Private Instagram Viewer No Survey

Are you a concerned parent who is in a constant dilemma about their children’s addictive Instagram habits? We assure you, you’re not alone. Your children tucking their phones away at your sight and spending too much time on Instagram might be raising alarms in your head.

If you find yourself consumed by these thoughts, it’s time you took matters in your own hands by employing a private Instagram viewer (no survey). Such an application can help you constantly check what your children are up to on Instagram and other social platforms.

A phone monitoring app can play the role of the ultimate private Instagram viewer without human verification. With such an app, you can track your child’s Instagram usage and prepare in advance for certain threats or prevent mishaps from occurring.

Through this post, we aim at highlighting two champion apps in the phone monitoring segment which can help you hack Instagram effortlessly.

Part 1: Private Instagram Viewer No Survey

Spyware usage has seen a sharp spike in recent years among:

  • Parents worried of their children getting exposed to cyber threats
  • Employers wanting to keep an eye on untrustworthy employees
  • People suspecting their partners of cheating

There are tons of phone spy applications bombarding the online marketplace, but not every app out there is genuine. You should trust one that has the most positive reviews and is backed by a proven success record.

One such leading phone monitoring solution in the market is Spyine. Offering stellar features like complete incoming and outgoing SMS track with deleted message recovery, live GPS location track with 3D street view, call history track with timestamps, and even saved multimedia access, Spyine is the best phone spy app you can use in 2021.

1.1: Spyine – The Ultimate Private Instagram Viewer App

Social media is often the source of malicious content that the younger generation is particularly susceptible to. Spyine lets you tackle this situation with targeted features to hack and track ALL social accounts your child uses.

The app has given millions of parents across the globe the peace of mind they were looking for by making remote and anonymous phone monitoring possible. Even giants like The New York Times, PC World, and Mac World approve of Spyine’s abilities as the number 1 private Instagram viewer app.


Spyine is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is extremely easy to set up and allows you to access all data from a target phone or tablet through an online dashboard which you can access once you’ve purchased a subscription plan.

Setting up the app on iOS is very straightforward. Spyine for iOS requires the iCloud credentials of the person you wish to monitor during set up and that’s it! These iCloud credentials will let the app sync all data in real time without the need to physically install anything on target device or jailbreak it.

For Android devices the app needs to be installed on the target device. Spyine for Android follows standard Android phone monitoring practices and thus is completely safe to use. The tiny app (less than 3M in size) works quietly in the background on the target device relaying all real-time updates to the online dashboard.

The reason Spyine’s Android app stays hidden is that its icon can be made invisible after installation and it doesn’t consume much battery and resources on the target device to set off alarms. It is a stealthy remote tracking app which doesn’t reveal your identity as the spy.

1.2: Hacking Instagram Using Spyine

Spyine offers two very powerful features using which you can easily hack Instagram accounts.

Feature 1: Spyine features a dedicated panel in its web dashboard that gives you complete visibility of the Instagram account configured on the target device in minutes. All data is synced within the dashboard at real-time and you have access to all text and multimedia messages, contact list and page follows.

After the app has been set up, simply head to Spyine’s left-hand sidebar and click on “Instagram Spy” to access this feature.


Feature 2: Spyine comes equipped with a specialized Keylogger feature which lets you gain all login credentials used on the target device. The keylogger captures all keystrokes used to log into social accounts like Instagram and others and makes them available to you.

Using the login credentials of your child, you can not only view their private Instagram but also hack into ALL other social accounts.


1.3: Steps to Set Up This Private Instagram Viewer

Most phone monitoring solutions in the market require jailbreaking and rooting of the target device which is never a good idea. It involves a lot more risk as it may lead to warranty violation on many parts for the target device. Plus, tampering with a device in such a manner makes it vulnerable to malware and data theft.

You don’t want to be stuck in such situations. With Spyine you don’t need to. Just follow the simple steps listed below and you will be fine:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account. You will need a valid email ID for this purpose as they will send a confirmation mail to this account and use it for future communication and updates.


Once signed up, you need to purchase one of their subscription plans depending upon your requirements. Once done, you will automatically be taken to the online dashboard. There will be no data available on the portal because no target device is yet configured.

Step 2: Next, you will need to select the OS of the target device. You will be presented with two choices, Android and iOS.


Step 3: If the target device is Android, an email will be sent to your registered email ID with a download link to the Spyine application. The installation instructions will also be sent in the same email. Simply follow the instructions to set up the app within 5 minutes.

