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LINE Spy App

Use the LINE activity tracker with any smartphone or tablet.

Spyine can show you what the user is doing on LINE:

  • Read the user's private and group messages with LINE.
  • Check contacts information, get their display pictures and names.
  • Access their photos or videos, including the ones exchanged on LINE.
  • Set up remotely in minutes and monitor from your web browser.

3 Quick Steps For Spying on LINE

Sign Up For Spyine

Sign up for a free Spyine account using your email ID.

Choose Target Platform

Install Spyine on the target Android or iOS device in minutes.


Remotely track their LINE activity from your web browser.

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Monitor LINE While Remaining Hidden

Use Spyine to secretly monitor someone’s LINE use. You can see everything they’re doing on the app from your web browser, without being detected. Spyine has a web-based interface, so you get LINE-related updates delivered directly to your web browser. You can access Spyine from any smartphone or tablet.

You can log into your Spyine dashboard to get started with the LINE spying. Look for the social apps > LINE option in the selection panel on the left. Open up the LINE window and start monitoring the user’s activity. You can view all their traded messages. Every message comes with a time and date entry. You can even find deleted messages in the window.

LINE spy

Why Should You Monitor LINE?

Is it a good idea to monitor someone’s LINE? If they’re hiding something from you and you really need to find out the truth, then the answer is yes! You can learn a lot about the person, including all their secrets, by monitoring the messenger app they use often –in this case LINE. You can do so privately with Spyine.

If you’re a parent, you can check to make sure your children aren’t being bullied and are in touch with the right sort of people. If you’re an employer, you can use Spyine to make sure an employee is trustworthy. For people in relationships, Spyine also makes a good tool to test a partner’s faithfulness. You can find out immediately if they’re faithful to you or not.

Spyine Needs No Root or Jailbreak

There aren’t many apps on the planet that offer advanced phone monitoring functions like LINE spy without root or jailbreak. Spyine belongs to the rare group that does! Installing Spyine is easy. It’s very straightforward. You can use any phone or tablet for the purpose. You don’t have to deal with the drawbacks of root and jailbreak.

Stay Hidden

Spyine was made to be a secret, hidden solution. You can use it with both Android and iOS devices without being found out. The Android version of the app is a small, 2MB solution you can hide. It works without draining the battery and is invisible to the user. The iOS version is web-based, doesn’t need an installation, and is thus is undetectable.

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