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View all incoming calls, outgoing calls, and other details.

Find out who they are calling by using Spyine's call tracker.

  • Check their incoming as well as outgoing call details.
  • Find details like their call durations and timestamps.
  • See their favorite contacts and number of calls made..
  • Follow their call activity in stealth mode without root or jailbreak.

3 Simple Steps to Checking Their Phone Calls

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Track Their Calls

Monitor their phone calls remotely from your web browser.

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Track Their Phone Calls Secretly

You can use Spyine to track anyone’s phone calls in stealth mode. The app works remotely once installed, meaning you don’t need to touch the device. You can access the call logs remotely from any web browser, even if you’re out and about. The user will never know.

The Spyine dashboard gives you an overview of the phone activity. You can log into it from your web browser, as previously mentioned. The call logs feature can be found in the selection menu on the left. Open up the call log window to find information about past calls made, contact details, and the like.

Why Look at their Phone Call Logs?

Why should you look at someone’s phone call logs? Call logs are full of information about the person. You can find out who they’re talking to and –if that person is someone strange of suspicious – whether you should be concerned about it.

If you’re a parent, your child could be spending too much time on their phone instead of studying or meeting their friends. You can take a look at their call log details to be sure. If you think your partner is cheating on you with someone, their call log can tell you whether you’re right.

view call logs
  • There are multiple other scenarios where the information could come in handy – like keeping tabs on your employees. If you have an employee who isn’t as productive as the others, you can keep an eye on them via their phone and make sure they aren’t talking to their friends instead of working during work times.
  • Spyine works without root and jailbreak on Android and iOS respectively. That means you can use the app without having to tinker with the user’s device or void its warranty. It’s stress-free and easy.
  • Spyine works in stealth mode. You can use it remotely from your web browser and uninstall it with a single click if that’s necessary. The Android version of the app is hidden, while the iOS version is fully web-based.

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