10 Best Facebook Hacker

Regardless of why you’d want to do it, we’re sure that at some point or another you must have wondered how to hack someone else’s Facebook account. After all, doing so can give you all the inside information about their friends, their interests, and all their online activity.

But have you ever wondered if it is actually possible to get inside someone’s FB account without getting caught in the act?

Turns out, it IS possible, and that too, quite easily.

The 10 Facebook hacker apps we’re highlighting in this post make hacking into any Facebook account extremely simple. And you can rest assured that your target will never find out!

Part 1: Spyine – Top Facebook Hacker in 2021

Being a leader in the phone spy market, Spyine is one of the best ways to hack into someone’s Facebook account through their phone. Making 100% remote and stealthy phone monitoring possible, Spyine lets you keep constant tabs on someone’s online activity without letting them get the slightest clue.

Recognized by brands like PC World, Mac World, and CNET, Spyine has a loyal customer base in 190+ countries. It comes equipped with 35+ features which include dedicated Facebook Spy, call and SMS tracker, live GPS location tracker, social media monitor, and much more.


One of the best features of Spyine is that it doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the target device and it doesn’t pose any security threat to it. Usually, phone spy apps can make the monitored device vulnerable by rooting into it and breaking down its natural defenses. Spyine is different.

It is just a fast and a hassle free way to get the job done without leaving loopholes which can be utilized by other data stealing apps. Additionally, Spyine isn’t designed to access the user data stored on the target device or store it on its servers. So you can rest assured that no data from the target phone will be leaked or stolen.

How Spyine achieves Facebook hacking

Spyine works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices.

On iOS, no installation is needed anywhere. All you need to do is provide the iCloud credentials used on the target phone to enable Spyine to sync all data from the iCloud backup into an online dashboard to which you have complete access.

Once the data starts syncing in Spyine for iOS dashboard, you can click on the dedicated “Facebook Spy ” functionality from the left-hand sidebar to access everything your target does on FB.


On Android, installation is mandatory (this is in line with standard Android phone monitoring procedure). It can be done in a couple of minutes and once it is completed, the icon can be hidden from the app drawer to make it invisible.

The good part is that the Android version of Spyine occupies less than 3M of disk space and negligible battery so it doesn’t get flagged by the target phone. Moreover, after completing the setup, you don’t need to intervene at any point. The app works stealthily and autonomously in the background relaying all the required data to your online dashboard.

And this is how Spyine Android makes FB hack possible – it offers a dedicated keylogger feature which records all keystrokes used on the target phone and makes them available to you. With those key inputs, you can have access to all social account passwords (including FB) and log in without any hassle.


Why should you trust Spyine?

In addition to all the benefits offered above, Spyine comes with the additional advantage of being pocket-friendly. You can purchase a subscription with the amount you’d spend on a meal at a restaurant.

The application is backed by countless positive reviews from people and business houses alike. It even gives users the chance to try it out. A no-sign-up free live demo is provided so that you can try the app out before buying.

In our opinion, Spyine totally deserves to be crowned as the undefeated champion in the world of Facebook Hacker apps.

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Part 2: Cocospy


You won’t find a better match than Cocospy when it comes to remote phone surveillance and spying. Meant to offer discreet Facebook hacking operations, Cocospy can run on a target device undetected, so that you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Cocospy comes with an extensive list of features which includes tracking phone calls, text messages, geographical location and social media monitoring to name a few. One of the popular functionalities is its ability to hack into social media accounts, like Facebook.

So, how can you achieve this using the Cocospy application? Let’s have a look.

  • Keylogger feature for Android: Cocospy’s Android version is equipped with keylogger functionality that can register and log each key pressed on the target device. Using this you can easily gain access to anyone’s Facebook login credentials.
  • Facebook Spy feature for iOS: Cocospy features a Facebook spy feature, a dedicated section where you can monitor information such as messages, likes, comments and contact list specific to a person’s Facebook account.

All information relayed by Cocospy can be monitored remotely on any device with just a browser and internet connection. You can easily subscribe to one of their plans from the official website.

