How to Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

In the modern times, with increasing social media interaction, it is quite evident that tech uses may not always be for a good purpose. A lot of people might end up with some not-so-good use cases, and thus their loved ones might wish to check their whereabouts, which in technical terms means spying.

When one talks about spying, there are plenty of options available on the internet. There are a couple of possibilities doing the rounds on the internet such as how to track a cell phone without them knowing. But often, such sites are more of a trap, stealing data.

With such fraudulent malware websites, it is challenging to trust a solution that’ll genuinely work. Now, look no further as Spyine is here as the perfect mate of yours. They’ve got all that you’re looking for under one roof.

Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Part 1:- How to track a cell phone without them knowing

Spyine is one of the most talked-about solutions for a spy, thanks to the services it offers to its customers.

The app is famous for all the right reasons amongst its users spread across 190+ countries. This makes it a trusted brand globally, with millions of customers served up to their requirements.

The app is compatible with both the frequently used operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS.

With this, it ensures that almost every smartphone owner is eligible to have a chance to avail the services they offer. This is a plus point here as support for both OSs comes under a single roof.

The app is straightforward to use. One need not crack any courses or refer to guidelines that might take your time to run the application. Simple steps and you’re done. The app does it all at the backend, and you’re able to access it all on the screen with a user-friendly frontend.


There are so many applications that answer the question of how to track a cell phone by providing solutions such as rooting devices if it is an Android OS or jailbreaking in the case of iOS devices. Spyine makes sure you don’t have to go through such problems.

But why is rooting or jailbreaking discouraged? There are possibilities that by gaining such administrator control, the essential data in the phones might get deleted or the warranty of the phone gets void. This creates a high chance of getting caught on the target phone.

Another upcoming issue with these cell phone tracker apps is data security. They take the data that is provided from the user’s end or data that is obtained from the target phone, and that is a business value that certain companies do not comply with.

Spyine, on the other hand, ensures that it does not own any data that the user has given. The data is confidential for the user, and the company has no rights over it.

There might be a lot of users still that may have questions pertaining to this app. The app has got all the necessary questions answered in the beautiful easy to read documentation, but for those who still wish to know more, they have got the solution.

It has walked a step ahead and introduced a live demo. Now you can browse through yourself as to what are all the features that they claim to actually offer. Look for yourself, how genuine and right to the core the app works.

This app is perfect for all those people who are looking for a solution that guarantees you results for spying. It is your choice to spy on any of your loved one’s, and as an institution, we make sure we fulfill your demands.

1.1 Spyine’s perfect solution for Android and iOS

Be it Android or iOS, Spyine is like an ideal option for both the platforms. Both the operating system’s functionality and the processes vary, but the end result when it comes to spying is the same.

For instance, the Android application is very lightweight, hardly consuming 2MB data. This is sure not to make any difference in the target phone. The app is much less memory consuming and this also doesn’t drain much battery. Physically, it is almost equal to a negligible presence.

Another noteworthy feature is the excellent use of stealth technology. The app runs in discreet form, which in simpler terms, means hidden. The application, once installed, will be buried in the phone via just a single click.

With such a less memory occupying app and with no record of the app being there, it is challenging for an individual to know they’re being monitored.

On the other hand, the iOS Spyine solution is totally cloud-based. There is no need to even install any app on the target phone. The cloud does it all single-handedly. Thus, for iOS-based devices, there is no need for any installation of software.

This remote access makes it accessible anywhere and anytime, irrespective of where the target phone is at the moment. This has been quite a beneficial feature for a lot of users because there is no certainty of where the target phone might be all the time the user wishes to spy on them.

1.2 How to track someone’s phone without them knowing on Android and iOS

The app runs on both the operating systems, but the process may vary a bit depending on the target operating system. There are some steps that might be common, and some steps may vary, which is explained below.

Step 1: Sign up for Spyine.

The first step for both the operating systems is common. One needs to sign up for the Spyine app usage. There, a valid username and password are to be set, which will be the credentials to your app. They will act as the key to your spy app.


Upon signing up, one just needs to pay for the pack they’re interested in opting for. The transaction, once performed, will almost complete all the work a user has to do to get the target phone’s data. You’re almost halfway when it comes to gaining control of the target phone!

The later steps may vary depending upon the operating system, and the detailed process for both is given below.

For Android Users:

Step 2: Install the Application.

The app needs to be installed on the target phone. This can, however, be hidden via just a single click. The target phone will not have any record of the app running on the device.

This is done, and the target phone will be now monitored, whose results will be displayed on the screen. There are no further steps to be done at the user’s end.

The data will be automatically synced to the phone with the help of an app that is running in the background.


For iOS Users:

Step 2: Get iCloud Credentials.

There is no need for the target phone to come up with the installation of any software. For iOS users, the iCloud credentials work because the iOS-based functionality is based on cloud technology. Upon getting the target phone credentials, the data gets synced to the Spyine account one has registered.


The last step is again the same for both the interfaces, and it is where the screen is displayed. The control panel will be enabled once the data is synced successfully. It may take time depending upon the size of data that is to be fetched.

Step 3: Accessing the remote screen

Once the successful completion is done, the control panel will be enabled for the user. After completing the steps, the data starts to sync with your control panel and depending upon the size of the data, and some time will be taken by the app to display all the data.

Later, the user can set a time of as less as 10 minutes to refresh the latest activities of the target phone to be reflected on the screen of the user. The time to update the data can be changed as per the user’s requirements.

