10 Best WhatsApp Hacker

WhatsApp is one of the most loved apps that have made its way in almost every single phone. Checking WhatsApp in the morning has become our ritual. Though it keeps us connected with our loved ones, one can use it in an unseemly fashion and create troubles.

The same thing happened with one of my friends who can smell something fishy from his son’s WhatsApp activity. She is concerned with the way his phone keeps on ringing, he has become so protective about his phone, and always his profile shows an ‘Online’ sign.

Instead of losing her calm on all these things, she decided to take the charge and spy on his son’s WhatsApp. With the right resource, she managed to unveil the truth.

If you are also standing on such crossroads where neither you can’t trust your loved ones completely nor you can confront them, this article might help you. Here, we will discuss the top 10 WhatsApp hacker app that is going to rule the world in 2021 and beyond.

#1 – Spyine – The Top Dog of WhatsApp Hacking Apps Industry

The first WhatsApp hacker app that we will discuss today is Spyine.

This WhatsApp hacker app is the end-result of amalgamation of high-end AI and human acumen. Spyine is far different from other options as:

  • It gives 100% discreet and risk-free assistance.
  • It has a huge customer database spread across 190 countries.
  • Its impeccable performance has been appreciated by world media including Digital Trends, LifeHacker, Mashable, and CNET.

All this popularity that Spyine has gained today is not baseless.  In fact, it’s well-earned and Spyine’s developers deserve a huge round of applause for this. They have used the most novel remote monitoring technology for this task.

There are many reasons that have made Spyine a one-off WhatsApp hacking app. We are going to give a quick overview of them.


  • Spyine is a marvel by all means

The way Spyine has been developed and never mislay its motive is quite commendable. At every front, it has managed to offer you a risk-free and hassle-free WhatsApp hacking facility. To start with, let’s talk about its jailbreak/rooting free operations.

To hack someone’s WhatsApp account, you have to gain full access to the targeted device. Before the launch of Spyine, jailbreak/rooting were only two suggested ways to get success in it. However, both these things are risky affairs.

Then Spyine happened and it bought a ray of hope with its jailbreak/rooting free operations. Without these two options, Spyine helps you gain admin-like access on targeted WhatsApp accounts.

The next thing that makes Spyine make a one-of-its-kind WhatsApp hacking app is the ability to work 100% discreetly.  Spyine for iOS comes with a web-based interface that you can operate from any device/browser. Nothing special skills are needed for this.

The only thing that you require to hack WhatsApp running on any iOS device is the valid iCloud credentials. That’s it.

The process itself is free from any lengthy downloading and installation process. So, you don’t have to wait for its assistance. A simple and free (Yes, it costs nothing) signup with Spyine will open up a whole new world of risk-free hacking.

So, you need to hack WhatsApp on Android. Don’t worry. Spyine for Android doesn’t disappoint you just as its iOS counterpart does. Spyine for Android is a precisely built app that comes with less than 3MB size.

Also, it has the ability to perform stealthily. As soon as you activate this mode, the app icon goes missing from the app list and the target can never find out its presence on the device.

Wait! We are not done yet.

Spyine for Android also doesn’t consume much of the phone’s space and phone battery. If a WhatsApp hacking app has all of these abilities then what you would call it? Without any doubts, we will call it Spyine only.

  • Its dashboard is extraordinary

The first thing that you would expect after the successful set-up of your WhatsApp app is easy to access data access. Well, Spyine knows this very well. That’s why it has kept its dashboard pretty straightforward. You can access it from anywhere.

Mark our words. Any device, any internet connection, and browser, Spyine’s dashboard is compatible with all of them. Its navigation is so easy and crystal clear that any hacking greenhorn will feel like a hacking veteran. Well, it’s not their fault. It’s the magic of Spyine.

Is it a lot to gauge on contextually? Then have a look at this free live demo and have a clear idea.

  • Spyine’s Keylogger stands second to none

When we talk about hacking someone’s WhatsApp remotely, the mention of Keylogger comes at first. With the help of Keylogger, you can easily record the keystrokes made on the targeted device and can find out tons of things.

