How to Tap a Cell Phone

Cell phone tapping means having access to someone’s private cell phone data without their knowledge, usually to listen to their phone conversations, read their private messages, or do something along these lines.

Cell phone tapping turns out to be a lifesaver no matter why you want to use it. It could be used to catch a cheating partner, keep an eye on your children, learn about your employees’ activities, and whatnot.

Contrary to what most people believe, cell phone tapping is not just possible but also very doable as well. Unlike what you see in movies, you won’t have to get off the grid to find a pro hacker that can do the job for you.

Now there are apps available that can tap a cell phone with ease. Therefore, you just need to use these apps that can do the job for you, while you just enjoy the end results.

I will order these ten phone tapping methods in order of usability and preference, starting from the best. Therefore, you don’t have to waste hours comparing or trying to sort things out. I will even tell you how to find out if your own cell phone is tapped.

Part 1:How to Tap a Cell Phone

People who are tapping a cell phone generally do it to keep an eye on their partner or kids. Therefore, they need a method that can not only do the job but also keep the private data safe and secure while doing it.

This is what you are going to learn in this part- a safe and secure cell phone tapping method:

1.1 Spyine- Tap a Cell Phone Securely

Spyine is the most popular cell phone tapping method used by millions of people all over the world. It can tap both- Android phones as well as iPhones with ease.


Its phone tapping solution has been so applauded that I have even seen its positive reviews in the biggest media outlets such as Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc.

With Spyine’s phone tapping solution, there is no data that you cannot view. Every bit of someone’s private phone data can be accessed by you remotely. This is how ingenious Spyine’s solution is.

However, it is not just this reason alone that makes Spyine the best phone tapping app. Let me walk you through some other of these methods as well.

What Makes Spyine the Best Phone Tapping Solution?

There are many reasons for Spyine being the first choice of anyone looking for a phone tapping solution. Some of these reasons include:

No Root or Jailbreak Needed:

Unlike most phone tapping solutions, Spyine will not ask you to root or jailbreak the target device. This is because Spyine’s phone tapping solution employs next gen technology that can work without asking for root or jailbreak.

Web Service:

If you are using Spyine to tap a cell phone, you would not need to touch the target phone at all. Spyine’s phone tapping features can be used through its dashboard, which opens in any web browser you use. Therefore, there is no requirement of touching the target device.


Data Security:

Just as I mentioned earlier, data privacy is a huge concern for people who are thinking about using a phone tapping solution (and rightly so). Therefore, Spyine does not store any of your private data on its servers. Even Spyine’s team cannot access your private data.

Secret Phone Tapping:

When you are tapping a cell phone using Spyine, the target user will never know about it. Spyine has incorporated a stealth design for Android phones and iPhones. Therefore, you can tap a cell phone using Spyine with complete peace of mind.

There are many other reasons that lead to Spyine being such an awesome phone tapping solution. In fact, it shows you a live demo where you can see all of its features in action. You can check Spyine’s free demo here.

How Spyine’s ‘Secret’ Cell Phone Tapping Works?

When you are using Spyine to tap a cell phone, they will not know that you are doing it. This is how this secret phone tapping works:

Tapping an iPhone:

When you are tapping an iPhone using Spyine, you will not even have to touch the target iPhone at all. This is because Spyine’s iPhone tapping solution makes use of the iCloud feature, which is present in all iPhones by default.


Due to the iCloud feature, all the data of an iPhone gets synced to the iCloud server. Spyine makes use of this iCloud backup to extract all of the phone’s information.

Therefore, all you will need to do in order to tap an iPhone using Spyine is to verify the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone with Spyine. There is no iPhone access needed, nor you have to jailbreak the target iPhone for it.

Tapping an Android Phone:

When you are tapping an Android phone, you have to install the phone tapping app on the target device. This is true whether you are using Spyine or any other phone tapping method.

However, Spyine’s Android tapping solution has compensated this requirement of Android devices. Therefore, it is able to be hidden even though it will be installed on the target phone.


This is because the app size is less than 3 MB in size and it installs within a matter of seconds. Once the app is installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone. Only you can launch it by dialling a secret code that only you will know.

The app runs on the background of their phone without triggering any notifications. It does not even consume any battery as well.

And when you have to uninstall the app from their phone for any reason at all, you can do it from Spyine’s dashboard that opens in any web browser you use. Therefore, after the first time access, you will not need to touch their phone ever again.

As you can see, Spyine’s phone tapping solution is pretty good along with some amazing technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many people are using it already. Let me tell you about the steps you need to follow to tap a cell phone using Spyine.

1.2 How to Tap Someone’s Phone Using Spyine

Using Spyine to tap a cell phone just needs these three simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Register for a Spyine account and get a subscription plan based on the target phone’s operating system- Android or iOS.


Step 2: a.) In order to tap an iPhone, verify the iCloud credentials of that iPhone with Spyine.


b.) In order to tap an Android phone, download and install the phone tapping app on the target device.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Start’ button and the configuration process will finish. You will be taken to your dashboard.


All the features of Spyine are available on this dashboard on the left hand side. In order to use any feature, you just have to click on its tab and its interface will open.

You will find the following features to be helpful when it comes to tapping a cell phone:

Call Tapping:

You can see the logs of all the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone using Spyine. These logs come with the timestamps as well. You can record the phone calls too if you want.


Message Interception:

You can also see all the private messages of the cell phone. These not only include the SMS messages, but also includes the social media messages too of any popular platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.


Location Tracking:

You can also track the live location of the phone 24×7. In fact, you can also see its recent locations along with the timestamps. Therefore, you will know about where the person has been at any given time.


