Instagram Hack: How to Hack Instagram

There could be several reasons you would want to break into someone’s Instagram account:

  • Keeping an eye on who your child or spouse follows and interacts with
  • Tracking what images and videos they post and taking action if something inappropriate is about to be posted

But it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to hack Instagram. And most people think it is a highly technical procedure that needs you to be a genius.

The reality however is quite far from that.

Figuring out how to hack Instagram is something that’s been decoded to an extremely granular level, thanks to brilliant phone monitoring solutions that can help you break into someone’s phone remotely and anonymously. Such apps not only help you achieve Instagram hack, but assist you in breaking into ALL social accounts of your target.

Would you like to know about a few such Instagram hacking apps? Well, read on.

Part 1: How to Hack an Instagram Account

If you conducted a Google search for “how to hack an Instagram account,” you’d probably find tons of Instagram hacker apps claiming to offer guaranteed results. But you should be aware that not all such apps are genuine.

Most are designed to steal your data or reveal your identity as a phone spy in front of the person you’re spying. If that someone happens to be a family member, it could lead to immense embarrassment for you and even strain your relationship with them.

Thus, to hack Instagram, using only a highly covert and reliable application is recommended. We trust Spyine in this regard.

1.1: Spyine – The ultimate Instagram Account Hacker

Spyine is a phone monitoring app that’s been in business for a decade. With a loyal customer base ranging in millions across 190+ countries, this app has been featured by corporate giants like The New York Times, BBC, and even Forbes.


Making remote and stealthy monitoring on iOS and Android possible, Spyine works without the need of any human verification or surveys. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to work with Spyine.

It is extremely easy to set up and work with the app, and once you’ve registered, you get uninterrupted access to 35+ features. Let’s take a look at how Spyine makes Instagram hacking possible on iOS and Android.

If the person you wish to spy on uses an iOS device, achieving Instagram hack is almost like child’s play. No installation is needed on your own phone or computer. You don’t need to install anything on the target device or physically access it at all.

All you need to do is provide the iCloud credentials of the target person during Spyine for iOS setup. Using those credentials, the app syncs all data from the iCloud backup of the target person into an online dashboard to which you have 100% access.

Once your dashboard starts displaying the data from the target phone, using the dedicated “Instagram Spy” feature from the left-hand sidebar, you can view all activity that takes place in your target’s Instagram account. It’s that simple!


Keylogger Feature for Android

If the person you wish to spy on is using an Android device, you need a 5-minute physical access to the device. This time is needed to install and set up the app on the device. You should know that installation is mandatory for ALL Android phone monitoring solutions.

This video explains vividly that you can click it:

Once the app has been installed on the target device, you can hide its icon from the app drawer to activate its stealth mode. After this, the app runs quietly in the background without consuming much battery or disk space (less than 3M), and hence, it doesn’t get detected.

Just like its iOS counterpart, Spyine for Android also relays all information from the target device to an online dashboard to which you have complete access post registration. Once you’ve started receiving the data, you can use the app’s Keylogger functionality to hack Instagram.

The Android keylogger captures all keystrokes used on the target device and makes them available to you. Using those key combinations, you can easily perform Instagram hack and also break into ALL other social accounts of your target, such as Facebook.


Why Spyine is the best

In addition to offering such stellar features, Spyine is also a completely safe application to work with. It is not designed to access the user data on the target device and hence, cannot store any information on its servers. That eliminates any chances of a data leak or theft.

Spyine is pocket-friendly and very easy to use even for people with zero technical expertise. Moreover, users can take a free live demo of the app to understand its working before purchasing the license. No sign-up or credit information is needed to take the demo.

1.2: Hack Instagram Account

This is how you can easily work with Spyine:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account and purchase a subscription plan to register. This will automatically redirect you to your online dashboard. Since the app isn’t set up at this moment, you won’t see any real-time data in your dashboard.


Step 2: A Setup Wizard will appear now to guide you rest of the way. First, you’ll need to select the target OS.


Step 3: If you select Android, you will receive the download link for the app and installation instructions on the email ID you provide during registration. Follow them to complete setup.

If you select iOS, you will be asked to enter the iCloud credentials used on the target device. Once you enter them, the app will take a few minutes to sync all iCloud data into your dashboard.


Step 4: Finally you’ll see the finish screen. Hit “Start” here to begin remote phone monitoring.


