10 Best GPS Phone Tracker to Track A Cell Phone Location Online for Free

Do you ever wish you could spy on someone? You start to browse the internet, and it comes up with a number of solutions. But you still cannot figure the perfect way to track a cell phone location for free.

Well, there may be many options that offer solutions, but only some may genuinely work. But there is no question without an answer. Though the internet is a growing hub for scams, there are genuine solutions as well.

Well, we are here to talk about some of the solutions that won’t bring disappointments. They are here to assist you with all the troubles you faced earlier. Spying is now no more a headache. Let your problems ease.

GPS Phone tracker

Part 1:- How to track a cell phone location for free

Spyine is one of the most talked solutions for spying. With a huge fan following of millions of customers spread across 190+ countries worldwide, it is undoubtedly the talk of the town. The company has grabbed the media’s attention also. Now that’s the recognition they’ve gained because of the prestige and brand.


The application has a large number of features that are sure to blow away your mind. To start with, the Android app is lightweight when it comes to memory. With a memory capacity of hardly 2MB, it is almost negligible when it comes to memory.

Now, this is a plus point as there are so many applications that occupy so much space in the target phone. They can be easily traced as often they slow down the performance of the phone. Spyine is so light-weighted; its activity is hardly noticeable.

Another very observant feature is the stealth technology that the app follows. Stealth technology implies that the application will be hidden under one single click. Upon successful installation, the app is hidden in the target phone. The clues are easily erased.

To add on, the application is working under both the frequently used operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS. There are often apps that work from either of the OS. But with Spyine, both of the frequently used operating systems by a maximum of the smartphone users are under one single roof.

One might wonder now that the app might be so tricky and complicated, due to its functionality. But let me tell you, it is straightforward to use. The app is designed by expert technical professionals, but the user doesn’t have to be a technical expert. Any regular user will be able to get through.

Now the most important feature that is surely going to have your eyes open wide is that Spyine works without admin access. The solution that you may have read almost in every article on mobile no location tracker will be rooting the phone. But Spyine doesn’t ask you for that.

What is rooting or jailbreaking, one might wonder. And why is it to be avoided? Well, these are the ways via which one can have the administrator access over the phone. But these steps are risky. They can tamper the warranty of the device or delete some important data from the phone.

There is another very crucial point to keep a track of here. When it comes to searching for a solution for tracking cell phone location, there are so many apps that come into the picture. But all that glitters is not always gold. Many of them are phishing software that is not to be trusted.

Spyine has always believed in genuine service, and thus it does not believe in such low-grade activities. You can trust their services because they are trusted by millions. And that isn’t a small reason to celebrate.

Still, wondering what to believe or have questions pertaining to Spyine? You can go and check the live demo. Get all your queries answered yourself.

1.1 Spyine: Best Phone Tracker App for Android

Spyine will work “without them knowing”. This means that the target phone will not come to know that it is being checked. Spyine has itself protected from all corners. Every step is planned so perfectly that there is no probability of any failures.


Well, when the app is running in the background of the phone, it will sync the data of the target phone to the account of the user. This syncing will be refreshed after a stipulated time, and hence the updated data will be displayed.

The user, on successful signup and payment, will be given access to its remote control panel. This is where the screen is displayed. The screen will reflect all that’s going on the phone.

Now that is something brilliant, isn’t it? With just a few easy steps, you can check on your loved ones remotely, accessing their phone without their knowledge. You will only need access to the target Android phone for about 5 minutes or so to install the Spyine Android solution.

After that, everything can be done remotely. Beware of apps that claim to work completely remotely on Android as this is not possible.

1.2 Tracking an iOS Device Easily Without Touching it

If you wish to track an iOS device with ease, you can use the Spyine iOS solution that is completely cloud-based. You do not need any physical access to the device at all and everything is done remotely. You just need your favorite browser for this solution to work.


You will need to know the iCloud credentials of the target device. Apart from that, nothing else is needed. Thus, this is stealth technology at its very best indeed.

1.3 How to Secretly track someone’s phone

The app runs on both the operating systems and that makes it one of the most reliable mobile tracker online. The steps may vary a bit depending on the device’s operating system, but they are quite easy. One doesn’t have to go through some crash course or scan through manuals to crack the code.

About the backend, the functionality of both the systems varies. But for the user’s end, there are some steps that may be the same while some may change.

Step 1:- Sign up for Spyine

The initial step is to create an account for Spyine. Enter the details asked for and choose a valid login id and password. This will be the credentials used for further login attempts.

Choose the plan you wish to go for. All the inclusions will be explained in all the plans you browse. Select your appropriate option and go for a payment. Upon payment, the service is made available to you.


For Android users, the target phone needs to have the app. Whereas, for iOS, the app runs on cloud technology. Thus the second step differs for both the operating systems.

For Android users:

Step 2:- Install the application on the device.

The application needs to run in the background of Android and hence install the application in it. The app, on installation, is hidden on the phone. The user will not come to know that the app is running in the background.


