10 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Communication between people is becoming quicker and easier with the expansion of social media. Yet some of the apps are also messaging via SMS. Since nobody can access your profile from an SMS and find out details about you so some people use SMS for ulterior motives.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the SMS tracker solution!

We have gathered the list of 10 SMS tracker apps without installing them on the target phone. We will briefly discuss these SMS Tracker apps one by one covering the features, pros, and cons respectively. This list contains the easy to use powerful SMS monitoring tools such as Spyine, Minspy, Spyier, Spyic or Cocospy solution.

We have also covered some advanced tools such as FlexiSPY and iKeyMonitor. Importantly, we have included scam software as well to protect you from potential fraud.

#1 SMS Tracker: Spyine

Spyine is the world’s leading cell phone monitoring solution. With a wide range of features, Spyine fulfills your all monitoring needs. It is a reliable and trusted app used by millions of people across the globe.

Spyine Spy on SMS actually works. It does not make false claims to magically monitor the target phone through its mobile number or IMEI number. There is a proper method for configuring the target device for tracking SMS.

Spyine is a browser-based solution. You can access your Spyine dashboard through any browser from any device and see the SMS of the monitored phone. Due to its trustworthiness, Spyine is endorsed by major media publications such as TechRadar, Tom’s Guide and TheVerge.

With the Spyine Spy on SMS, you can view the text messages and the iMessages. You can read the sent and received messages. You can also see the media files exchanged over MMS.


If you find a suspicious message, you can view the contact name. By going to the address book, you can see the other details of the person such as phone number, address and social media handles.

You can track SMS on both the Android and iPhone. The best aspect of Spyine is its usability for the average user. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device. Unlike competitors, you can access all the features of Spyine including the third party apps data without tinkling with the OS.

Sign up for a Spyine account and configure the target device to be monitored. Enter the iCloud account credentials of the target iPhone and hit verify in Spyine’s Control Panel after purchase.


In the case of the target Android phone, you can get the download link from Setup Wizard and install it in the target Android phone. That is all it takes to view the SMS on the target phone.


Or you can watch this video to know how Spyine exactly works on Android phone.

Click here to see the free live demo of the Spyine software.

#2 SMS Tracker: Minspy


Another popular and reliable SMS tracker is Minspy. Minspy is cell phone monitoring solution that allows you to remotely spy on the target phone. The best aspect of Minspy is its secretive working so that the monitored person does not get a hint about being monitored.

You can read the text messages and iMessages with Minspy. Read the entire conversations in the thread view and feel like a part of the conversation. Go through the longer chats of social apps. See the shared media files, photos, and videos.

Moreover, the Android keylogger gets every keystroke tapped on the target Android phone. This helps you get the username and password for the various accounts of the target phone user.

Minspy is a reliable monitoring spy solution that comes in three affordable packages. The setup can be easily done within a couple of minutes. The app can be used intuitively. In any case of trouble, you can contact the Minspy customer support.

#3 SMS Tracker: Spyier

Another trusted cell phone monitoring solution is Spyier. It is a powerful app with several monitoring features. Besides SMS, you can view several other activities occurring on the target phone.

You can read SMS messages, see call history, track real-time location, see installed apps, view address book details, follow up calendar events and read emails of the target phone.

It is one of the few cell phone monitoring solutions that does not require you to root or jailbreak the phone. Simply get started by registering a Spyier account. Follow the instructions in the Spyier setup wizard and configure your target phone. You don’t need to be an expert for configuring Spyier.

Spyier is a No Root, No Jailbreak solution. It is compatible with the latest Android and iPhones.

SMS Tracker Spyier

#4 SMS Tracker: iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an SMS Tracker app. It is a comprehensive and powerful monitoring tool. It provides basic and advanced features for monitoring the cellphones.

There is a con to this solution though. You can access only partial features without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. You need to root or jailbreak the device for using all the features.

iKeyMonitor works on most iOS devices after a jailbreak, but a non-jailbreak version can only work on iOS 9 or greater. iKeyMonitor can also run on Android 2.3 devices or above version. Take note that you have the option of using the Spyine monitoring solution and access all features without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.

#5 SMS Tracker: Guestspy

Guestspy provides limited spy functionalities as compared to other spy software. It comes with GPS Tracker, SMS Tracker, Spy call/call recording, social networking monitoring, ambient voice recording, and pictures.

You can download and install the application from the official website. Create an account and fill in the details of the target phone. After filling in the details, you can turn on the hidden mode of the software.

However, we do not recommend Guestspy software. This seems to be a scam software. The official website is quite unprofessional. The explanation and working mechanism of Guestspy can not be justified on any technical basis.

