How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone

Your girlfriend comes home late, is too busy to pick up your calls, and is generally acting off. You think she’s distancing herself from you. Could she have found someone else? Is she cheating on you?


If you looked at her phone, you could determine for yourself if she’s indeed with someone else when she’s not with you. She’s bound to be messaging that person or visiting his house with her phone.

The trouble is your girlfriend is never away from her phone for too long. Also, you need to track her activity long-term to find out exactly what she’s up to. A quick look at her phone may not be enough.

We show you how to spy on your girlfriend’s phone in this article. Our method is both secret and allows you to spy on your girlfriend over a period of weeks, if necessary. It’s also safe and convenient.

Part 1: How to Track My Girlfriend’s Phone Without Her Knowing for Free

So how do you spy on your girlfriend’s phone? We suggest a spy app. They can be powerful tools. You’ll be able to monitor your girlfriend completely in secret. But not all spy apps are worthwhile. We suggest a known brand like Spyine!


Spyine has been in the market for a significant amount of time and has been featured on media platforms like Reader’s Digest, MSN, and Mashable. The app is used all over the world by people in troubled relationships looking to keep tabs on their partners.

Further, the app is private to use. Your personal details are never recorded. You will receive monitoring data via a web-based interface. You can use any browser to spy on your girlfriend’s iOS or Android phone or tablet.

1.1 Spyine – Take a Sneak Peek at Your Girlfriend’s Activities

Spyine allows you to stealthily spy on your girlfriend’s activity. It offers a stealth mode compatible with both Android and iOS. How does it work exactly?

For Android, Spyine is a 2MB spy app you download on your girlfriend’s device. You then install it in minutes. Afterward, you can hide the app.

The app will run in the background, invisibly. It will send data to your web browser. The app is very small, doesn’t use much battery, and doesn’t have an app icon visible. The app activity is fully invisible. As a result, it’s impossible to find.

For iOS, Spyine is a web-based app. You don’t need to download anything on your girlfriend’s iPhone to install it. The whole process starts and ends on your web browser. You only need your girlfriend’s iCloud details.

As the iOS version of Spyine is a web-based solution and works indirectly with the iPhone via the iCloud account, it can’t be found out. Your girlfriend will never know you’re watching.

In 1.2, we show you how to install Spyine on an Android device. If your girlfriend has an iPhone instead, you can skip to Part 2.

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1.2 Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone on Android

You will need brief physical access to your girlfriend’s device. But the installation process itself is fast and safe. It takes no more than 5 minutes. You don’t need any special equipment or skills, just your smartphone or computer.

Follow these steps to spy on your girlfriend’s Android device:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account. Your email ID must be the username.

Step 2: Pick a Spyine monthly plan. You can monitor a single Android smartphone with the Premium version of Spyine. If your girlfriend owns multiple Android smartphones, you will need the Business plan.

Step 3: The setup instructions will be sent to you on email. Start by choosing Android as the target platform. Then look at the on-screen instructions.

Install Spyine on your wife’s phone. You will need to download it first. The installation takes 5 minutes tops. Afterward, you hide the app. The wait for the app to sync with the device.


Step 4: You’re ready to spy on your girlfriend’s phone without her knowing. Log into the Spyine dashboard to get started. The dashboard gives you an overview of your girlfriend’s activities.


Take a look at the Spyine free live demo here before you purchase the Android app!

Part 2: How to Spy on Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

As we mentioned before, Spyine for iOS is a web-based solution. Not only can you use the app to spy on your girlfriend’s iPhone remotely, but you can also install it remotely. That means you can spy on your girlfriend without touching her iPhone.

The iOS version of Spyine is web-based and works invisibly via the iCloud account. Here’s how you can install the app:

Step 1: Register for a Spyine account on the official website. You use your email ID for the username.

Step 2: Pick a Spyine monthly plan. If you want to spy on your girlfriend on a single iPhone, choose the Premium plan. If you want to spy on your girlfriend’s multiple iOS devices, including iPads, pick the family plan.

Step 3: The setup instructions will be sent to your email. Start by launching the Setup Wizard. Then choose iOS as the target platform.