SIM Tapping:

Spyine also gives you the SIM card information of the SIM that is installed on the phone. Even if the user changes their SiM card, you will know about it. This is particularly helpful when you want to catch a cheating spouse.

There are countless other features that you get with Spyine. If you want to see these features in action, you should try Spyine’s free live demo.

Part 2: How to Tap a Phone Call

Most people who are looking for a phone tapping solution just want a way to tap a phone call remotely. If you want a phone tapping solution for this purpose only, you should use the method that I am about to suggest you here:

2.1 Spyier- Remote Call Tapping


Spyier is another flawless phone call tapping method that you can use for tapping Android phones and iPhones. This phone tapping solution works remotely as well, which you can use from any web browser.

Spyier is a very trustworthy phone tapping solution and there are no bugs or flaws in its interface. It works ten out of ten times, and it does not have any downtime. Therefore, you can use it 24×7 to tap a phone call.

Some of the other reasons for people to prefer Spyier are:

User Support:

Spyier is an established brand which offers you the services of a premium app. Therefore, there is a user support team too that will help you out with any queries that you might be having about using Spyier or tapping a phone call.


Cell phone tapping is a premium feature that you will not find for free in any working app. However, among the paid phone tapping apps, Spyier offers you the lowest prices.


Spyier offers you the most easy to use interface and you will need no experience in order to use it. You don’t even have to be a tech geek. You can use Spyier even if you are a total novice in this area.

There are many other things that Spyier has got right. If you want to know about these things, you can check out Spyier’s free demo on the website.

Part 3: How to Tap A Cell Phone with Just the Number

There are times when you might have to find out information about a cell phone number. It could be that it is a missed caller, or perhaps a stranger passed you their number and you might want to know the truth about them.

Some users also comment like this:

In either case, you will find the following solution to be the perfect choice in this case:

3.1 Zosearch- Phone Number Tapper

Zosearch is a database of people that gives you detailed information about them, just through their phone number.


Using Zosearch is as easy as using a search engine like Google. You just need to enter the cell phone number that you want to track and hit on search.

Zosearch then does its magic and provides you with all the information about the target user. This information includes their address and even a criminal background search of the person.

Part 4: Fami360

Fami360 is a phone tapping solution that lets you tap your child’s phone without their knowledge.


Fami360’s awesome phone tapping solution works for tapping Android phones as well as iPhones. You will know who your child is talking to and what they are talking about.

Since children are innocent and can be exploited by strangers, Fami360 lets you know that your child is totally safe and on the right path.

It also comes with a range of other parental monitoring features too that let you keep an eye on your kids and control their phone and internet usage.

Part 5: Cocospy


Cocospy is one of the oldest phone tapping solutions out there. It has supported all Android and iPhone models, starting from the earliest ones as well.

Cocospy can tap cell phone messages as well as calls, just like the best phone tapping methods out there. It will not ask you to root or jailbreak the target device as well.

No matter whether you are looking for a trustworthy phone tapping method or a working one, Cocospy is going to suffice for every need and requirement.

Part 6: Minspy


Minspy is a relatively newer phone tapping app for Android phones and iPhones. It is a web service too, that can work through any web browser you use without asking for app installation.

Even though Minspy is not as old as other phone tapping apps, it has not failed to secure quite a bit of fan following. People are using Minspy and leaving positive reviews about it as well.

Therefore, it can be another good choice if you are looking for a phone tapping solution.

Part 7: Spyic


Spyic is another phone tapping solution that has been around since smartphones have been around.

It uses the iCloud technology of iPhones to tap them, and need to be installed on the target phone if they are Android.

Even so, it does not ask you to root or jailbreak the target device, just like the awesome apps on the list that we read about so far. No doubt that Spyic will get a green light from me too.

Part 8: iKeymonitor

Contrary to its name, iKeymonitor can be used to tap both Android phones and iPhones. While it is a working phone tapping solution, it lags a bit behind as compared to the other apps on the list.

A major cause for this is that iKeymonitor asks you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. This is seen as a deal breaking factor for most users since no one wants to root or jailbreak their own device, let alone someone else’s device.

And even though it has such hard to meet requirements, iKeymonitor also charges a very high price for a lesser number of features. Therefore, it is a good idea as a last resort.

Part 9: Thetruthspy

Thetruthspy’s working can be best explained by its name- spying on someone to find out the truth about them. This phone tapping solution works for both- Android phones and iPhones.

However, I would not call Thetruthspy to be comparable with the other apps on the list. This is because there are a lot of glitches and bugs in the interface that call for improvement.

Therefore, in the future, Thetruthspy can be a good preferable option. For now, you should prefer the apps that I have listed above.

Part 10: How to Tell If Your Cell Phone Is Tapped?

There are many people who want to make sure that their own cell phone isn’t tapped, before they start out tapping someone else’s cell phone.

While the best phone tapping apps such as Spyine leave no trace behind, there are some tips for finding out about inferior tapping apps.

If you find out whether or not your cell phone is tapped, you should check out the following tips:

Background Noise during Calls

If you have been hearing background noise during phone calls lately, it is a bold sign that your cell phone security might have been compromised. This sound is more in the form of a static, something like what you might have heard during bad weather.

Suspicious Behavior of Cell Phone

If your phone has been working in a strange way lately, it is possible that someone has bugged it. This strange behavior includes your phone lightning up without a reason or turning on and off by itself.

Faster Battery Consumption

There are many poorly designed phone tapping apps that consume a lot of battery. Therefore, if your phone is running out of battery faster than usual, it is a good chance that it might be tapped.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all about cell phone hacking and how it works, why don’t you start out with the process right away? I am sure you will end up thanking me within a matter of five minutes, because that is how long it takes to tap a cell phone using these methods.


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