We highly recommend choosing any other reliable SMS Tracker from this list such as Spyine, Minspy or Spyier that provide a free online demo as well.

#6 SMS Tracker: Flexispy

Flexispy is a powerful spy app. It is a complete cellphone monitoring solution that allows you to see the activities on the target phone. Besides viewing text messages, Flexispy offers a unique Call Interceptor feature. Call interceptor lets you eavesdrop on the calls happening on the target phone.

The advanced features of Flexispy and complicated installation make it difficult to use for an average user. You can only get Flexispy if you’re a tech specialist and the monitoring needs are greater than average. In another case, an average user with simple monitoring needs would find Flexispy overwhelming.

Flexispy can be used to monitor Android phones and iPhones. However, you need to root the Android phone and jailbreak the iPhone for installing Flexispy. On the contrary, if you choose Spyine or Minspy spy solutions, you can view all data on the target phone without rooting or jailbreaking the phone.


#7 SMS Tracker: Copy9

Copy9 is a versatile SMS Tracker solution for parents and employers. You can see all text messages whether sent or received from the target phone. Moreover, you can see the conversations happening on instant messaging apps such as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

You can remotely monitor the target phone with Copy9. However, you need to hold the target phone once for installing Copy9 into it. Then, you can view the monitored data through your online Control Panel.

You will need to think twice before choosing Copy9 SMS Tracker as it requires you to root the target device. Rooting an Android phone is not an average user’s task. You will need an expert’s help in doing so. Moreover, Copy9 SMS Tracker can not be used for monitoring iPhones.

If you are looking for a simpler yet powerful tool, you can choose another aforementioned tool such as Spyine that offers a No Root, No Jailbreak solution for Android and iPhones respectively.

#8 SMS Tracker: Cocospy


Cocospy is another popular SMS tracker app with an impressive reputation. It is easy to use software with a user-friendly interface. Cocospy SMS tracker can be set up within a few minutes without any expert’s guidance.

You can read the entire text conversations in the threaded view. See who sent the messages and the timestamp of the messages. You can also view the attached media files sent over MMS. For iPhones, Cocospy SMS tracker lets you view iMessages as well.

Besides text messages, you can view the conversations on social media apps. Also, you can see the contact details and dig deeper into the details of a particular contact. Cocospy offers a bunch of handful of monitoring features to completely sneak inside the target phone.

Cocospy is compatible with all Android phones running Android version 4.0 and above. Moreover, it supports the latest versions of iOS.

#9 SMS Tracker: Hellospy

Another popular SMS Tracker is ‘Hellospy’.The monitored data can be viewed from the online Hellospy Control Panel. You need to install the Hellospy app into the target phone. Then, go to the Control Panel, customize the software and enable the SMS tracking feature.

The SMS tracker feature of Hellospy enables you to read all the SMS messages whether they are sent or received on the target phone. Hellospy saves the monitored data on its servers so you can read SMS messages of the target phone even if they are deleted from the phone.

Hellospy has a few cons though. You can not track SMS on an iPhone with Hellospy as it provides a solution for Android phones only. Moreover, it provides access to fewer social apps as compared to the powerful Spyine monitoring solution. Nonetheless, Hellospy definitely loses its point against Spyine by saving monitored data on its servers.

Also, note that the target cell phone is connected to the Internet all the time, else HelloSpy would not be able to transfer the recorded SMS to the Control Panel.

#10 SMS Tracker: Auto Forward

Auto Forward Spy claims to be simple and easy to use SMS Tracker and requires minimal input from the user to begin monitoring any cell phone or tablet. It can easily capture and record all text messages, phone calls, GPS location, and social media messages and much more happening on any Android or iPhone.

You can download the Auto Forward spy application remotely on the target phone, enter the license key and then the phone number you want to spy on. The Auto Forward spy will extract information from the target phone within a few minutes and you can view the information through your online portal.

They claim this on the website and we dare say otherwise. I have included Auto Forward Spy on the list to make you cautious of this fraudulent app. There are many apparent reasons which clearly indicate how one can identify its scam.

  • This is technically impossible to remotely connect to Android phone or iPhone and track data through phone number.
  • It has no recurring monthly fee or upgrades fees. You pay only once and that’s all. Basically, when you have paid for the software they are not interested in listening to your complaints.

Let’s reiterate that do not fall into the trap of such scam. You can choose amongst the other reliable SMS trackers such as Spyine, Spyier, Cocospy or Minspy solutions.


In this post, we have discussed 10 SMS tracker apps. A few names are included in the list for the sake of warning you from potential scams such as GuestSpy and AutoForward. Some spy solutions are targeted for advanced users and require technical expertise such as iKeyMonitor and Flexispy.