But, some of the cut-rate Keyloggers create troubles for you rather than helping you by consuming a lot of phone batteries and making the targeted device boil. Also, things like tapping noise in the background and hanging the screen, make things iffy.

When you use Spyine’s Keylogger, there is no way that you will face all these things. It’s cut-above software that works so precisely and faultlessly that no one, including the targeted person, can find out its presence.


  • Spyine renders data accurately

Do you know that 43 billion messages are exchanged daily on WhatsApp? Yes. This is how frequently we all use WhatsApp on a daily basis. With such a high usage rate, keeping an eye on every WhatsApp activity is not easy. you can use Spyine to hack WhatsaApp messages without access to phone.

But this doesn’t stop Spyier to help you. No matter how rapidly the WhatsApp history changes, it still captures it accurately. It captures that activity details as soon as they take place. To make things easier, every data comes with a timestamp.

So, not only you learn about what is happening on WhatsApp, but you can also learn about what is happening when. Can anything be better than this?

#Bonus Benefit: Do you need to worry about your data security with Spyine?

The fear of losing your crucial data is very terrifying. And why shouldn’t it be? A single data loss can cost you millions. So, this is something that no one would like to face while trying to hack others WhatsApp.

Spyine knows this well in advance and has found out a novel way to deal with this issue. Unlike other bargain basement priced WhatsApp hacking apps, Spyine doesn’t save your data on its servers. This simple step makes a huge difference and prevents data loss/theft.

What all you can do with Spyine?

Spyine is not a purchase. Instead, it’s an investment wherein you get time-bound and risk-free remote monitoring on the targeted device as a return.

Not only WhatsApp that you can track using Spyine, but there are also tons of other activities that can be tracked and monitored. For example:

  • Call History
  • App Installed and their usages
  • Web-browsing History
  • Social Media Platforms Used
  • Media Clicked/Shared/Exchanged
  • SIM Card Details
  • Live Location
  • Calendar Events

The high-end technology of Spyine helps you track/hack all these activities in real-time. This means, if you have Spyine by your side, nothing needs to be worried about. It ensures that you are making most of your money spent.

You can hack WhatsApp on iOS and Android devices with equal ease. In fact, you can use it for more than 3 devices in one go.

#2 – Spyier


Based upon its world-wide popularity and risk-free operations, we decided to keep Spyier in second place.

Once you will know Spyier a little better then you will also nod your head in confirmation. Spyier keeps risky affairs like jailbreak/rooting at bay and lets you gain admin-like access to the targeted WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp hacking with a difference

All your apprehensions about risk-free WhatsApp hacking will calm down once you assist Spyier for the task. If you think that you will make things messier just because of the lack of proper hacking skills then Spyier will help you.

  • Spyier for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface that you can operate using any device/browser. Also, Spyier for Android is a super easy app to use. It’s a compact made app which is less than 3MB size and can run in stealth mode.
  • It’s a super stealthy app. Whether you bring it into action for iOS platform or for Android, catching you red-handed is impossible.
  • Spyier has a sparkling reputation at a global level and has a boasting database. We have full confidence that you will be delighted once you also join Spyier’s fan base, you will never regret it.


You can use Spyier easily even if you have no prior knowledge about hacking. Its user-friendly interface will help you hack WhatsApp without any troubles.

#3 – Minspy


The third place in our list is captured by Minspy. Minspy is a feature-rich WhatsApp monitoring app that tracks every minute activity happening on WhatsApp from a safe distance.

If you lack the right WhatsApp hacking skills, don’t want to compromise on your safety, and don’t want to reveal your real motive then Minspy is here to help you out.

Taking you a step ahead

Minspy offers you 100% discreet and jailbreak/rooting free assistance.

  • Millions of users across the globe have already taken advantage of its risk-free service. The developers of Minspy blend the high-end technology and human acumen to frame it. The end result is indeed impeccable.
  • One of the reasons keeping Minspy on our list is its ability to eliminate all the risks that are involved with hacking. For example, people may find hacking pretty tedious.
  • It offers you a truck-load of features. One single product will help you track activities like call records, web-browsing history, apps installed, and so on.


The data will be rendered directly on your dashboard. So, no one else will find out what you are up to. Also, you can pick the stealth mode on Minspy for Android and the app’s icon vanishes from the app list.

