10 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Have you been depressed lately worrying about someone you care about spending too much time on their Facebook account online?

You might want to find out who they are talking to, but how can you do that? Obviously they would not show you their private Facebook chats. Even in case they do, they will delete the chats that actually are secretive and significant.

However, you still have to get to the bottom of this. There is only one way forward, and that is- spying on their Facebook messages.

You might have thought about it but didn’t take the idea seriously, thinking that it is way too impossible. However, let me tell you this- reading someone’s Facebook messages without their knowledge is a very easy and doable thing.

In fact, this guide is going to tell you about ten apps that actually work when it comes to Facebook messenger spying. I have tried and tested these methods myself and each of them will give you any person’s Facebook messages.

So let me get started with it:

Part 1: Best Facebook Messenger Spy App- Winner: Spyine

If you want the best of the best Facebook messenger spy apps right away, you can go ahead with Spyine.

Spyine is a phone spy service that lets you have each and every Facebook message of a user. It offers these services for Android phones and iPhones. Therefore, no matter which phone the target user is using, Spyine will give you their messages all the same.


With Spyine, you can not only read someone’s Facebook messages, but also any other type of messages as well, such as their WhatsApp messages, Instagram messages, etc.

What Makes Spyine the Best Facebook Messenger Spy?

When it comes to Facebook messenger spying, there is nothing better than Spyine. This is because of the following reasons:

Secret Facebook Spying:

Spyine has a stealth mode incorporated into its own design. This means that if you are reading someone’s private Facebook messages using Spyine, the target user will never find out about it. There are not many apps that can offer a secret spying mode.

No Root or Jailbreak Required:

In order to read someone’s private Facebook messages using Spyine, you do not have to root or jailbreak their phone. This is different from most other Facebook spying services which require rooting or jailbreaking as the first step.

Web Service:

Spyine does not require you to install any app on your phone or PC in order to work. This is because Spyine can be used from any web browser that you use. It offers you a personalized dashboard which can be accessed by logging your account.


Data Security:

Many users are concerned about their private data being leaked while using a Facebook spying app. This is why Spyine incorporates the best data security measures available.

In fact, it does not even store any of your personal data (including the Facebook messages of the user you spy) on its servers. Therefore, Spyine’s own team cannot see those too.

There are many other cool things that you can do with Spyine. If you would like to check them out, you can see Spyine in action in its free live demo.

Secret Facebook Spying with Spyine

The best thing that you are going to like about Spyine is its stealth mode. No matter whether the target user is using an iPhone or an Android phone, they will never find out that you are spying on them. I will tell you how this works:

Reading Facebook Messages of an iPhone:

If the target user is using an iPhone, you don’t have to touch their phone at all in order to read its Facebook messages. This is because Spyine’s iPhone solution does not require you to install any app on the target iPhone.


Spyine for iPhones uses the iCloud feature that is present in all iPhones by default. Due to the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets uploaded to the iCloud server.

Spyine uses this iCloud backup to extract all the important data about them. This includes their Facebook messages as well.

Therefore, in order to read an iPhone’s Facebook messages, you just have to verify their iCloud credentials with Spyine.

Reading Facebook Messages of an Android Phone:

If the target user is using an Android phone, you need to install the spy app right on to their phone. This is true no matter if you use Spyine or any other Facebook spy app.

However, if you use Spyine, you can still be secretive.

This is because Spyine’s Android solution is specially designed to be hidden even though you have to install it on the target iPhone.


The app size of Spyine for Android is less than 3 MB. This implies that the app installs in a matter of a few seconds. Once the app is installed, the app icon will vanish from their phone’s menu.

You can launch the app on their phone by dialling a secret code. Although, you will never need to launch it.

The app runs only in their phone’s background without triggering any notifications. It does not consume any battery as well.

If you ever feel like uninstalling the app, you can do it remotely from the Spyine’s dashboard, which opens in any web browser that you use.

