issue when it comes to its interface.

User Support:

With Spyier, you get a team of user support executives who are always eager to assist you. No matter whether you want some guidance through the entire process or just a quick solution to an issue you are facing, Spyier’s user support team will help you at the earliest.


Keylogging apps are premium apps that you cannot get for free. If you try out a free keylogging app, you will realize that it is just a scam designed to trick you. When it comes to the price of a keylogging app, Spyier turns out to be the cheapest.

There are many other cool features to enjoy if you use Spyier. You can check out Spyier and its features in Spyier’s free live demo here

Part 3: Cocospy


It is hard to talk about the best Android keyloggers out there and miss out Cocospy from the list. Cocospy is the oldest Android keylogger and probably the most widely used too.

With millions of users spread all over the world, it is hard to find something bad with Cocospy. It is reliable as well as trustworthy, which means that you can have blind faith in Cocospy for your private data (including the key logs that you are tracking).

I have even seen awesome reviews of Cocospy in the biggest media outlets such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc.  Therefore, there is not a single chance of Cocospy letting you down.

Part 4: Minspy


Minspy is one of the newer Android keyloggers out there which is rising up fast on the internet, both in terms of users as well as popularity.

Minspy is a combination of a lot of good things in a minimalistic interface. Using Minspy is a piece of cake as it is designed especially for users who have no idea about what is Android keylogging and how it works.

Using Minspy gives you a step by step guidance at every step so you do not face any issue at any point. There are no bugs that I have seen in its design or implementation. Therefore, I would give Minspy a green light as well.

Part 5: Spyic


Spyic is another popular Android keylogging solution designed for spouses and parents. Spyic has an engaging interface from where you can use all of its features very easily.

Among all of its features, Spyic especially stands out for its keylogger. The design of the keylogger is similar to Spyine. All the keystrokes are organized on the basis of the apps in which they are made.

Further, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device in order to use Spyic. This makes Spyic’s keylogger truly worth it. Therefore, you can give it a try if the apps mentioned above do not work out for you.

Part 6: Fami360

Fami360 is designed exclusively for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. Since children are very vulnerable on the internet and you never know what they are up to, Fami360 turns out to be a lifesaver for parents.


Since it is designed for parents, configuring and using Fami360 is quite easy. You do not need any prior knowledge with using such apps.

Further, Fami360 comes with many other parental monitoring features as well, such as its application monitor which shows you which apps are installed on your child’s phone.

Therefore, if you are a parent, Fami360 can be a good fit for you.

Part 7: Mspy


Mspy once used to be a popular Android keylogger. However, the availability of better apps such as Spyine and Cocospy has led to a decline in Mspy’s popularity.

The major reason is that Mspy follows the rules of the old world. Using Mspy requires you to root the target Android phone. This is a major deal breaker for most people since no one wants to root their phone (or the phone of someone they know).

The additional disadvantage is that Mspy’s stealth mode is not something that I would call good. Since you are rooting the person’s phone to spy on it, they will always know about what you are up to.

Therefore, you should use Mspy only if you are okay with rooting the target device and you have a lot of advanced experience in spy apps. Even if you are a tech geek, setting up Mspy can take a lot of your time.

Part 8: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is not as popular as the other apps that I have mentioned on this list. However, that does not make it bad.


If we are taking an overview, Hoverwatch is a working Android keylogging solution that can show you what the user is typing on their device.

However, there are several things missing on its keylogger. For example, if the target user uses any third party keyboard application (which people generally do nowadays),  you will not be able to see their key logs.

Further, even if everything goes right, there might be several apps in which you cannot see the keystrokes. This can be disappointing and at times wastage of your investment spent in buying Hoverwatch (which is not cheap, to say the least).

Therefore, make sure you have tried all the top apps of this list before you give Hoverwatch a try.

Part 9: Spyzie


Speaking of popular apps from the past, Spyzie deserves a spot on this list too. Spyzie could have been on top of the list, but somewhere in development Spyzie lost its track I guess.

