How to View Someone Else’s Facebook Messages

Sometimes it might be necessary to view someone else’s Facebook behavior.

As a parent, you can monitor what your child is doing and make sure they’re talking to the right people. As an employer, you can ensure your employees are working and not slacking off. At other times, you might need to view your spouse’s Facebook conversations.

There can be several motives behind viewing someone’s Facebook messages. We are not here to judge you. We are here to help you!

View Someone Else's Facebook Messages

In this post, we are going to tell you how you can view someone’s Facebook Messages using the Spyine cell phone monitoring solution. We will talk about its key functionalities and understand its working. In the second part, we will briefly talk about the Minspy Facebook Spy tool.

Part 1: How to Read Facebook Messages Without Being Seen

1.1 Spyine solution

Spyine is the world’s leading Facebook monitoring solution. It is popularly used by millions of people worldwide to read someone’s Facebook messages. Spyine is a trusted and reliable solution as it is endorsed by well-reputed PC World, Mac World, and the New York Times.

With over 35 monitoring features, Spyine gives you a complete view of the happenings on the target phone. You can remotely view anyone’s Facebook Messages without being near to the target device.


Spyine provides a solution for both Android and iPhones. While the powerful features provide complete monitoring of the target phone, Spyine strictly follows the ‘No Root, No Jailbreak’ principle. This makes it capable to cater to its wide customer base including the techies and non-techies alike.

Web-based Based Interface

Spyine has a web-based interface. You don’t need to download or install any app on your phone. Instead, you can access Spyine through any browser opened in any device from anywhere. Just remember your Spyine Account credentials, logon to your account and read someone’s Facebook messages on the go!


Ease of Use

The ease of use is definitely one of the most attractive features of the Spyine monitoring solution. You don’t need to read any user guides or see any tutorials before using Spyine. The user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Quick Setup of the Target Phone

You don’t need any technical expertise for setting up the target phone and monitoring the Facebook Messages. Instead, you need to follow the simple instructions of Spyine Setup Wizard. It will take only a couple of minutes to set up the target phone for reading Facebook messages.

No Root, No Jailbreak Solution

The latest technologies enable Spyine to spy on the data of the third-party apps without tampering with the OS of the target phone. Unlike competitors, you can access all features of Spyine without rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

See Facebook and other messages

You can see the messages sent and received through Facebook and Facebook Messenger. You can also see the photos, videos, and gifs shared with each other.

Besides Facebook, you can see the messages and conversations as they happen on other social apps. You can view WhatsApp, LINE, QQ, WeChat, Skype, Tinder, Tumblr, and other apps.

Data Privacy

Spyine respects the privacy of its customers and keeps the protection of user data as its first priority. Spyine does not store your or monitored phone’s data on any of its servers. The data will be accessible to you only via Spyine Dashboard.

Spyine Web Demo

Spyine doesn’t believe in using false statements to rob your money. That is why free software app Spyine is made available online. You can visit the Spyine Demo page and explore its complete functionality without paying a penny.

How does Spyine work without being seen?

You can view someone else’s Facebook Messages without being seen. Spyine works secretly without giving a hint of its presence to the target phone user.

For iPhones

Spyine iOS solution will remotely retrieve the target iPhone data via iCloud backup. You don’t need to hold the device, jailbreak the device or install the app into it. On the contrary, you will only need the iCloud credentials of the account that is configured on the target iPhone.

Once you configure the iCloud account, the data begins to synchronize over the cloud using iCloud backup services. The data is displayed on the Spyine Dashboard.

For Android Phones

Unlike competitors, Spyine Android Solution does not require you to root the device. The Android solution works differently. Due to Android operating system constraints, the spy software needs to be installed into the target phone in order to get access to the phone’s data.

Therefore, you need to grab the device once to install Spyine. It will occupy less than 2 MB of memory space. Once installed, the app’s name is masked as ‘System service’ and the app’s icon is hidden. The spy service continues to run in the background while consuming minimal battery.

After installing Spyine, it has been rigorously checked and confirmed that the phone is still working as normal. Therefore, the person being watched will not get a hint you’re spying on him/her.

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1.2 How to Read Facebook Messages Without The Other Person Knowing

Here is how you can read your cheating spouse text messages.

Step 1: Get a Spyine Account

  • Go to the signup page.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Hit Sign Up.


Step 2: Setup Target Phone

  • Subscribe to a premium package and set up a target phone by following the instructions in Spyine Installation Wizard.
  • Name the device appropriately and enter the details.
  • Select the OS for the target device.


  • For Android Phones: Grab the download link and install it on the target phone by granting required permissions.


  • For iPhones: Enter the credentials of the iCloud account which is configured on the target phone and hit ‘Verify’.


Step 3: Read Someone’s Facebook Messages

  • Go to the Spyine Dashboard.
  • Click the Social Apps > Facebook tab.
  • Read the Facebook Messages.


Part 2: How to View Someone Else’s Facebook Messages


Minspy is another popular tool that allows you to view someone else’s Facebook Messages. Using Minspy, you can track somebody’s Facebook activities from every web browser in a stress-free way. Sign in to the web dashboard to view Facebook Messages after you have configured the target phone.

The menu on the left side, lets you choose between Facebook Messages and Facebook Messenger. Each conversation has timestamp detail so that you can know when the conversation happened. You can also view and download Facebook-related media files.

Nonetheless, you can see just about all the person is doing on FB. You can read both private as well as group chats. You will also be able to see relevant information about their contacts and know specifics such as names, profile photos, email addresses, and much more.


In this article, we discussed how you can read someone else’s Facebook messages without being seen. Spyine is a powerful cell phone monitoring tool that is widely used across the globe for viewing someone’s Facebook messages.

Minspy is another tool for viewing Facebook messages. You can view someone’s Facebook conversation as if you are a part of those conversations.

Let us know which tool did you find the best for meeting your Facebook monitoring needs.

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