Installed Apps Tracker

Installed Apps Tracker

Monitor and manage all installed apps on the device.

Spyine lets you view all the apps installed on the phone or tablet.

  • See a sorted list view of all installed apps.
  • Find apps that the user has hidden from view.
  • Monitor apps being newly installed or getting deleted.

Check Installed Apps in 3 Simple Steps

Register for Spyine

Use your email ID to sign up for Spyine.

Set Up Spyine

Follow the installation instructions to get Spyine up and running.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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Secretly Check Their Installed Apps

Spyine allows you to secretly check their installed apps from your web browser. The app delivers regular updates on their installed apps – so you’ll learn when and if new apps have been installed or old ones deleted. To get started with the installed apps monitoring, you will need to set up Spyine to work with the target device.

Do you have Spyine installed? Look for the Installed Apps option in the dashboard. You can log into the dashboard from any web browser. The Installed Apps option will be in the selection panel on the left of the dashboard. Select the option to open up the Installed Apps window.

The Installed Apps window shows you a summary of all the apps the user has installed on their phone. The apps are organized in rows by default, with 12 apps per page. You can use the log to access information about when an app was accessed. You can refresh the window to see if new apps have been added and old ones deleted.

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Why Should You Monitor Installed Apps?

Monitoring their Installed Apps can tell you a lot about them, no matter who the target user is. If the user is your child, you can find out if they are using age-appropriate apps, including games and video sharing websites. If the user is your partner, you can find out if they are cheating on you behind your back by checking to see if they have Tinder installed.

If you’re an employer, you’ll be able to tell if your employees are using their company phones and tablets for work or entertainment. If they have too many entertainment apps installed on their work devices, you have the proof you need to confront them. The app allows you to monitor installed app activity remotely.



Spyine Offers True Stealth Mode

Spyine is a truly stealthy solution. You can install the app on the Android device and then hide it. Once the app is hidden, it will send you data in the background without the user’s awareness. The iOS version, on the other, hand is a web-based program that runs without a software installation. This makes it impossible to detect.

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