How to View Private Instagram

People constantly share their lives on Instagram but some Instagram accounts are private ones. Private Instagram  cannot be checked out without following that particular account. If you are locked out of someone’s Instagram account, you might be wondering how you can view their Instagram activities.

Do not worry! We have got your back!

In this article, we are going to discuss three ways to view private Instagram accounts. Spyine is the most reliable and trustworthy solution to view a private Instagram account. We will discuss the features and working of Spyine.

How to View Private Instagram

We will also discuss Spyier and Cocospy cell phone monitoring solutions to view private Instagram accounts.

Part 1: How to View a Private Instagram Account

Spyine is the software you need to fulfill your monitoring needs. Either you are a parent or a spouse, you can easily view your target private Instagram account with the help of this powerful software. It is the world’s leading and reliable cell phone monitoring solution used by millions of people worldwide.

35+ monitoring features enable Spyine to give you the ultimate access to the target phone’s data. You can access all monitoring features without rooting or jailbreaking the device. For these reasons, Spyine has been endorsed by major media outlets such as TopTenReviews, Wired, and The Huffington Post.


With an intuitive and pleasant user interface, Spyine is explicitly designed to cater to the needs of people who want to track private activities on somebody’s Instagram. It can be quickly set up without requiring any technical expertise.

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Why should I choose Spyine?

There are various cell phone monitoring solutions available in the market which makes the decision difficult. You can decide for yourself after going through the diverse features Spyine has to offer at a very nominal price.

Here are some of the Spyine’s features that make it stand out from the rest.

Easier to use

Spyine is the easiest to use software and you do not need to be a tech junkie to use it. Anyone can sign up and start extracting relevant and spicy information by following the simple Spyine interface.

View all the details you want

Spyine provides you with a diverse range of monitoring features. You can view the photos, videos, direct messages and followers list with their details. It also provides you with all the information you need about deleted media files or chats.

Nonetheless, you can view the target’s conversations on other social apps too. Moreover, you can see the target person’s location in real-time.


Know your private Instagram profile’s keystrokes

Spyine does not stop to astound its users. Along with all other extremely useful features, Spyine offers to record the most used keystrokes by the target Private Instagram profile. So you can know their interests, search histories and also their username and password too.

Yes!! You read that right. You can get the username and password to their private Instagram profile. This might tempt you to log in their account but that is not advisable because they might get a notification(security alert). So Spyine is your best friend here.


Discreet and Remote Operation

It is, for sure, you want to check up on someone’s Private Instagram account without making them aware of it. Spyine gives you this benefit by working in stealth mode on Android phones. Moreover, you can remotely track an iPhone without coming in contact with the target device.

95% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Spyine has been tested and rated as the most credible social media monitoring app by users around the globe. It has a spectacular customer satisfaction rating of 95%.

Ensures data privacy

Unlike other applications, Spyine is free of malware and cheating mechanisms that are used worldwide to steal users’ data without permission. It does not store your or monitored data on its servers. It protects the information of the user and does not use it in any way without consent.

Available for both Android and iOS devices

Spyine can track the Instagram activity of your chosen private Instagram account be it on Android or iOS devices. This means you don’t have to worry about using different software if the target person changes his phone.

How to view a private Instagram account?

You can view a private Instagram account using Spyine by following these steps:

Step 1: Sign up to Spyine

  • Go to the Signup
  • Enter the credentials.
  • Hit ‘Sign up’.


Step 2: Configure the Instagram account holder’s phone

Now that you have subscribed to a package, it is time to configure the target Instagram account holder’s phone in Spyine. Simply follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

  • Name the device appropriately.
  • Choose the operating system of the target phone i.e. Android or iOS.
  • For iPhones: Enter the credentials of the iCloud account setup on the target phone and click ‘Verify’.
  • For Android Phones: Get the download link from the Wizard and open it on the target phone. Download and install the app by providing the required permissions.

Step 3: View Instagram Account

Voila!! You are all set to view the Private Instagram Profile.

  • See the dashboard.
  • Go to Social Apps> Instagram.
  • Now you can view Private Instagram Id’s messages, photos/videos and followers list with locations and timestamps.


How does Spyine work?

Let’s take a look at how Spyine works:

Web-based Interface

It has a web-based interface that allows remote users and gives you the ability to hide your identity and intentions by collecting data remotely. Since it has a web-based interface, you can use it from afar on any laptop or system as long as it has a working internet connection.

No app installation needed

Spyine avoids unnecessary engagement with the target Instagram user’s device. No app installation is required for the target iPhone.

This feature is for iOS users only. For viewing a Private Instagram profile using an android device, a one-time app installation is necessary. All other software claiming to view Instagram profiles of Android users without installation of the app is either fake or bluff.

No Root, No Jailbreak

It doesn’t compromise the status of the target device by jailbreaking or rooting it to access the Instagram account. Unlike most other spy apps, Spyine is built with cutting edge technologies that give you access to the target phone’s data without jailbreaking or rooting it.

Spyine uses iCloud account details to collect the target iPhone’s data from iCloud backup services. This data is synchronized and displayed on the dashboard.

You can install the Spyine app into the target Android phone without rooting it. The app will occupy minimal space and runs in the background silently. Neither it drains the battery nor heats up the phone so the phone’s user remains oblivious of the presence of Spyine.

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Part 2: How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Another popular software to look into a Private Instagram profile is Spyier. It is one of the easiest software to use. It is user friendly and people of all ages can operate Spyier with ease.

It is reliable and safe to use since it doesn’t steal any data from the user’s device. Also, there is also no need to install any additional app on the target phone. You can check into a desired private Instagram profile remotely by using any browser from any device.

It not only enables one to view the photos or videos of the target Instagram profile user but also provides the chat history, audio or videos sent in messages.

It is discreet at it’s best and gets inside any private Instagram account without jailbreaking or rooting the phones so there is no security breach while you view your desired Instagram id. Along with many other benefits offered,  Spyier also proves to be a cost-effective software.

Part 3: How to See Private Instagram Accounts


Cocospy is yet another simple and reliable software. It has more than 35 interesting features that enable one to collect other data as well while viewing private Instagram accounts of the target phone user. From chats to information of followers – one can see almost all of the desired information with ease.

It runs secretly which enables one to check the Private Instagram activity without the profile holder’s knowledge. This is a must-have tool for parents who want to oversee the activities of their kids on Instagram.

Cocospy cell phone monitoring solution is available for both Android and iOS devices. For iOS devices, one can monitor the Instagram account remotely without installing any app on the target iPhone. You will need to install the Cocospy app on the target phone once and then it will operate in secrecy.

It offers multiple subscription packages depending upon the extent of information you require and the number of devices you monitor.


In this post, we discussed Spyine, Spyier and Cocospy cell phone monitoring solutions. These are reliable and trusted apps used by people across the globe. Because of their incredibly efficient features, such as monitoring text messages, tracking location and more. All three applications lead the market.

You can use any of these apps to view someone’s Instagram profile secretly without them knowing. Let us know about your experience and which software worked best for you!

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