#4 – Spyic


We will extend our list with Spyic.

By offering you one of the most pocket-friendly and risk-free WhatsApp spying, Spyic has managed to earn fourth place in the list. It’s not us who have shown trust in it. Millions others across the world are impressed seeing its impeccable performance.

A Goodie Bag

It’s a complete package offering you almost all kinds of remote monitoring assistance.

Along with WhatsApp, it can hack various other messaging and social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and so on. This simply means that you will get the best value on your purchase.

  • Moving forward, one more thing about Spyic that impressed us and world media is how quickly & accurately it captures the data. All of the data comes with time stamps. So, you have details like which WhatsApp text was sent to whom at what time.
  • Using Spyic over another cut-rate WhatsApp is also beneficial for your data’s health. Spyic doesn’t save your crucial data on its server which simply means that your data is in a safe hand.


You will face no difficulties while using it as it comes with a very user-friendly dashboard. It captures the data and renders it in the most straightforward manner.

#5 – Cocospy


Moving forward in the list will not hold any value if we don’t make a mention of Cocospy.

Cocospy is another trustworthy WhatsApp hacking app that you can use without any qualms one of the reasons why we are saying so is that it hacks WhatsApp without asking for jailbreak/rooting on the targeted device.

  • By dumping these two risky activities once and for all, Cocospy ensures that you don’t create any mess for you while trying your hand on WhatsApp.
  • If you’re a novice and have no idea about WhatsApp hacking then nothing can be as useful as Cocospy would be for you.

Your comfort is its priority

Cocospy’s user-friendly interface makes WhatsApp hacking a cakewalk. Without dragging you into a tedious downloading and installation process (in case of iOS), it makes you a White Hat hacker in no time.

Cocospy for Android is also bliss as the app is of very compact size and runs in the stealth mode. In short, your integrity and safety are never at risk with Cocospy and that’s what makes it grab a place in our list.


Using Cocospy for a month will cost you less than your one-time lunch. Yes. We are right. Don’t believe us. Just check their subscription rate and find out on your own.

#6 – Fami360

Fami360 is our next pick. It’s an extensive parenting control app that can hack WhatsApp remotely. It offers you a nice feature-suite to hack other phone activities along with WhatsApp.

  • You can check call & web browsing history, SMS, media, App installed, and many other activities. It offers you jailbreak/rooting free service at a pocket-pinching cost.


It offers you a free trial to have a better understanding

#7 – HelloSpy

HelloSpy is another popular and trustworthy WhatsApp hacking app we will suggest to you. Its flawless performance and impeccable features are reasons for this.


Though you can easily track location, call, and message with HelloSpy, you have to sweat out a little bit to bring it into action. Its set-up is not as easy as Spyine and Spyier.


Its iOS auto-answer feature is unique.

#8 – PhoneSpector

Packed with advanced WhatsApp hacking features like chat recording and keylogger, PhoneSpector is something you can trust.

No doubt that it is super stealthy but you have to jailbreak/rooting the targeted device for PhoneSpector to work. This is something we will not suggest.



The data is real-time.

#9 – Highster Mobile

By using Highster Mobile, not only hacking WhatsApp on Android and iPhone is possible but also you can track it on Mac OS and Windows.

Yes, it’s true. However, you have to pay a huge amount for this. If you are thinking to use it for WhatsApp hacking then be ready to empty your wallet!

Almost the same kind of features that Highster Mobile offers you can be enjoyed at a much reasonable price with Spyine, Spyier, and Spyic.



Highster Mobile offers you a one-of-its-kind feature stealth camera recorder.

#10 – Mobistealth

We will send our list with Mobistealth. It is basically a parental control app that can hack someone’s WhatsApp secretly and stealthy. Because of its risk-free operations, it has garnered worldwide recognition. But, there are perks for you at the cost front.



Jailbreak or rooting is not needed.


Risk-free WhatsApp hacking is possible if you take the right way. Our top five picks i.e. Spyine, Spyier, Minspy, Spyic, and Cocospy are most trustworthy. They are everyone’s cup of tea as they are user and pocket friendly.

If you go by these options, no hassles will be in your way.

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