How to Hack WhatsaApp Messages without Access to Phone

Passwords are a confidential business. But there may be reasons one might want to hack them. Parents might wish to spy on their children. Partners may want to check on their significant others for their own reasons.

Now reasons may be any, but the question is how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without access to their phone. Though spying may sound complicated, WhatsApp hack is easy. There’s just one right platform one should be aware of.

Below is the solution you’re looking for. Don’t trust traps like how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone free. Hacking requires time and effort, and hence money trade is anyway included. But what if I suggest minimal payment and maximum customer satisfaction?

Still have any second thoughts, you may check it for yourself. Check for Spyine. Signup for the app, it’s free, and you may look at the answers for yourself. Check-in straight away!


Part 1:- How to hack WhatsApp without victim’s phone


Among the many monitoring apps we come across there are a few genuine ones. They may be too costly or may not have the essential features. Also, sometimes the apps are very complex for a non-technical person. And most important of all, many apps don’t offer the security of the data.

Spyine is a solution that may overcome all the problems stated above. Spyine has been able to win the heart of 190+ countries. Also, it hasn’t been hidden from media publicity. The application has been able to gain millions of users globally.

There are many salient features where Spyine stands out of the crowd. For instance, it is budget-friendly, safe, and secure. Also, the application is straightforward to use for any user. There’s no need to go through any manuals.

With many positive features, what’s the cherry on the cake? All these features are accessible remotely. That means no need for the target device at any time. The spying can be done remotely from the control panel of the user’s system.

The entire concept of Spyine is cloud-based. Thus, it needs no installation or downloads, and also it works using any browser. All this is cloud-based, and hence there is no need for the target device physically.

Another essential point to keep track of is that the devices will not require any jailbreaking, which in simpler terms, means that gaining admin access to the phone. All these create suspicion, and with Spyine, there is no chance of getting caught. Everything is secretive here.

Step 1:- Sign up for the Account

1.1 Hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone

Wondering how to hack WhatsApp on iPhone? To start spying on an iOS device, there’s not much of a hassle. The best part here is there is no need for a target phone at all. All you will need is the iCloud credentials, and that’s it. No need to download any software on the phone. Also, there’s no need to jailbreak the phone.

With such solutions to all the problems, what else to ask for? The application has looked at all the issues and designed solutions accordingly with minimal errors to cater to all the needs of the users. They step in the customer’s shoes and look for options from their angle, meanwhile continually updating their features for the sake of upgrading to the latest technologies.

This is the perfect solution of how to hack someone’s WhatsApp without their phone. If still you’re confused about the process, here are the brief steps stated below.
Get the iCloud credentials, and that’s your key. Sign up for the Spyine account, register for it by just entering a valid email id and password.


Step 2:- Verify the credentials

Once the verification is successful, the remote control panel can be accessed by the user. Upon verification, the target phone’s data will sync to the control panel. It may get delayed a little depending on the data that is getting synced.


Step 3:- Access the control panel

The control panel is now accessible by the desired user. They can now monitor the chats and media. To access this control panel, the user just needs the right credentials. The credentials are the username, and password one chooses while signing up on Spyine.


Part 2: How to Hack WhatsApp account without verification code


For those with Android phones and wondering how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone, here’s the perfect buddy. Spyine works perfectly fine on Android as well as iOS.

The Android version is a perfect example of what you may define as a spying app. Hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone is now a lot easier. The Android version of Spyine has a lot of plus points that make it feasible for its users.

The application is hardly 2MB. This is useful because of the low memory occupied, and it is not easily traceable. Some apps are very bulky in size, which may get caught easily. Spyine assures you these things are not creating any issues.

Another significant part here is stealth technology. According to this, once the app is downloaded, it can be hidden. And this is an essential feature as the hidden app is very difficult to trace.

The stealth technology helps work in a discreet form. The stealth technology is a cutting-edge technology used. In basic terms, this is a feature that will hide the presence of any such application running on the phone.

Again application uninstall is quite easy and remote. That requires no use of the target device physically. The Control panel can handle all those issues without the need for a device in hand.

Spyine also doesn’t drain much of the battery. All these things make it so private that the target phone may not have the slightest idea. It uses all possibilities to eliminate the smallest probability of getting caught.

Another very common problem amongst the spying apps is rooting. They require rooting of the device, in simpler terms- handling the administrator control of the smartphone. While this is an effortless way when it comes to how to hack someone’s WhatsApp, it increases the chances of getting caught.

Rooting might tamper the data, and it voids the warranty of the target device. Again, this will lead to the probability of getting caught. Also rooting may delete some of the files on the phone, and this can be a red alert for the target phone.

Although this is one of the most answered solutions for how to hack WhatsApp account, it’s not safe, and Spyine doesn’t go for this. It is preferred to not go for rooting though it may give access to some other features, even without rooting, the necessary features run quite smoothly.

A very noteworthy feature of Android is keylogging. Keylogging will track all that is typed in the target phone. Thus, one can quickly get hold of the passwords or anything that a user types. Now that is a piece of excellent information to be getting hold of, isn’t it?

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2.1 How to install Spyine on Android device

To start spying on WhatsApp on an Android device, the user needs just to follow some simple steps. Upon successful completion, the features will work perfectly fine in your control.

Step 1:- Sign Up for Spyine

You need to sign up for a Spyine account by entering valid credentials. Later, the target phone’s data will be synced to the remote control panel. The control panel will be easily accessible to the user later on.


Step 2:- App installation

The target phone needs the application installed. Later the application may be hidden easily via a single click.

Upon login and installation of the app, the work is done, and the user can now check through all the details shared via chats and media on WhatsApp. Now hack WhatsApp messages without access to the phone.


When one accesses the dashboard, there are multiple options available on the left pane and one has to simply switch between the options while the accessibility may depend upon the plan the user chooses.


A vital and crucial thing that is necessary for these points is data security. As a professional app, the data must be handed to the customers. The company has no business managing it, but saving the data for further misuse is quite common. Spyine assures that no data is kept at the company’s end.

For a clear and concise satisfaction for the users, Spyine enables its users to take a Spyine demo test to get a better insight of all that they claim to offer to its users. This will enhance users’ understanding of Spyine Android.


Often there are questions like how to read someone’s  messages without their phone, and though there are many promising solutions available on the web, there are only a few trustworthy ones. Spyine is one such spying app that is widely used for tracking purposes.

The application is compatible with Android and iOS both. Also, due to its salient features such as less memory occupy, no battery drain, stealth tech, and cloud-based application, it has been able to win a lot of customers. The app needs no use of the target phone, and also no direct injection to the administrations is made, which may create suspicion.

Spyine only requires the user to sign up, make the payment and select the plan. Later the entire hack is available to the user on their fingertips. The control panel will let them peep into all the data they want to spy on. The process is not rocket science and can be easily followed.
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