Part 3: Spyier


In recent years, phone monitoring needs have seen a rise among parents concerned about their children, organizations that do not trust their employees, and people in relationships that do not trust their partners. Spyier is a remote phone monitoring application that allows extensive monitoring of target devices.

Easy to install on Android devices, Spyier is a small application of a few megabytes. It offers features like tracking and tracing phone calls, GPS location, messages, WhatsApp messages, browser history and activity on other applications.

Not just Android, Spyier works equally well on iOS devices too. Without the need of rooting or jailbreaking a target device, Spyier provides you a web-based surveillance interface where you can seamlessly access all information relayed from the target device.

Spyier comes equipped with a social media monitoring feature that allows you to hack into someone’s Facebook account easily. With a dedicated portal for FB spying, you can access and monitor all Facebook activity of the target person.

Not just reading private and group messages, this feature can also enable you to check Facebook contact lists and even access contact display pictures. What’s more, you can also get access to all pictures someone uploads or sends in the form of multimedia messages over FB messaging.

Spyier’s social media monitoring functionality is not just limited to Facebook; it allows access to other social media platforms like Instagram and more. The app once installed on a target device can run undetected for years.

Part 4: Spyic


Today’s teenage generation is particularly susceptible to cyber threats, but parents have found a trustworthy companion in Spyic to keep an eye on malicious content their children might be exposed to.

Spyic is one of the premier phone surveillance applications available in the market. As a definitive parental control application, Spyic comes with an array of features like phone call tracking, text message monitoring, location tracking, and geo fencing.

Apart from these generic phone monitoring features, particular functionality that parents look in such spywares is social media monitoring. Spyic just hits all the right chords in this domain. It allows you to monitor all social media applications and even hack into your kid’s Facebook account.

The app provides complete visibility in the form of access to Facebook Messenger where you can monitor every message and even pictures that are being sent out or received by your children. This feature allows parents to be ready for any form of cyber threats that their kids might be subjected to.

Spyic services are available in easy to subscribe plans that you can opt for on their official website, and to start monitoring you just need to configure their application as per given instructions. No jailbreak or rooting required for the target device.

Part 5: Minspy


When it comes to phone tracking applications, Minspy is one of the best options available. Specially crafted to run undetected on the target device, it is available for both android and iOS devices. So, all you need is this one application for keeping tabs on all smart devices in your family.

Minspy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking of the target device like other phone monitoring applications which might cause damage to the device or lead to violation of warranty terms. With Minspy, there’s no need to fiddle with the target device.

You just need to set up a small application and all the key information from the target device like phone calls, messages, geographical location, and emails is made available on the app’s web portal easily.

Offering a variety of features, Minspy is particularly apt when it comes to social media monitoring. You can hack into Facebook accounts and potentially any other social accounts that might be active on the target device.

The app’s interface comes with a specialized “Facebook spy” section where you can have the entire visibility of the Facebook accounts running on the target device. Apart from Facebook, it also allows access to other social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.  

You can head to Minspy’s official website to check its free live demo. There you will also find the options for signup and choosing an appropriate plan depending on the services you need.

Part 6: Hellospy

If you are considering a fruitful phone monitoring application, Hellospy can be a worthy option. Having served in the domain of spyware for multiple years, it allows effective monitoring of target Android and iOS devices.

Hellospy’s social media monitoring is so extensive that it allows you to easily hack into Facebook accounts that might be active on the target device. You can have exclusive access to the Facebook messenger contents like text messages, images and videos sent and received and also the contact list.

This functionality is a boon for parents who want to keep their kids away from cyber threats and cyber bullies. Hellospy doesn’t require any jailbreak or rooting of the target device and is available in a variety of service packages that you can purchase from their official website.

The only drawback of this application is that for utilizing the services of Hellospy, physical access to the target device is required as it is not possible to install this app remotely. Only after installation on the target devices you can have access to all the vital information from them.