For iOS users:

Step 2:- Get the iCloud credentials

iOS will work without the target phone’s presence physically. There is no need for the device to have the app. But the target phone’s iCloud credentials will be required in this case. This will help the user have a trace of the activities of the phone.


The final step again is the same for both the operating systems. Simply sit back and relax. Yes, that’s it. You made an effort and now relax.

Step 3:- Access control panel

Just access the control panel of the app. The Control panel will enable all the apps that are running under the target phone. There you can track the live location of the phone. Additionally, there will also be the other call history and messaging records and social media records.

The data will be refreshed every few minutes, and the updated data will be shown on your dashboard. This is what Spyine does. Now you can spy like a pro for your loved ones.

Part 2:- How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone


Spyier is yet another reliable software you can trust on. The app is similar to Spyine and has quite similar features as that of Spyine. Spyier is also one of the most trusted brands in the field of spying apps.

It has features that the customers look for. It works on both Android and iOS devices, like Spyine. And the functionality for Android and iOS is also quite similar.

The Android version has to get the app running in the background. It is hardly of 2MB and can be hidden easily via a single click. The app uses this stealth technology in a very efficient way.

Another essential feature of Spyier is the app can be auto-updated after installation. There is no need to get the device every time in hand for updating the app to access the latest features.

As far as the iOS device is concerned, the app works just like Spyine— using cloud technology. GPS mobile tracker is now very easy for both the operating systems. The iCloud credentials are required to just peep into the phone. No hassle of getting the phone in hand.

The app offers all that you can ask for. Go and check it out now.

Part 3:- How to track someone’s GPS phone location online for free


Minspy is yet another brand that has a high brand image among these spy apps. It works very similar to what you might call an ideal solution for how to track a mobile location. The Minspy app isn’t free, unlike those phishing software.

But the amount is very affordable and worth paying. The prices are affordable enough; you do not have to pay a lot of money to get your work done. They will assist you in every way they can.

Minspy will help you track someone’s phone based on their calls, their messages, browser histories, locations. Check where the phone and the phone owner is at present, sitting in your house. The app does take all the care of your loved ones.

Minspy, like other reliable apps, offers solutions for both the operating systems under just one roof. The software development of this app is so efficient that you don’t have to look for other options; they have everything you ask for.

You just need to simply sign up for the Minspy application. Now that isn’t too much to ask for, isn’t it? Once that is done, almost 70 percent of the work is done from your end. Minspy takes care of all that happens at the backend.

For Android, the user then needs to have access to the target phone just once here. Install the app and get the app running in the background, hidden from the target. Then that’s it. Enjoy monitoring the device while the app will sync data for you.

For iOS, the iCloud credentials are the replacement of the physical presence of the target device. You don’t have to get the device in hand, just get their iCloud credentials, and that’s it. Now that is something interesting, don’t you think?

These are all the solutions that are quite similar and interlinked with each other. There may be a lot of similarities in their design and development. But there is one sure thing that is the same for all, that is they all provide you actual and precise results for monitoring your loved ones.

Part 4:- How to secretly track a cell phone location for free


Talking about all the spying apps in the market, there are several options, but only a few work well. We have here a brief write-up about all that can work for you, with all the positive features of the applications. To add on to the list that is provided, we have another really good application for you to try.

Cocospy is just another application that is one of the top reliable and trusted apps for spying. Unlike other apps that claim to provide a solution for how to track someone’s phone but require admin access to the device, Cocospy works without rooting or jailbreaking.

That is not the case with Cocospy. They do not ask you for rooting or jailbreaking the device. Rooting may delete some important data from the phone or even void the warranty of the device. Now, this is something that cannot be undone; it is not a recommended option for any app.

Cocospy works well without asking for rooting or jailbreaking. What else can one ask for? The same features and results without tampering the device’s control.

The only requirement is access to the phone just once, that too only for Android devices. If it is an iOS device, even that one time is not required. The Android versions will just need access to the device for installing the app.

Worry not, the app will be hidden, like all the other apps we mentioned before. And in the case of iOS, anyhow just gain the iCloud credentials, and you are done: no further problems or cracking codes. You’re there.

Cocospy is just like those buddies that have your back in your difficult times. Spy and clear your doubts for your dear ones. Worry not; they are your true friends.

Part 5:- How to track a cell phone for free (For Android)

Sometimes we misplace our phones at a place and come to know about it later. At this time, it is difficult to remember where you lost the phone. However, thanks to Android, they have got a solution to such a problem.

However, there are some prerequisite scenarios. Go through them, the basic ones, but these should be ticked if you wish to rely on Android Device Manager.

  • The phone should be internet-connected.
  • Location sharing should be enabled on the device.
  • Should be currently signed in to your Google account.

These are a few simple steps to go through in order to find your device.

Step 1:-Go to the Android device manager.

Step 2:- Log in using Google credentials.


