How to Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

The link between parents and children is, however, lacking in the age of rising social media connections. Some of us are worried about the behavior of our children they don’t share with us anymore because they’re all on their phones.

Increasing numbers of cyber threats and cases of social media extortion have made monitoring the child’s phone a must to protect the child from these dangers.

What if I tell you there’s a way to know exactly where and what your son is doing without him being aware of it? Hard to fathom yet possible, yes!

In this post, we are going to tell you how you can track your son’s iPhone without him knowing.

Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

Spyine is a trusted and reliable parental monitoring app that can be used to monitor your son’s iPhone. We will briefly cover the features of Spyine and how does it work without him knowing. We will also see how you can view your son’s iPhone using Spyine.

Part 1: How to Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

Spyine is the world’s leading parental monitoring software. Designed specifically to meet your parental monitoring needs, Spyine works secretly without your son knowing. Neither you need to hold your son’s iPhone nor you need to install any app in it.

It has a web-based interface. You can access and track your son’s device from any browser remotely, as long as your device has a working internet connection. With over 35 monitoring features, Spyine iOS solution enables you to see almost all activities of your son’s iPhone with this amazingly capable tool.


Spyine is user friendly and can be used by any person who can use a computer. You don’t need to contact any hacking experts or professionals to setup and configure Spyine. With the 3-Step Spyine Wizard, you can configure your son’s iPhone within a couple of minutes.

The best thing is that your son wouldn’t know or realize his phone has been traced because you don’t have to violate the privacy of his phone or use his phone to monitor it.

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1.1 Why should I use Spyine? Is it trustworthy?

There are many spy applications in the market. Some of them are trustworthy, whereas several others are ‘Scam’. Many companies are selling fake products to their customers. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to find a reliable, trustworthy cell phone monitoring solution.

For this reason, let us explain why you should choose Spyine and how is it trustworthy.

Parental Monitoring Features

Well, let me start by telling you what Spyine features will keep you informed about the movements of your son. Here’s a brief list of your son’s activities that you can keep track of with the Spyine Parental Monitoring app.

  • Call log: See your son’s complete call record. Know who he is talking to, at what time and how long he talks. You can also see the call type i.e. incoming outgoing. Spyine Call Tracker has made the call tracking a fun activity.
  • Read Messages: you can read your son’s messages and see the shared media files without any hassle.
  • Track Location: with Spyine Location Tracker, you can know the location of your son. Know where he is at the moment and where he had been throughout the day. The locations are pinpointed on the map. You can also see the timestamps for each captured location.
  • Social media conversations: Social apps are more popular with kids these days.It is imperative to keep an eye on your son’s conversations through Facebook and Whatsapp.
  • View Browser History: You can view the browser history and see your son’s interests. It will help you know what is on your son’s mind these days.
  • Installed Apps: You can always see the list of apps installed on your son’s phone.

Can I trust Spyine?

Ok, you can count on Spyine for sure. As compared to the other monitoring solution, Spyine is a trusted parental monitoring app. It is used by millions of parents across the globe for meeting their kids’ phone monitoring needs.

A customer satisfaction rate of 96% speaks volumes about its trustworthiness. Nonetheless, endorsements from major media outlets such as Tech Advisor, Mac World, The Next Web add to its reliability.

1.2 How does Spyine work without him knowing?

Your son would not know about Spyine because:

Works without jailbreaking

There is absolutely no need for jailbreaking your son’s iPhone. Spyine cares about its customers and their phones. If you jailbreak the iPhone, it gets exposed to the malware and voids the iPhone’s warranty. Moreover, you will need technical expertise for jailbreaking your son’s iPhone.

Spyine does not want to put you in trouble that is why special care has been taken to cater to your monitoring needs. Unlike competitors, Spyine is built with cutting edge technologies that enable you to track all activities on your son’s iPhone without jailbreaking it.

No need to install any app

With this amazing capability, you do not have to engage with the target device directly or install any app in it. You can remotely track your son’s iPhone through his iCloud account.

You need to provide your son’s iCloud account credentials to Spyine during setup. The Spyine will use the credentials to connect with the iCloud backup services. Once the credentials are verified and the connection is successfully established, the data begins to synchronize.

1.3 How to Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

Not a tech junkie? Not a problem. You can track your son’s iPhone by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Spyine Account

  • Go to the sign-up page.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Hit Sign Up.


Step 2: Configure your son’s iCloud account

Subscribe to a suitable package after creating your account. Now, you are taken to the Spyine Setup Wizard where you can follow the instructions:

  • Enter the appropriate details.
  • Select iOS as a target device.
  • Enter your son’s iCloud account credentials.
  • Click ‘Verify’.


Step 3: Traclks your son’s iPhone

  • Go to the Spyine Dashboard.
  • Select the ‘Location’ tab.
  • See the live location of the target phone.


In this post, you learned how you can view your son’s iPhone without him knowing. Use the powerful Spyine parental monitoring app trusted by millions of parents worldwide. The wide range of features completely fulfills your son’s iPhone monitoring needs.

It is quick to set up and easy to use. The best aspect of Spyine is that you can monitor your son’s iPhone without jailbreaking the iPhone and without him knowing.

Also, if you are interested in tracking someone’s Android phone, you can watch this video below.

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