Part 7: Guestspy

Recent years have seen a rise in Smartphone users among the younger generation. Although Smartphones offer several benefits and teens can use them for networking and knowledge transfer, they make them equally susceptible to cyber threats

That is the main reason parents are always on the lookout for some degree of control over their children’s virtual life. Phone monitoring and surveillance applications have somewhat helped parents achieve this.

Guestspy is one such application that has enabled guardians to keep their children away from cyber threats. With Guestspy you just need the phone number of the concerned person, and all the information from their phone will be available at your fingertips.

Just download the application from Play Store and follow their step by step guide to get started. Guestspy allows parents to tackle the worry they have for their children by enabling them to remotely hack into their children’s social media accounts like Facebook.

It allows them to have complete visibility over someone’s Facebook account where they can see the activities like text messages, likes and comments. It also allows exclusive access to deleted data, for instance deleted photos that were sent over Facebook messenger.

The drawback with Guestspy is that at the moment it is only available for Android phones. While it offers compatibility to most versions, it may not work on some latest Android releases.

Part 8: Spyfone

Smartphones can be a gateway to several sources of malicious information posing threats particularly to the younger generation. But with phone monitoring applications, parents nowadays can have some degree of control over their kid’s social and virtual life.

Spyfone is one such surveillance application that offers parental control as one of their premier services. It’s simple when it comes to utilizing the services of Spyfone, just download a small app and install it on the target device. Once installed, the application can run undetected for years to come.

Spyfone allows you to monitor phone calls, real time location, emails, and text messages of the target person and works for a short while even when the target device is turned off. It is particularly known for hacking into Facebook accounts using:

  • Keylogger: Have access to login credentials of all social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Social media monitoring panel: It has a dedicated portal where you can virtually clone the social media account on their platform giving complete visibility to users account activity.

Spyfone is available in three bundles as basic, premium and extreme, depending on the services you need you can opt for one of the subscriptions from their official website.

The minus point of this application is that its subscription plans may be a little costly for some users.

Part 9: Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor is a well-known name among phone tracking and hacking applications. It offers a variety of services and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Fonemonitor has an extensive user base in parents looking to keep their children away from cyber threats, employers who want to keep an eye over unreliable employees, and people in relationships particularly susceptible to their partners cheating.

You can simply install their application on target devices and monitor activities like phone calls, geographical location, text messages, emails and social media activity to name a few. Their social media monitoring solution even allows you to hack into someone’s Facebook account and have complete visibility of their activities.

Fonemonitor’s web-based portal logs information in real time that you can access from any remote device with internet capabilities, allowing effective monitoring where you can have access to Facebook messages and even view likes and comments for that Facebook account.

Fonemonitor also offers monitoring of other social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. It is easy to install and doesn’t require any jailbreak or rooting of the target device, just head to their website and opt for an appropriate subscription plan according to your needs.

Despite claims by the makers that it is best at what it does, several users have reported that Fonemonitor doesn’t work consistently, and doesn’t load the data into its dashboard at all times. People have also claimed that the support is not at all good and doesn’t entertain queries.

Part 10: Flexispy

There are very few phone monitoring applications that can match the standards of Flexispy. You will rarely find a list that doesn’t feature Flexispy as one of the premium applications in the spyware domain.

Flexispy is available in two subscription plans: premium and extreme. Premium plan features all functionalities you might find in any such phone monitoring application and with the extreme plan you can access exclusive services like call recording, call interception and ambient sound recording.

Flexispy is particularly known for its ability to hack into someone’s Facebook account. It comes equipped with a keylogger that can easily provide you login credentials of Facebook or any other social media account.

Flexispy monitoring interface comes with a dedicated panel for Facebook that offers complete visibility of social media accounts instantly with real time information. The subscription plans are easy to purchase from their official website and you can follow their step by step guide to get started.

The biggest disadvantage of this application is conducting FB will involve actually logging into someone’s account remotely, and at some point, the target might become aware of this because of the security features social media accounts incorporate nowadays.

To wrap up

That’s it from our end folks. Those are the top 10 Facebook Hacker apps for 2021. Hope our exhaustive list will help you to decide which one to choose for your specific purpose.

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