At any point in time, if the user feels there is a need to uninstall the application from the target phone, that again can be done remotely, and there is no need to have the device in hand. Once the control panel is accessible, there is no need for the target device.

1.3 What all can one track using Spyine on a target device?

One might have such a question as to what are all the apps or services that Spyine offers where one can spy on the target phone. There are so many applications running on the phone but what is accessible?

Spyine can check the phone calls of the device, the call logs, messages sent and received, and even the live tracking of the location-based on GPS, which will help to track the device at any point in time.

Other than this, the social media platforms can also be traced from Spyine. One can check the target device’s social media apps as well, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and Yahoo, etc. which are the daily platforms that a user goes in the course of his day to day activities.

Spyine can also help you see all the message history and media sharing details on almost all the standard social media platforms.

Part 2:- How to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing

Not all the applications on the internet are fake. There are a few trustworthy websites, and we introduced you to one such app that can do wonders for you. However, there is one such application that has the same features in store for you as well.


Minspy is one such application, very similar to Spyine. It is easy to use, like Spyine, and doesn’t come up with complicated steps to be undertaken by the users.

At the level of a beginner, it is not recommended to tamper with the system administration access. Although many hacks on the internet state that this is a possible solution, it is not expected with Minspy. You don’t have to rely on any 3rd party applications, Minspy will do everything with ease.

The Android version of Minspy requires the application to be present on the target phone. However, the app is not very heavy and hardly consumes 2 MB data, which is very less for a target device. Due to this, there will be not much battery drain, and the target phone will not know it is being traced.


The application, once installed, will be hidden via a single click. Physically, there will be no record of Minspy in the target phone, which will erase the slightest probabilities of getting caught. With such security and confidentiality, the app works just as you wish it should.

On the other hand, the iOS version of Minspy works on the cloud technique. This means that the target phone doesn’t even have to get the application installed. Once you get the correct iCloud credentials, they are the key to the spy.


Minspy has covered almost all that the phone offers. Calling, texting, and social media are all monitored. Another noteworthy feature of Minspy is the Android Keylogger. It will record all the activities of the keyboard for Android users.

The use of this keylogger feature may depend on the plan one chooses. But the basic plan will also include all the important and necessary spy results which you want to peep into. Keylogging may be enabled if you choose the plans accordingly.

There are thus a lot of notable features of the app which can be found in only a few genuine ones. And another important feature is it is budget-friendly. It is cheap, unlike some apps that have you pay hefty charges for spying on your loved ones.

There are plans to choose from, so you pay only for what you need. There is no way one cannot agree to the fact that these are all the features that a customer wishes in these kinds of apps.

Part 3:- Apps to track phone without them knowing

Spyine is no doubt one of the most reliable apps for spying. But, there are a few more applications that are almost the same in functionality as that of Spyine. They are similar to Spyine and almost provide the same services as that of Spyine.

To name a few, Cocospy, Spyic, Spyier, Fami360 are some of the examples of such apps that work as sister applications much like Spyine. They are few of the genuine hacks that work in a world brimming with malicious apps.

These apps are not only useful but highly reliable. Data is in safer hands with these, and one doesn’t have to worry about the data going in any wrong hands.

Part 4:- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will deal with all the general questions that are common when it comes to tracking a cell phone with a spy app like Spyine. Let’s dig into some of the frequently asked questions related to Spyine.

Is it possible for a user to spy on an Android device without having the app?

There may be many solutions on the internet that state they know answers to hack an Android device without the target device. But technically, it is just impossible. Such phishing software are used to steal the user’s data.

It is not technically possible for the target phone data to be spied without the presence of any physical access or 3rd party application. One must have something to capture the data from the background. And Spyine does this for you.

Can I trace the phone’s location with Spyine?

Yes, after the remote connection is made, the app will be able to trace the device’s location based on the GPS signals it receives.

The location history can also be viewed by the user, and the current location will be updated as soon as the data refreshes in the control panel.

Are spy apps free?

There may be a lot of solutions on the Internet that say they have an app to track the phone without them knowing. But in reality, there’s no such working solution.

Spyine is cheap enough that you don’t have to empty your savings here. There are different plans to choose from. You’ll pay only for your required data, and they do not charge you heavy fees but affordable charges you can smoothly go through.

Is the Spyine app required in the mobile for an iOS user?

For iOS, the app works on cloud technology. There is no need for the physical device to install any app. Just the iCloud credentials will work.

Once the target phone’s iCloud credentials are obtained, data can be synced to the Spyine account, which you’ve signed up for. There is no need of having the physical device in hand at any point.

What if I want to uninstall the service?

Once you’re connected to the control panel, all the operations are performed from there, including uninstallation. Just a single click from there and the app will be removed from the target device and will stop further monitoring.

There is absolutely no need to have control of the target device once again to uninstall the application physically from the device. The control panel click will erase all the data and the history from the target device.


How to track a cell phone without them knowing? Spyine is one of the most reliable and talked brands for tracing someone. From keeping a track of the call logs and messages to some of the advanced features like tracking social media or location tracking, Spyine has everything packed under a single app.

The user does not have to put in much effort for installation and downloads. Simply sign up, and that’s it. The app does it all for the user, and just via a single click, the features can be accessed.

The credentials in the case of iOS and the target phone just for a simple app installation in the case of Android are all that’s needed. The app occupies minimal space and can be easily hidden, which makes it almost impossible to trace.

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