How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Are you searching for a guide that can teach you how to spy on iPhone without jailbreak? Well, in case you are, today is your lucky day since I am going to teach you EXACTLY that.

Spyine on an iPhone is considered to be an impossible task by most people due to Apple flaunting their ‘walled garden’ design. However, once you learn about the trick that I am going to tell you, spying on an iPhone is going to be a piece of cake.

There is no hardware requirement to spy on an iPhone using the method that I suggest. In fact, you do not even have to touch the target iPhone at all.

At the end of this guide, I will also tell you about a few tips and tricks that will come in handy when spying on an iPhone. Therefore, you should make sure that you read this guide to the end, very carefully.

Now, without keeping you waiting, let me start with the guide:

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

In order to spy on an iPhone, you don’t have to learn programming or any such thing. You might have needed that but now I will tell you about an app that does all that hard work for you.

Therefore, there is nothing much you need to do at your end. This app is specially designed for spying on phones. You are going to be amazed at all that it can do:

1.1 Spyine- The Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Spying

Spyine is an iPhone monitoring service that can give you every bit of data of an iPhone. In fact, Spyine can also work for iPad and any Android device as well. However, for this guide, I will only focus on Spyine’s iPhone spying solution.


Spyine is actually a very popular spying service, used by millions of people all over the world. In fact, I have even read awesome reviews about Spyine in the biggest media outlets such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc.

All this is because of how cool Spyine actually is. I know that it might sound like exaggerating, but you will yourself see in the sections to come about the magic of Spyine.

What Makes Spyine’s iPhone Spy So Cool?

There are many reasons for Spyine to be everyone’s favorite iPhone spy app. Here are a few of them.

No Jailbreaking Needed:

If you have searched for an iPhone spying solution, you might have noticed that most of them ask you to jailbreak the target device. However, Spyine works without jailbreaking the target iPhone.

Secret iPhone Spying:

When you are using Spyine to check on an iPhone’s data, the target user will never find out about it. This is because Spyine has an innovative stealth based app design. In fact, you won’t even need to touch the target iPhone in order to get its private data.

Data Security:

When you are spying on an iPhone of someone you care about, such as your family or your partner, you obviously would not want your private data to get leaked to prying eyes. This is where Spyine shines and becomes everyone’s favorite.

Being a leading iPhone spy app, Spyine uses the best encryption measures for its app design. In fact, it does not store any of your private data on its servers. Therefore, even Spyine’s own team members cannot view it.

Web Service:

You don’t have to install any app on your phone or computer in order to use Spyine. This is because Spyine’s features work through its dashboard that opens in ANY web browser you use. It could be on any device of your choice as well.


Ease Setup and Use:

Spyine just takes about five minutes to set up for the first time and gets you the private data of an iPhone almost instantaneously. This comes in really handy for people who don’t have much knowledge about how a spy app works.

There are many things to love about Spyine, and it would take an entire day if I start telling you about each of them one by one. Therefore, you should try out Spyine’s free live demo and see how Spyine looks in action. You won’t need to signup or install any app for it.

Spy on iPhone Without Touching It

When you are using Spyine to spy on an iPhone’s data, you won’t need to touch the target iPhone even once. This is because Spyine’s iPhone solution is specially designed to be secretive.


Spyine uses the iCloud feature that is present in all iPhones right out of the box. Due to the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets uploaded to the iCloud server automatically.

Spyine uses this backup data to extract valuable information about the user. Therefore, you just need to verify the iCloud credentials of the target user to spy on its data.

Due to Spyine’s security protocols, Spyine does not store these iCloud credentials on its servers. It just forwards you the target iPhone’s data, without storing it as well.

**Just because Spyine can give you an iPhone’s private data without touching it, it does not mean that all iPhone spy apps are capable of that. In fact, most iPhone spy apps ask you to jailbreak the target iPhone and install the spy app on it. Spyine is a big relief in this regard.**

1.2. How to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

In order to spy on an iPhone without touching it, you just need to follow these three simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Register for a Spyine account and get a subscription plan for iOS devices. This includes iPhones as well as iPads.


Step 2: Verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. As I stated earlier, Spyine does not store these private credentials on its servers.


Step 3: Once you are done with Step 2, you will be taken to your dashboard.


Your dashboard is the place from which all of Spyine’s features work. After the first time configuration, you can access your dashboard at any time by logging into your Spyine account.

You will find all the features of Spyine on the left hand side of the dashboard. To access any feature, you just have to click on its tab.

iPhone Spying Features that Come With Spyine

There are more than 35 features that you get with Spyine. Here are few of them on top of my head:

Social Media Spy:

The social media spy module shows you all the sent and received messages of the person on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and every other popular social media platform out there.


Call Monitor:

The call monitor feature shows you all the calls that the target iPhone user has made or received. If you want a deeper insight, you can also record the phone calls that you want.


Location Tracker:

The location tracker feature gives you 24×7 live location of the target iPhone. It also shows you their recent locations along with the timestamps. As an added benefit, Spyine also comes with the geofencing feature that is particularly helpful for parents and spouses.



The keylogger feature shows you all the keystrokes that the user has made on their device. This includes their messages (even the deleted and unsent ones), usernames, passwords, web searches, and anything else that you can imagine. Check out this post to spy on your boyfriend’s phone messages.


Again, the features of Spyine are too many to list at a single place. Therefore, it is best you check Spyine’s free demo and see each of these features and how it works. It will give you another reason to use Spyine.

Watch This Testimonial Video to Know How Spyine Helps Our Client

Part 2: iPhone Spying Tips & Tricks

When you are spying on an iPhone, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Never search for a free iPhone spy app. Free solutions to spy on an iPhone never actually work. Generally, they take you through a series of ‘human verifications’ and ‘surveys’ to make you download apps that can infect your own device with a virus.
  • Jailbreaking an iPhone will compromise its integrity, void its warranty, and most probably get you caught spying on the iPhone. Therefore, always choose a method such as Spyine that can work without needing jailbreak.
  • Spyine spy software for iPhone includes every possible thing that you might want to spy on an iPhone, such as iPhone spy camera. Therefore, it is an all inclusive service and you wouldn’t need to download any additional services if you are using Spyine.

Wrapping Up

I think this guide came to be of great help to spy on an iPhone without touching it. Now you can follow the steps that I mentioned side by side and you will see their iPhone data right on your screen within a matter of minutes.

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