How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

Think your boyfriend is talking with his ex way too often? Is he maybe even cheating on you? You could try to confront him, but that may not work. He may clam up or brush you off.

Spy on Boyfriend's Phone

The only way to be sure if your boyfriend is indeed straying is by spying on his phone. Chances are he’s probably texting his ex or a new girl he met on there. Or he could be in touch with her on social media.

If he’s not cheating on you and just dealing with a personal problem instead, you can apologize later and make things right. But if he’s not being faithful, then we think you deserve to know the truth.

How do you spy on your boyfriend’s phone, preferably without touching it? We recommend a powerful phone spy app like Spyine. With such a solution, you’ll be able to monitor his activities without him ever knowing:

  • In Part 1, you can learn about Spyine and how you can install it without touching your boyfriend’s iPhone or iPad.
  • In part 2, you can learn how to use Spyine to monitor your boyfriend’s Android phone secretly.

Part 1: How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

Phone spy apps allow you to spy on your boyfriend – via his phone – secretly. Not all apps are reliable though. Some of them are viruses, while others steal your personal information.


Spyine, however, happens to be a very reliable solution. Not only is it used by countless people worldwide, but it’s also been featured in online media channels such as The New York Times, TheVerge, Mashable, and Android Authority.

You can confidently use Spyine to spy on your boyfriend’s Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. You can spy on your boyfriend’s activities via any web browser. Spyine will deliver regular monitoring updates on your account.

Note that Spyine is a private spy app. Your personal data is never stored on the app’s servers, nor is it accessible to the developers. Other spy apps can’t offer this guarantee.

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1.1 Spyine – The Secret Spy Your Boyfriend Won’t Notice

Spyine is super stealthy, so your boyfriend will never know it’s there. It also offers multiple added benefits that not many spy apps on the market can offer. We explain them here:

  1. Spyine can spy on your boyfriend in stealth mode

With Spyine, you’ll be able to spy on your boyfriend’s phone in complete secret. The app can be invisible on both iOS and Android.

The iOS version of Spyine is a web-based solution that needs no software installation on your boyfriend’s device. It works remotely, extracting the iCloud backup instead of working directly with the iPhone. As a result, it can’t be detected!

The Android version of Spyine is a small, 2MB app you install on your boyfriend’s device. And then you can hide the app, making it invisible to your boyfriend. He will never know it’s there. You will receive spying data via your web browser without touching his phone.

  1. The app is super easy to set up and use

If you aren’t technically skilled, you’ll be happy to know that Spyine is very easy to install and use. It only takes a few minutes to install the app. You can use the app from your web browser. It’s very convenient and the web-interface is intuitive.

  1. Spyine is user-verified

Spyine is used by a million people in 190+ countries – including people who have relationship problems and want to keep an eye on their partner. The app has proven to be an effective solution for them, meaning it could prove to be effective for you.

  1. It can guarantee your privacy

Spy apps often get hacked, which causes their user’s details to be stolen. Some spy apps even go so far as to sell your personal details for a profit. But you can use Spyine without worry about your privacy. It can’t share or view your personal details.

  1. The app offers more than a dozen unique features

With Spyine, you’ll be able to see exactly what your boyfriend is doing on his phone or tablet. It’ll be enough information to determine his guilt:

  • Monitor your boyfriend’s text: You can view your boyfriend’s text messages. This includes both outgoing and incoming ones. Spyine is capable of backing up every message, so you’ll be able to access the deleted messages too.
  • Check your boyfriend’s calls: Who is your boyfriend calling and who is calling your boyfriend? You’ll be able to check his call log and find details like his call history, call durations, and frequently dialed contacts.
  • View your boyfriend’s location: Wondering the places your boyfriend visits in his spare time? You can track him with the help of his phone’s GPS. You’ll be able to view street names, neighborhoods, addresses, and more.
  • Find your boyfriend’s installed apps: What sorts of apps are present on your boyfriend’s phone? You can check to see if he has dating apps like Tinder installed. You can also view newly installed apps.
  • Figure out your boyfriend’s passwords: Spyine comes with a keylogger feature. The keylogger can potentially help you figure out the usernames and passwords for your boyfriend’s online accounts, including social media.
  • See your boyfriend’s media files: Is your boyfriend sharing personal photos with someone or receiving personal photos from them? If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to tell with Spyine. The app can track your boyfriend’s photos and videos.
  1. No root or jailbreak needed

Spyine requires no root or jailbreak. These technical processes can cause data loss on the target device and leave it open to malware, not to mention make your boyfriend suspicious. Other spy apps need them – but Spyine doesn’t!

We show you how to install Spyine remotely on an iPhone in 1.2. To learn how to set up Spyine on Android, please move ahead to part 2.  

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1.2 How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Access to His Phone

As stated earlier, Spyine for iOS can be installed completely remotely. You don’t need to touch your boyfriend’s phone. You just need his iCloud credentials. The app will then allow you to spy on his device remotely from your web browser.

You can install Spyine on iOS in minutes without jailbreaking the device:

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyine account on the official website. Make your email ID the username.

Step 2: Purchase a Spyine monthly plan. If your boyfriend owns a single iPhone or iPad, then you will need the Premium plan. To monitor your boyfriend on multiple devices, you will need the Family subscription.

Step 3: You will receive setup instructions in your inbox. Start the Setup Wizard and choose iOS as the target platform. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

First, enter the iCloud username and password of the account used on your boyfriend’s iPhone. Wait for a few minutes until Spyine can sync with the device. You don’t need to physically interact with your boyfriend’s device.


Step 4: Congratulations! You are now ready to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone or iPad. You just need to login to the Spyine dashboard, which you can do from any web browser.


The dashboard gives you an overview of what’s happening on your boyfriend’s iPhone or iPad. You can view the various spy features in the selection panel on the left.

Want to try the Spyine spy app first before you buy it to spy on your boyfriend? Take a look at the Spyine free live demo here!

Part 2: How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

If your boyfriend owns an Android smartphone or tablet, you will need to physically access his phone for a few minutes and install the Spyine app on it. This process is fast and painless as you don’t need to root his phone. After installing the app, you can hide it.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account on the official website, making your email ID the username.

Step 2: Buy a monthly subscription. You will need the Premium version to monitor one of your boyfriend’s Android devices and the Family plan to monitor multiple.

Step 3: You will receive an email with setup instructions and a link to the Setup Wizard. Start it up and choose Android as the target platform.

Download and setup Spyine on your boyfriend’s phone. You will see clear instructions to follow on your screen. After it’s done, you can hide the app.


The dashboard gives you a general idea of what’s going on on his device, while the various spy features are accessible from the left.

Try out the Spyine free live demo here before you commit to a purchase and start spying on your boyfriend!


To sum it up, you can use Spyine to spy on your boyfriend’s phone secretly. You also won’t have to touch it if he has an iPhone or iPad. The app is discreet, easy to use, and offers powerful features. Best of all, you pay about as much as a lunch sandwich to use it for a month!

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