Monitoring Viber Messenger

For Spying on Viber

Find out what they're doing on Viber with Spyine.

Track their messages and other Viber activity in stealth mode.

  • Read their personal and group conversations with Spyine.
  • Access and download their media files on Viber.
  • Find deleted messages thanks to the backup feature.
  • Check contact details like names, numbers, and pictures.

3 Quick Steps to Spying on Viber

Sign Up

Get a Spyine account and a monthly subscripiton.

Install the App

Get Spyine set up by following the offered instructions.

Track Viber

Log into the Spyine dashboard and start monitoring Viber.

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Why Should You Monitor Viber?

Our users are often backed into a corner. They have children who are in trouble or partners who constantly lie to them and maybe even cheat on them behind their backs. By monitoring the user’s Viber activity, our users can protect their interests. Spyine works remotely and without the user’s awareness, so it’s risk-free to use.

Do you suspect your child is in danger? If they are being harassed by bullies, sexual predators, and other people on Viber, you can monitor their activity and step in if needed. If you think your partner is cheating on you on someone using Viber for communication, you can keep tabs on their activity by using Spyine.

Stealthily Track Viber Activity

You don’t want to be discovered monitoring their Viber activity. That could lead to a lot of trouble for you. Fortunately, you can use Spyine to discreetly monitor what the user is doing on Viber. The app works remotely and is invisible to the user. You get Viber activity information delivered remotely to your dashboard.

Are you ready to get started with the VIber monitoring? Get Spyine installed, log into the dashboard, and then look for the Social Apps > Viber option. The Viber window is where you can track all incoming and outgoing messages. It includes even the deleted messages. The other activity tracker here includes contacts, pictures, and time and date logs.

Use Without Root

Spyine is one of the rare few spy apps that work without root or jailbreak. You’ll be able to monitor Viber without being found out by the target user. You can install Spyine in minutes. The installation process is straightforward. You won’t have problems like data loss or viruses as the app works on secure stock Android.

Try Out Viber in Stealth Mode

You’ll be able to spy on Viber without being caught. The Android version of Spyine is very well-hidden. It runs invisibly and the app icon can’t be found by the user. The iOS version of Spyine is web-based and so can’t be detected at all. Note that support for Viber on iOS has been discontinued for non jailbroken devices.

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