Therefore, after the first time access (that too for a few seconds), you will not need to touch their phone ever again.

Ways to Read Their Facebook Messages

When you are reading someone’s Facebook messages through Spyine, you get multiple options to do this:

Social Media Spy:

Spyine’s Social Media Spy has dedicated tabs for reading private messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and every other popular social media platforms out there. You can read both sent and received messages here.



Spyine’s keylogger feature shows you all the keystrokes that are made by the user on their phone. This includes all their Facebook messages, even the deleted and the unsent ones. In fact, you can even see their Facebook username and password here.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other features that you can get by using Spyine. You can see all these features by checking out Spyine’s free live demo.

Part 2: Best Facebook Messenger Spy App- Runner Up: Minspy


Minspy is a phone monitoring app that comes close to offering the best Facebook messenger spy app service- Spyine.

While Minspy is a newer Facebook spy app than many other entries on this list, its services are nevertheless quite awesome.

It offers you a range of features that you can use to get someone’s phone data. If you are thinking about reading someone’s Facebook messages quietly, you are going to find each and every one of these features quite useful.

Some of the things to like about Minspy include:


Minspy has a very easy to use interface which does not give you any issue anywhere. The interface is designed for the most novice users out there. Even your grandma could operate Minspy if she wanted to.

User Support:

If you feel that you won’t be able to spy on someone’s Facebook messages without in depth guidance (even though Minspy is too easy to use), Minspy also has a team of user support executives always eager to assist you in any way you would like.

Easy Setup:

The whole process of using Minspy to get someone’s Facebook messages takes just five minutes to set up. That is actually just for the first time. After the first time setup, you can view their messages at any time later almost instantaneously.

As you can see, Minspy is pretty awesome too. Therefore, if you are looking for a good Facebook messenger spy app, you should check it out too.

Part 3: Spyic


Spyic is one of the most popular Facebook messenger spy apps out there, with millions of users globally.  This is all because of how good the features of Spyic are.

Spyic is the most reliable Facebook messenger spying solution that I have seen on the internet. It is a reputed brand the likes of the big ones out there. Therefore, there is no question of your private data being leaked or stolen.

A major portion of Spyic’s users include people who want to read Facebook messages of spouses or partners. Spyic comes with a bundle of other features which are aimed to help in the same regard.

All in all, Spyic is another perfect Facebook messenger spy app and I have not found any con in using it.

Part 4: Spyier


Spyier might not be so well known as the apps that I have mentioned so far. Yet, it is one of the best working Facebook messenger spy that I have found on the internet.

Spyier has over 35 features which are aimed towards keeping an eye on someone’s private data. This goes far and beyond than just reading their Facebook messages alone.

With Spyier, you can read all their social media messages, track their location, and do things that you might have thought to be impossible.

Therefore, if you want an app that is loaded with a lot of additional features, you should try giving Spyier a go.

Part 5: Fami360

Fami360 is designed for parents who want to read the Facebook messages of their children, to make sure that their children are safe on the internet.


The internet has turned out to be quite a scary place for children, especially with all the cyber crime aimed at exploiting their vulnerability.

There are a lot of things that Fami360 can do to assure parents that their children are on a safe road. Not only it gives you the Facebook messages of your child, but it also allows you to restrict your child’s Facebook activity for a limited number of hours daily.

This is made possible by Fami360’s application monitor which shows which apps are installed on your child’s phone and how much they use each app.

Therefore, if you want an all-round parental control Facebook messenger spy app, Fami360 is going to be just the thing for you.

Part 6: Cocospy


Cocospy is one of the oldest Facebook messenger spy apps out there. It has been offering Facebook spying service since the early time of Facebook.

It offers secure Facebook messenger spying services which leaves no chances of your private data being leaked. Just like the best apps that I have mentioned so far, Cocospy can also work without asking for rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

Further, it takes a matter of five minutes to read someone’s private Facebook messages if you are using Cocospy. Therefore, you should go ahead and give it a try!

