Telegram Hack: How to Hack Telegram

Telegram is abundantly used by people of all ages to exchange text and files, especially teenagers who use it to secretly converse with their friends. Hence, in addition to physically keeping an eye out for your childrens’ safety, you also need to constantly know what information they exchange through Telegram and with whom.

Only the reliable and 100% safe phone monitoring solution we’re about to reveal in this post can help you do this. So get ready to explore the only Telegram hack you will ever need!

Part 1: How to Hack Telegram Account

When exploring “how to hack telegram” on the Internet, you may have come across a wide variety of phone hacking apps claiming to be the best. But not every app out there is trustworthy.

If you’re going to spy on your children through their phone, you need to ensure not to leave their phone vulnerable to data theft. Also, you’d want to make sure that they don’t find out that you’re monitoring their online activity. Only Spyine can help you achieve both purposes.

Making completely remote, stealthy phone monitoring possible, Spyine comes power-packed with a solid set of features. The app has been in the phone spy industry for over a decade and is trusted by millions of users as well as leading outlets like The Next Web, Wired, and The Huffington Post.


Spyine works like a charm on both Android and iOS and doesn’t need you to tinker with the target device. No root or jailbreak is needed to work with this magic Telegram hack.

1.1: Spyine – Why it is the #1 Trick to Hack Telegram Account

You may be wondering what makes Spyine so special. After all, there are so many phone monitoring solutions out there; so why should you place your trust in Spyine?

Here’s why.

For starters, Spyine keeps user data privacy at the forefront. The app is not designed to access the user data stored on the target device. Hence, none of your child’s data can be saved on its servers, so there’s no chance of data leaks or theft.

Secondly, with Spyine you’ll get access to an abundant list of features. These include dedicated Telegram hack, WhatsApp hack, Facebook hack, Snapchat hack, live location hack, website history track, call and SMS track, and much more. All with a single subscription purchase.

Third, Spyine doesn’t need you to perform any human verification at any step. Once the app has been set up, it keeps relaying everything that happens on your child’s phone to an online dashboard to which you have constant access. You can log into the dashboard using ANY web-browser from your desktop or mobile.


And if you’re wondering what working with Spyine is like, let us tell you that it is a cakewalk. The app is accompanied by a convenient Setup Wizard which makes configuration a snitch, and its intuitive interface is easy to work with even for non-technical people.

Even if that’s not enough to convince you, the app offers a free live demo so that you can get a feel of its working. You don’t have to sign up or provide your credit information to access the demo.

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How Spyine makes remote Telegram hacking possible

Being secretive is one of the top requirements of any phone-spy app. Spyine is super stealthy. It works quietly in the background without needing any intervention from your end. Nothing needs to be installed on your own phone to work with Spyine and it doesn’t give away any clues to your child that you’re spying on him/her.

Spyine for Android needs to be installed on the target phone and it takes just about 5-minutes to do it. You can get your hands on your child’s phone when he/she is sleeping! The download link is sent to your email when you register and installation instructions are easy (see steps to set up Spyine on Android in Part 2).

Key highlights of Spyine’s Android version:

  • Lightweight app (2M in size), doesn’t consume much battery when running in the background
  • Gives access to features like call history tracking, SMS tracking, GPS location tracking, and social media monitoring
  • Dedicated keylogger feature records all keystrokes used on the target device so you have access to all the passwords used by your child to log into social accounts. That’s how Spyine makes remote Telegram hacking possible.


  • After installation, you don’t need to intervene at any point. You can even hide the application icon from the app drawer so that your child cannot find out something extra is installed on his/her phone.

On iOS, Spyine doesn’t need to be installed anywhere. You just need to provide the iCloud credentials used by your child during set up. Thereafter, Spyine syncs all data of your child’s iCloud account into its dashboard and makes it available to you (see steps to set up Spyine on iOS in Part 2).

Key highlights of Spyine’s iOS version:

  • Gives access to multimedia (photos and videos) stored in iCloud backups
  • Offers advanced features like 3D street view to know exactly where your child is at what time and what the area looks like
  • Since all data from the iCloud backup is made available to you, reading messages and files exchanged using Telegram becomes super easy
  • Because the app isn’t installed anywhere, your child can never know that they’re being monitored round the clock or that you are keeping constant tabs on all their activities

1.2: How to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account without Them Knowing

Step 1: Sign up for a free Spyine account and purchase a subscription plan according to your needs.


After this registration has been done, you will be redirected to your Spyine dashboard where you will be guided the rest of the way by an interactive Setup Wizard.

Step 2: When prompted, select the OS of the target phone.


Step 3: If you select Android, you will receive the download link and installation instructions via email. Follow detailed instructions as indicated.

If you select iOS, when prompted, enter the iCloud credentials of the target phone. This allows Spyine to sync all data from the target phone into the online dashboard.

spyine-verify-icloud-id-guideStep 4: Lastly, you’ll see a “Finish Installation” screen where you need to hit the “Start” button to kick start the monitoring.


After the above steps have been done, from your Spyine dashboard’s left-hand sidebar, click on “Telegram Spy” to access all activity in your target’s Telegram account.

Part 2: How to Hack Telegram Online

If you’re looking for another hassle-free way to get inside your child’s phone to hack Telegram online, give Spyic a shot. Equipped with stellar features and an easy to use interface, Spyic is a leader when it comes to parental control apps.

Spyic gives you access to not just Telegram hack, but a lot of additional features like call tracker with timestamps, SMS tracker with deleted message recovery, GPS location with geo-fence alert, and much more.


The app has a wide user base across 190+ countries and has received positive reviews from several large corporations. It works equally well on Android as well as iOS devices and doesn’t need you to obtain special permissions by rooting or jailbreaking.

Spyic’s Android Telegram hack works through a dedicated keylogger feature which makes Telegram password (all other passwords) available to you by capturing keystrokes used on the target device. The iOS Telegram hack works by making all iCloud backup data available to you (including messages and multimedia exchanged via Telegram).

Priced reasonably, a single subscription purchase of Spyic allows you to enjoy 35+ handy features. What’s more, before investing, you can try out the app through a free live demo without signing up.

Summing it up

We hope this post was able to help you figure out how to hack Telegram account easily. If you wish to keep an eye out for your child’s online safety, hacking into their Telegram account is one of the best ways. And Spyine is the best Telegram hack available out there.