View Pictures and Videos

For Spying on The Photo Gallery

See all the photos and videos they have saved on their device.

Spyine allows you to view and download their pictures and videos.

  • Access their self-shot photos and videos.
  • See their downloaded and received media files.
  • Find screenshots and app-related pictures.
  • Get details like locations and timestamps with every photo.

Spy on Photos in Three Easy Steps

Sign Up

Sign up for a Spyine account with your email ID.

Set Up Spyine

Install Spyine on the target iOS or Android device.

View Media Files

Log into the dashboard to monitor the media files.

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Secretly View Their Photos and Videos

You’ll be able to secretly monitor anyone’s photos or videos using Spyine. The app works invisibly and can send you someone’s photos and videos remotely. You can access the media files on your Spyine dashboard via your web browser. Spyine can be set up in minutes, so you’ll be viewing their collection of media files in under 10 minutes.

If you have Spyine installed, look for the Pictures or Video Clip Preview option in the selection menu in the dashboard. Opening either menu will load up all the photos or videos stored on the phone. This includes selfies, photos taken by the phone camera, and pictures received on social media sites. Even if the user deletes a personal photo, you will still be able to access a backup with Spyine.

Why Should You Monitor Media Files?

The media monitoring functionality is very popular with parents looking to keep an eye on their children. Kids are sometimes forced to share inappropriate pictures of themselves by strangers. You can keep an eye on your kid’s media files every once in a while to prevent that from happening. Also, if you have a young child, you can make sure they are only viewing age-appropriate content.

For people in relationships wondering if their partner is cheating on them, a look at their personal pictures and videos can help you find the truth. If they are indeed cheating on you, the proof should be visible in their photos and videos. There are countless other cases where the ability to monitor someone’s media files can be priceless.

View Photos & Videos Without Root

Spyine, being an advanced app, works without root or jailbreak. Setting up the app is a breeze. You'll be able to view someone's photos and videos in minutes, without going to the trouble of having to root or jailbreak.

Access Photos & Videos Secretly

If necessarry, you can use Spyine discreetly. The Android version of the app runs in the background on the device, without draining the battery. It's small and undetectable. The iOS version of Spyine is fully web-based and works without a software download or install. As a result, it can't be detected.

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