Enter your wife’s iCloud username and password when prompted. Then wait for a few minutes until Spyine syncs with the device.


Step 4: Congrats! You can now monitor your girlfriend’s iPhone from your web browser. Log into your Spyine account to access the dashboard. This is where you see a snapshot of her phone activity. Her phone features can be accessed in the menu to the left.

Check out the Spyine free live iOS demo here before you purchase a subscription!

Part 3: How to Check My Girlfriends Text Messages for Free

Are you interested in checking out your girlfriend’s text messages? Once you have Spyine installed, you can do so remotely from your web browser. Look for the “Messages” option in the selection menu to the left of the dashboard.

Here’s an overview of all the details you’ll see:

  • Read her messages: You can read her incoming and outgoing messages. This includes her text messages and iMessages. Backups of her messages will be preserved in your online account.
  • Check deleted messages: What if she deletes a message from someone because she’s afraid someone else reads it? You can access the backups of all her messages even after they are deleted with Spyine.
  • View contact information: Who is your girlfriend in touch with? You can find information like their names, occupation, address details, display pictures, and other stored information in her Contacts list.
  • Access timestamps: Every message exchanged will come with a time and date entry. This allows you to pinpoint when the conversation happened.


In addition to these details, Spyine can also track your girlfriend’s social media messages on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Watch This Testimonial Video to See How Spyine Helps Our Client

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Part 4: How to Track My Girlfriends Phone Location

Want to know where your girlfriend is going when she’s not with you or at work? You can track her movements on an e-map if you have Spyine installed. The app sends you regular updates on her movement activity.

These are all the details you see about your girlfriend’s phone location:

  • Addresses: Want to know where your girlfriend was at last week? You can find the exact address of all the locations your girlfriend has visited recently, including the streets, neighborhoods, and cities.
  • Find geographical coordinates: Sometimes addresses don’t tell you as much as geographical coordinates, especially when it’s not an urban area. Spyine can show you the geographical coordinates of the locations visited.
  • Google map integration: Spyine also integrated Google maps. You can move to Google 3D Street View and get an up-close look at all the places your girlfriend has visited recently.
  • Time and date: Finally, Spyine will also record all the times and dates of her visits. If she told you she was at work last week but you see it otherwise on the location log, then you know for sure she’s cheating on you.


In addition to the location tracker, Spyine also has a geofence feature. With the geofence, you can create a watched zone around a critical area on a map – like your girlfriend’s house or place of work.

When your girlfriend enters or leaves this zone, you will receive a notification on your device. This can be very useful in some cases.

Why Use Spyine to Spy on Your Girlfriend?

Spyine happens to be a top-tier solution with multiple powerful features:

  1. Spyine doesn’t need root or jailbreak

You can use Spyine without rooting or jailbreak. That means you don’t have to fiddle with your girlfriend’s phone in any manner. Also, you don’t risk opening it up to malware, voiding the warranty, or causing data loss.  

Spyine is one of the only apps in the market that works without root or jailbreak. This makes Spyine effortless to install and uninstall. If necessary, you can even uninstall Spyine remotely from your web browser with a single click.

  1. It’s as private as it gets

Spyine is a private solution. Where other spy apps record your personal information, Spyine doesn’t. Your personal information can’t be shared with anyone or used without your consent. You can use the app in a risk-free way.

  1. It’s secure and trusted

A major benefit of Spyine is that it’s a user-verified solution. A million-plus people in 190+ countries rely on the solution for their monitoring needs. People who use the app include parents keeping an eye on their kids and employers monitoring employees.

  1. The app is easy to use

You don’t need to download anything on your phone or desktop to use Spyine. You can access the app and the spy data from any web browser. You can do so even when you’re on the go via your smartphone. It’s fast and simple.

Further, Spyine is available at an affordable price. You pay about as much as a lunch sandwich to monitor a single device for a month. Many other solutions in the market that allow you to spy on your girlfriend cost twice as much or more.


There you have it – that’s how you can spy on your girlfriend’s phone without her knowing. Spyine is easy to use, works effectively and offers multiple powerful features. You can also install the app in minutes and start monitoring remotely.

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