While Spyzie’s Android keylogger works, there are other things to worry about. With the other apps that you have read about so far, you get a range of additional features which are just as helpful as the keylogger feature.

While Spyzie promises you additional features too, those additional features are more or less useless.

Further, Spyzie’s interface is nothing that I would brag about. It can be annoying to use it at times if you get caught up in one of the several bugs that are present on the system.

Maybe someday Spyzie will bring out an update that fixes all of these issues. However, this does not seem to be happening in the near future.

Part 10: Spybubble


Spybubble (also called Prospybubble) is a working Android keylogging app. However, that is the only good thing to say about it.

The interface of Spybubble is quite terrible, and it might even feel that you are a five year old scribbling in a colouring book. At first glance it seems that they have designed their service to be used by children, not to be used on them.

Other than the lack of good interface, Spybubble also faces downtime issues as the app is unavailable very often several times a day. While everything seems good before you get a subscription plan, things change very quickly after that.

The lack of (helpful) user support team means that if you are stuck in an issue, you remain stuck in it. This is why I think Spybubble deserves the last spot on this list.

Part 11: Which Android Keylogger to Choose?

Although I have listed these Android keyloggers in the order of preference (starting from the best one), different situations can create a slight change in ranking, making some other app better.

Therefore, the Android keylogger that you should choose depends on what you are searching for. In general, the follow parameters can help you in making your choice:

Root vs No Root:

Some Android keyloggers can work without rooting, while most of them will ask you to root the target device

You should always choose the service that can work without rooting. This is because rooting an Android phone can brick it (render it useless). Further, it will get you caught in the act of spying on their key logs.

Lastly, it can also make your private data exposed to third parties through virus infections. Therefore, always avoid rooting a phone.

Paid vs Free Android Keyloggers:

You should ALWAYS choose paid Android keyloggers over any app that claims to work for free. This is because there is no such thing as a free ‘working’ Android keylogger. Taken from PCB Pit.

If any app claims to be free, it is just trying to scam you. So you should always avoid these apps.

Additional Features:

At times, Android keylogger apps can offer you a range of additional features, and each one of them can be helpful. For example, with Spyine you will get 40 other additional things to do, without paying extra for any of them. These are always the better choices.


Popular apps like Spyine and Cocospy are always a good choice as compared to unknown apps such as Hoverwatch. This is because the popularity of an app can be directly proportional to its reliability. Therefore, it is safe to trust those apps which people are using.

There can be other factors that matter to you, and you should go ahead and list them out too. Based on that, you can make an informed decision about which Android keylogger you wish to use. If you have any more doubts, I will address them in the next section:

Part 12: Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know all about the best Android keylogger apps, let me address the common questions that people ask me:

📱 What can an Android keylogger show me?

With a good Android keylogger, you can view someone’s messages (even deleted and unsent ones), usernames, passwords, web searches, social media searches, and anything else that the user types on their device.

😈 Do I have to root the target phone in order to use an Android keylogger?

This depends on which Android keylogger you use. The best Android keyloggers such as the top half of this list can work without needing rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

❓ Can I spy on someone’s keystroke logs without them knowing?

Again, it varies from app to app. Apps such as Spyine have a very good stealth mode and you will never get caught viewing someone’s keystroke logs, unless you tell them about it yourself.

⏰ How long does it take for these spy apps to work?

If you choose the right app and follow everything correctly, the whole process should take you no longer than five minutes.

💰 Can I use an Android keylogger for free?

Keylogger apps take a lot of resources to develop and keep running. Therefore, there is no working keylogger solution that comes for free. If any service claims to be free, it is just trying to scam you.

Wrapping Up

If you were searching for a working Android keylogger, your search must have ended here. I have now given you ten working ways to read Android phone keystroke logs remotely.

Now the job is left on your shoulders, to pick the keylogger you like and start monitoring on the user. I think you should start sooner rather than later so you do not forget which app is best and which app should never be used.

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