Step 3:- The phone’s location will be shared. One has a choice to either Ring, lock or erase, depending on the situation.

  • Ring if the device is nearby
  • Lock if the device is lost.
  • Erase if you feel the phone is in the wrong hands.

Part 6:- How to find my phone location by number (for iOS)

Suppose an iPhone is lost or misplaced than all the Android solutions or hacks fail here. Thus, Apple has an app that can help you locate the phone easily. Like Android, it has some prerequisite requirements to be ticked off which are as follows:-

  • The foremost need is the iCloud account should be signed into. If you don’t have one, create and get verified with the Apple company.
  • You should enable the find my iPhone. feature It is available under settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone.
  • The location services must also be enabled to get the locations precisely. It is available under Settings>privacy> location services.

Now when the phone is not in your hands, just go to find my iPhone from any phone or desktop. There you need to provide the iCloud credentials, and it’ll reflect the location.

Apart from getting the phone’s locations, one can choose any of the options stated below

  • Play sound – The device will play a sound at a max volume so as one can track it if it is nearby. Worry not, if the device is muted- it’ll flash on the screen.
  • Lost mode – the device is flagged for the company under lost or stolen. The user can be called if someone finds it. It will lock the phone, and only a correct passcode can open it.
  • Erase iPhone – suppose that the phone is stolen. Clicking this button will erase all the data from the device. But a disadvantage is that once this is done, the tracking of location will not be possible.

Also, one can start the phone again, but in order to unselect the find my iPhone or sign out from iCloud, the apple password will be required. This makes it difficult for a user to sell the phone.

Part 7:- How to locate a cell phone position free online

Spyic is a reputed and trusted brand that values customer loyalty and delivers the best to millions of customers.

Spyic is another name ticked on the list. They are also quite similar to all the other apps that we have been mentioning. Now look nowhere else, we have the right options for you.

Spyic is one of the perfect solutions to meet your requirements. With the Android version app consuming very small memory space, it can be hidden in the target phone with just a single click. The app will not create any suspicious activities that will lead to a fear of getting caught.

For iOS users, there is no question of getting the app in hand. You just need to get the iCloud username and password. That’s it. You got the key. Rest assured, Spyic does take care of the other stuff. You just have to trust them, and they’ll not let you regret it.

Part 8:- How to track a cell phone location for free with the number of the cell phone

Do you have hundreds of hours to spend in order to have information for a single person? Phone directories are passé, and also they do have some boundaries beyond which one cannot access someone’s information.

The internet has taken steps beyond those traditional boundaries and tried connecting all under one roof.

Zosearch is a platform that lets you search for anyone you wish to search for. Get their basic details via their name, phone number or email id: whatever attribute you have in hand. With billions of records to leaf through, still, the app is fast enough.

Within five minutes, you’ll get your desired person’s details and whereabouts. Time to connect to your long lost family and friends. Check on some suspicious person bothering you or check for online traders – buyers and sellers.

What’s the best thing? They don’t charge you for a single search you’ll make. Now that sounds practically excellent, don’t you agree?

Check it out right away. There is no way you won’t be addicted to it. Get those people on your mind on paper and have their details via a single click.

Part 9:- How to track mobile location

For Android users, Google play store is one of the most used and trusted apps to get all those applications installed on the phone. Certainly, you might have searched for a free GPS phone tracker on those platforms to get details of such software.

There might be cases when the phone gets stolen or lost. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult getting the device back. But, what if there is an app that still remains with your phone and keeps you updated?

GPS Phone tracker designed by Family Safety Production – this app will present to you the exact location of the person with just one tap.


Look for people, check if they are okay or if you decide to catch up with someone and want an accurate direction of where the person is at the moment.

Part 10:- GPS Mobile Tracker

Life360 has a powerful GPS mobile tracker app. The Family Locator, GPS tracker app lets you see where your loved ones are.


This lets you create a group wherein you can chat and share your current time locations. With precise results, they can check when and where you are. This can be utmost useful at times to check on children, people running late for an event or at worse— when the phone is stolen.

You can easily track target phone number. It’s simple and helpful. However, if you need more advanced features apart from GPS tracking, you should track Spyine.


GPS tracking is a very common thing right now. So many users wish to keep track of someone’s location history. People might need it for their spouses, parents might wish to check on their children, or any person might wish to have information about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

There are several answers doing the rounds on the internet that have solutions to track a cell phone location for free, but they are not always right. In order to help you choose what is actually right and wrong for you, we curated a list of the genuine apps that work.

From Spyine to Minspy, Cocospy, Spyic, and Spyine, they are all applications that have similar functionalities and accurate results. With compatibility on both the platforms (Android and iOS) and features that are eye-catching for many users.

The apps are designed so well that the user need not dig in to put any effort. Simple steps to be followed and the work is done. You get the data delivered every few minutes, and you can easily check what is happening beneath your nose.

Locate your loved ones easily now without having to land in any sort of troubles or going through complicated procedures. These apps are all you may need.

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