If you select iOS, you will just need to enter the iCloud credentials of the user of the target device. Using those credentials the app will sync all data from the iCloud backup into the online dashboard.


Step 4: At this point, you are almost done. Just hit “Start” on the finish installation screen to begin monitoring.


To know more about Spyine and its working, check out this free live demo of the app without signing up or providing credit information.

Part 2: Private Instagram Viewer without Human Verification


If you’re unable to use Spyine for some reason, all hope is not lost. We’re suggesting a great alternative private Instagram viewer online. The app’s name is Cocospy, and it is another prominent application in the spyware domain.

Having carved a stronghold in the parental control market, Cocospy has been acclaimed to be among the top three applications for remote phone surveillance of children’s online activities by almost all technical magazines including Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, and TechCrunch.

But the app is not restricted to parent control alone. Several people use it to keep an eye on their partners who they suspect. Cocospy is also widely used by corporate houses to track the activities of their employees.

Offering a vast bundle of attractive features, Cocospy is extremely useful if you wish to keep a constant eye on what your kids do on their Smartphones, especially on social platforms like Instagram.

2.1 Cocospy Offers 30+ Phone Spying Features

Some of the most useful features that Cocospy offers include:

  • SMS Access: With Cocospy you can enjoy complete visibility to someone’s text messages; meaning access to all incoming and outgoing messages, even the deleted ones.
  • Phone call Monitoring: Complete phone tracking solution with an extensive data record that comes with several filtering options. So, analyzing data like frequency of calls to a certain number within a time period becomes a walk in the park. This is just the feature you need when you are concerned about your partner’s intentions towards a significant other.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Cocospy comes with dedicated custom panels on their web interface that lets you monitor all social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to name a few.
  • WhatsApp Messenger: A common mode of communication these days is often the source of cyber crimes as it is difficult for authorities to keep an eye on each and every message over such a large user base. But why rely on authorities when you can do this for your loved ones using Cocospy.
  • Real time location: With Cocospy you can track the GPS location of the target device along with advanced 3D street view at all times. Its location tracker also comes with a geo fencing option through which you can receive notifications if certain geographical zones are breached.
  • Gallery Access: All information like images, videos, documents that are on the local storage of the target device can be accessed at all times using Cocospy.
  • Browsing History: Cocospy provides an interactive way to filter browsing history of target devices like list of frequently visited websites and list of websites with adult content to name a few.
  • Web Interface: Cocospy offers an interactive web interface that records all data from the target device in real time. Easy to navigate and use, you don’t have to be an IT expert to use this application.

Just like Spyine, Cocospy doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the target iOS or Android device. The app realizes the importance of not tinkering with internal settings and thus stays away from it. Being extremely safe for all monitoring purposes, Cocospy doesn’t leak user’s personal data to third-parties.

Setting up the app and working with it are very easy. It is a simple 4-step process quite similar to the one followed for Spyine. You don’t need to install anything on your own phone or computer.

For iOS devices no installation is needed on the target device as well. For Android devices, a lightweight (2M) app needs to be installed on the target device, but you don’t need to worry since the icon can be hidden after installation to give the impression that it isn’t there.

2.2: How Cocospy Makes Instagram Hacking Possible

Cocospy helps users to hack into not only Instagram, but all other social accounts of their target. This is how:

  • Instagram Spy: One of the features of Cocospy application is a dedicated Instagram panel on its web interface that is efficient in monitoring all Instagram accounts that might be active on the target device.This feature gives users complete visibility of Instagram feed and messages where you can even retrieve deleted content. You can also view what all content is followed by the account in the form of page follows and stories view.
  • Keylogger: Meant to record and log all keystrokes on target device, with this ability you can gain access to Instagram credentials of a person. Keylogger comes in handy if you want complete control over someone’s account.Keylogger serves a boon in case you need to gain access to all other social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter. It works by recording the keystrokes used on the target device and making them available to you.

To know more about Cocospy, head over to its official website and check out its free live demo.

Wrapping it up

With the cyber age evolving at a random pace, hackers keep finding new ways to malign people’s online identities. As such, taking extra care about what is posted by children on social media platforms like Instagram becomes absolutely necessary.

Phone monitoring applications like Spyine and Cocospy have helped tackle dangerous scenarios. They have come as a welcome technological advancement among parents who can discreetly monitor what their kids do on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.

With extensive features like keylogger and social media monitoring including private Instagram viewers (no survey), such platforms impart great control to parents who can exercise ample control over their kids’ virtual life.