Instagram account. You could also hack into any other social media platform, or track the calls and texts on the target phone.

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Part 2: Instagram Password Hack

Spywares have enabled users to discreetly monitor target devices. They are an effective means when it comes to monitoring smartphones. In recent years, such applications have particularly become popular among concerned parents, suspicious employers and couples doubtful of their partner’s intentions.


Spyier is one such application that you will find featured in almost all tech journals and blogs as a premier phone surveillance and monitoring tool.

2.1 Spyier – Hack Social Accounts Passwords Easily

Spyier is available for both android and iOS devices. Once you have signed up and successfully purchased a subscription plan, you will need to configure the app to work on the target device. Installation of a small application is needed for Android devices, but this is not needed for iOS devices; you will just require the iCloud credentials.

Spyier is easy to set up and you don’t need to be a hacker to pull this off. The app is available in a variety of plans like Premium, Family and Corporate. It is usually recommended to opt for a premium plan when you need it for monitoring of a single device and Family or Corporate plan for multiple devices.

Let’s look at the extensive list of features Spyier offers:

  • Inbox Access: Spyier offers an effective way to keep a track of all incoming and outgoing messages, even the deleted ones. The messages are synced in real time to an online dashboard which you can access after registration.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Need of the hour in today’s cyber age, Spyier offers effective monitoring of social media accounts like Instagram. With a dedicated panel for Instagram on their interface you can enjoy full visibility of inbox and account information including Instagram friend list.
  • Geographical location: Be aware of the location of the target device at all times as with Spyier you can precisely monitor the location with their location tracker. It also comes with features like geo fencing where you can get alerted when the device violates a geofence set by you.
  • Browsing History: Spyier lets you keep tabs on the browsing history of the target device with detailed information like frequency of visits and contents of website visited.
  • Gallery Access: Let’s you view all the photos and videos that might be saved in local storage of the target device.
  • Web Interface: All the data is synced in real time to an interactive and user-friendly web interface, which you can access remotely with any device that has an internet connection and a web browser.

2.2: How to Hack an Instagram Password with Keylogger

One of the key features of Spyier is its Android Keylogger. The keylogger enables you to record all keystrokes your target enters on the target device. This feature comes in handy if you are looking to gain complete access to a person’s social media account like Instagram. With keylogger you can capture:

  • Login credentials of social media accounts
  • Email contents
  • Text and word files
  • Comments made on social media accounts

With a feature as powerful as this, you will never need another Instagram hack ever!

Part 3: How to Hack Instagram ID


Phone monitoring and surveillance applications like Cocospy have enabled concerned parents to tackle cyber threats their children might be exposed to through social media applications like Instagram.

Cocospy specializes in the social media domain, a must in today’s cyber age. It offers an effective way to discreetly monitor kids’ phones and receive alerts of any suspicious activities in advance.

3.1: Cocospy – Track Any Form of Data from iOS and Android Devices

Cocospy is one of the leading phone monitoring applications used for parental control with a user base expanding to all five continents. The application allows you to enjoy handy features which include complete track of incoming / outgoing text messages and access to detailed call history with timestamps.

In addition to this, with Cocospy you can have access to a phone gallery allowing you to monitor all photos, videos of the target device. What’s more, it lets you access the target’s web browsing history and even their live GPS location.

One of the coolest features of Cocospy is its social media monitoring feature. With dedicated panels for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat spying, Cocospy lets parents heave a sigh of relief as far as their kids’ online activities are concerned.

3.2: Easy to setup and work with

Cocospy is available for both android and iOS phones. You can just create a free account on their official website and purchase a subscription plan on the basis of the features you might need. Once done, for Android phones you just need to install a small application on the target device.

For iOS phones, no need to install anything; all you need is the iCloud credentials of the target device. Just provide the credentials on their web portal and wait for data to sync which usually takes a few minutes.

Like Spyine and Spyier, Cocospy is extremely safe to work with. The app isn’t in the business of selling your personal information to third-parties so you can stay safe from data theft.

To sum it up

To ensure that your family doesn’t fall prey to online threats of social media platforms like Instagram, you should know what they post and when. This can give you the chance to intervene at the right time.

Figuring out how to hack Instagram is essential because of this. Spyine can be of aid to hack Instagram without letting your target know you’re spying on them. You could read this post to hack other social media.

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