How to Track Someone’s Location on iPhone

One of the most unbelievable things that you might hear is to track the live location of an iPhone- the high-end gadget in the world, without creating any mess. Some might think that we are joking around while others will consider us as a skilled Black Hat hacker.

Thank God, Both things are not true here!

We are telling you about one of the safest ways to track someone’s iPhone location that demands no high-end hacking skills or hefty processes. Read ahead and you’ll have a perfect solution in less than 10 minutes.

Part 1: How to Secretly Track someone’s Location on iPhone

With the right kind of technologies, there is no end to possibilities. Spyine is a feature-rich and precisely designed remote monitoring app that came into being with the right kind of technology.

With this, you can make every impossible thing possible. Even the mystery on how to track someone’s location on the iPhone can also resolve easily.

Wondering how? Stay tuned with us.

Spyine – The Godfather of all the iPhone tracking apps

If there is one thing where you can witness the right blend of AI, machine learning, and human acumen then this is Spyine. This is one of the most novel and inventive iPhone location tracking facilities that the human race can use in the 21st century.


We, along with the millions of satisfied users from 190+ countries, are falling for its risk-free and real-time ability to track the phone’s location. Unlike any other bargain basement priced iPhone tracking solution, Spyine doesn’t risk you by adopting a jailbreak way.

Note to make you happier: Guess what? Jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting the Android are now the things of the past. Spyine is the most viable and secure option to track the live location that does not require any of these. It means no more risk or security compromises!


Why should I use Spyine?

We know that everyone needs concrete reasons to recommend something to someone. As we are doing the same here, we must explain to you the reason behind it:

  • Do you know that you can become a White Hat hacker with Spyine?

Barging into the tight security of iOS is not easy. To make it happen, either you have to be a master of all trades or a skilled hacker. But, Spyine makes it possible in a blink of an eye.

Spyine’s iOS solution comes with a 100% web-based interface. This simply indicates that there are no downloads, no installations, and no set-up hassles are involved.

As long as you have a data-driven device, an active internet connection, and a browser, you can keep tabs on someone’s iPhone location without anyone knowing about it.

  • Do you know that your data is in safe hands with Spyine?

Using an online solution to track someone’s iPhone location can turn out to be your worst nightmare if your data gets leaked. You have no idea what you can lose if it happens.

Well, Spyine knows the consequences and takes appropriate measures to eliminate this risk by not having any of your data on its server.

  • Do you know that you can track more than 3 iPhones in one go?

It may shock you but it’s true. With premium and business subscription of Spyine’s iOS solution, you can track the live location of more than 3 iPhones simultaneously. In short, if you have Spyine by your side then nothing is to be worried about.

How to track someone’s Location on iPhone

Much of talking is done on how Spyine’s iOS solution helps you track the live location of a targeted iPhone. The next thing to ponder upon is how it can bring into action. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1: Use your active email ID and username and sign-up for free for Spyine, followed by picking the right monthly subscription of Spyine. This will automatically redirect you to the control panel.


Step 2: Click on ‘iOS’ in the OS section.


Step 3:  Keep the valid iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone handy and enter it once your account is activated.

Verify the details once and hit the ‘Verify’ button. A few seconds after, Spyine’s iOS solution will verify the details and sync.


Step 4: You are all set to so. View the dashboard of Spyine and look for the ‘Location’ section. It must be left side on the dashboard. A click on this feature and you can have the live location details with geo-tagging.


No foul plays. No unnecessary download hassles. No risk of data stealing. Only risk-free and straightforward live location tracking of iPhone! Is anything better than Spyine?

What else can Spyine do that is beyond your imagination?

So, you are convinced that Spyine’s iOS solution is the right way to track the location of someone else’s iPhone while staying 100% away from harm’s way. But, this is not the only way Spyine helps you. In fact, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a whole lot of stuff that Spyine does for you. The best part is that in none of the operations, your security and safety is compromised at all.

Wondering who all are calling the target? Bring Spyine into action and get detailed call history.  You can keep tabs on all call activities.

By giving you an admin like access to the targeted iPhone, Spyine allows you to find out full social media presence. You can find out the type of social media accounts the target access, the post-it shares, and the personal chat that happens on various platforms.

All types of phone activities that you think are possible can be tracked with Spyine. You name it and Spyine has a solution for it. Whether you want to know about the apps installed or website visited, Spyine will help you by all means.

It‘s not the iOS platform that can be kept under your radar with Spyine. It is capable of tracking the live and real-time location of any device running on Android. Be it a tablet or mobile phone, nothing goes out of your sight.

Here, you can get a conclusive feature list of Spyine:


Besides this, Spyine gives you the option to try its free live demo too. Through this interactive demo, you can understand how this solution will work for your purpose flawlessly.

The Final Word: Have the best iPhone location tracking facility. Get Spyine!

Who says that you have to take a tough path to crack tough things? If you have the right resource and methodology then a needle can crack a stone. Spyine is a live example of this. With the use of the right technology, it helps you barge into the tight security of the iPhone.

It tracks the live location of the targeted device in such a precise manner that you can never go wrong. So, don’t drag yourself into unnecessary hassles. Just pick Spyine and enjoy the best-in-breed iPhone tracking.

And Spyine also works on Android phone, you can watch the video below to intall app on Android device.