Part 7: Copy9:

Copy9 has been a very popular Facebook messenger spy app in the days gone by. Therefore, I think it deserves a mention on this list as well.

While it was easy to find Copy9 on the upper end of such lists at that time, the lack of updates and the increasing downtimes have led to the fall of Copy9.

Now it is hard to catch Copy9 most of the time when it is working. This is because for some reason Copy9’s services do not work for like 90% of the time. In fact, even Copy9’s website is down for this duration.

Therefore,  if you are lucky and catch Copy9 when it is working, you will be happy using it. However, if you want a stable and secure app that actually works all the time, it is a better idea to try out the apps mentioned above it.

Part 8: Flexispy

Flexispy has a lot of popularity out there, because it was another good app in the past. However, in recent times, better apps with more features have led to Flexispy’s downfall to the lower few places.


The bitter thing about Flexispy is that in order to use it, you will have to root or jailbreak the target device. This is a deal breaker for most users as no one wants to jailbreak their own phone, let alone someone else’s phone.

Further, since you are rooting or jailbreaking the target device, they are going to know that you are spying on their private messages and whatnot.

That is not the end of the bad part. Even with so many disappointments, Flexispy asks for the highest and priciest subscription prices among all the apps present on this list. This makes Flexispy a clear no for most users.

However, if you are not worried about these shortcomings, you can give Flexispy a try.

Part 9: Mspy

Talking about popular apps that are debatable to use, Mspy earns the ninth spot on this list.

While Mspy has a working Facebook messenger spy module, there are certain little let downs that make users disappointed with Mspy.


Mspy does not offer that many frequent updates, which leads to bugs and glitches in the system. Further, the lack of frequent updates can mean that your phone might not even be supported with Mspy.

The interface is only average, and you will need some advanced experience in order to use Mspy. It is not as user friendly as the other apps that we have seen on this list.

Lastly, Mspy talks about a lot of features that it offers. However, in action, only a few of the features are good and the rest don’t really work. Therefore, it is a good idea to not believe all that they say.

Part 10: Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a relatively less popular app that is generally used by people to track someone’s phone location. You can use it to read someone’s WhatsApp messages as well.


While Hoverwatch does not offer you as many features as the other apps we have seen, I can say that its Facebook messenger spy module works. You can use it to read someone’s Facebook messages, but you will not find their most other social media messages there.

There is also no feature that shows their deleted conversations, so Hoverwatch might not be as effective if the user you are tracking is wise about keeping their tracks clean.

Therefore, you can give it a try as a last resort, if you are not much pleased with the other apps mentioned on this list.

Part 11: Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some doubts in your mind about Facebook messenger spy apps. I will use this section to clear the common doubts that people have:

❓ Can I spy on someone’s Facebook messages directly without spy app?

You can do it, but you will need the skills of a pro hacker with programming knowledge to do it. If you lack those skills, it is better to use a spy app to ease the process.

💪 Do I have to root or jailbreak the target device to read its Facebook messages?

Many apps do require rooting or jailbreaking the target device. However, the best Facebook spy apps like the upper half on our list can work without needing rooting or jailbreaking.

📋 Can I spy on a Facebook account for free?

Due to the resources that are consumed in creating a Facebook spy app and keeping it running, there is no free Facebook spy app that you can find. If any app claims to work for free, it is a good chance that it is scamming you and it won’t actually work.

🤔 How long does it take to get someone’s Facebook messages?

If you are using the methods that I have suggested in this guide, you can read someone’s Facebook messages in a matter of five minutes.

🛡️ Do I need to install the spy app on their phone to read their Facebook messages?

If they are using an iPhone, the installation of a spy app is not needed. However, if they are using an Android phone, you do need to install the spy app on their phone.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to read someone’s Facebook messages secretly, it is a good idea to get started with it right away. You can pick your favorite app on this list and you can follow its step side by side. You will be thanking me later!

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