3 Steps to Installing the Spyine iOS Solution

create an iphone parental monitoring account

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Sign up for a Spyine account using the email ID.

verify icloud account

Verify the iCloud Account

Input the iCloud details of the account linked to the target iPhone or iPad.

iphone parental monitoring online

Monitor Your Kid Online

Manage your kid's activity from your web browser.

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Spyine – For Better Parenting

iphone parental control
Manage Your Children

What kind of content does your child consume? Is it age-appropriate or not? You can better learn and manage your child’s content viewing and consumption by keeping tabs on their cell phone or tablet through Spyine. If there is a website or app they shouldn’t be browsing or using, you’ll know about it.

Keep Them Safe

Kids are often threatened by people with bad intentions online. They can come in contact with strangers even when they’re sitting at home and supposedly safe. You can use Spyine to supervise your child’s device use and make sure they don’t get into trouble. If they are in touch with the wrong sort of people, you’ll be able to do something about it.

iphone parental control app
iphone parental monitoring app
Track Them Outside

You can’t physically be with your child 24/7 even if you want to. When you child goes outside, you can track them via their phone using Spyine. The app lets you track your child’s location and their location history. With the geofence feature, you can set up a virtual geofence around your home or other important place and be notified when the child crosses over.

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