How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

People cheat in relationships. Sometimes you might notice your girlfriend’s attention is slipping and the relationship just doesn’t feel the same anymore. If you can sense it then something must already be wrong with your relationship.

Is your girlfriend cheating on you? Perhaps she’d slept with someone else and you really don’t know?

You may feel that the right thing to do is approach her about it, but you can’t do it just on the basis of your hunch, can you? You will need proof. You’re in luck! We are going to bring a spy app here that can quite quickly help you bust your cheating girlfriend.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

In this post, we are going to share the signs to look for if your girlfriend has slept with someone else. Later in the article, we will tell you how Spyine cell phone monitoring software can help you bust your cheater.

Spyine is a pleasantly user-friendly app with numerous monitoring features. It has been endorsed by celebrated magazines such as Mashable, Wired, and The Huffington Post.

Part 1: How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

There are a few telltale signs that clearly show if your Girlfriend is cheating on you. Spyine is the sneakiest software ever available on the Internet that can help you track your girlfriend’s mobile phone without her knowing. It delivers every time and is trusted by millions of loyal users worldwide.

It is the easiest spying software available online to keep an eye on your girlfriend through her phone. It provides you with more than 35 useful features enabling you to collect each and every shred of information you need to find out if your girlfriend has jumped in bed with someone else.

By using Spyine, you can monitor a diverse range of your girlfriend’s activities.

  • Track her location with timestamps and know when and where she was.
  • Go through her social media apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and know what she has been up to.
  • View the photos or videos she frequently shares with the particular IDs.
  • Read her text messages.
  • See her call history with call details.


Along with this all there is an amazing additional feature of Android Keylogger which lets you record the keystrokes on your girl’s phone. With this, you will get the repeated words or names your girlfriend is interacting with.

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How to track your cheating girlfriend?

The best part about Spyine is that You can create your account for free! You can sign up without paying any dime. Later, you can select any of the payment plans that suit your budget.

Get ready to bust your cheating girlfriend via Spyine with these simple steps:

Step # 1: Sign up

Go to the signup page, enter the required credentials and get registered.


Step # 2: Configure your girlfriend’s phone

After you have subscribed to the suitable package, enter the name and specify the operating system of your target device i.e. Android or iOS.

  • Enter your girlfriend’s iCloud account credentials and hit ‘Verify’, if she has an iPhone.
  • If she has an Android phone, get the download link from Spyine setup wizard and open it in your girl’s Android phone. Download and install the app.

Step # 3: Track your girlfriend’s phone

Bravo!! You have come this far and you are almost there.

  • Go to the ‘Dashboard”. The side menu will show you the tabs for “location”, and all the social media apps you want to get in. Start monitoring now.


How does it work?

Here’s how it works so secretively and smoothly :

Web-based Interface

It has a web-based interface, you can use it from afar on any laptop or device as long as it has a working internet connection. You can see your girl’s data through your Spyine Dashboard.

Spyine iOS Solution

Spyine iOS solution lets you remotely track your girl’s iPhone. Neither you need to jailbreak the phone nor you need to install any app on it. Spyine iOS solution will use the iCloud account credentials and retrieve data from your girl’s phone through the iCloud backup services.

Spyine Android Solution

The Spyine Android solution works in stealth mode. The app’s icon is hidden on the target phone and the spy service runs silently in the background. The app has a smaller footprint so it occupies minimal memory space. The regular performance of the target phone remains unaffected.

Privacy of Data

It is the safest and most reliable software compared to online competitors because it does not steal data from the user. It does not store data on its servers and ensures that the data of the account holder is not used for any other purposes. That is why it has loyal customers and clients all over the world.

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Part 2: 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept with Someone Else

The following can be some obvious signs to know if your girlfriend has slept with someone other than you.

Sign # 1: She pays more attention to her phone than you when you are around.

She barely listens to whatever you say now. She is always on her phone texting and smiling. It is time to see her conversations with Spyine.

Sign # 2: She has more girls’ night out.

She has sleepovers every weekend that you can’t attend and she comes home all exhausted and deprived of sleep.

Sign # 3: She smells different now.

Often now, you can smell another perfume on her. It is new and none of you are using it. She will still make an argument upon questioning which won’t make any sense and will flee to the laundry immediately.

Sign # 4: She is receiving more than usual gifts from some unknown friends.

There are some really cool people in her life now and you don’t know them. Yet, now and then, these friends shower her with costly presents.

Sign # 5: She’s always asking you about your physical needs.

It is like she no longer knows you in bed. She is uncertain of your desires and just doesn’t synchronize with them. This could mean she’s just doing it for you and she’s not much interested in herself.

Sign # 6: She’s always in a hurry to leave home.

Whether she is leaving for work or friends, she always seems to be in a hurry and try to leave early. She never asks you to drive her to the destination anymore, instead, she prefers to take a cab for one reason or another.

Sign # 7: You are seeming to fade away.

Anything about you seems to be unimportant for her or she freaks out whenever she forgets stuff about you. This could be a sign of her guilt or the fear to give her secret away.

Sign # 8: She spends more time in the washroom along with her phone.

Her bathroom trips are becoming frequent and prolonged. And she always takes her phone with her. Your girl must be something that she cannot do in front of you.

Sign # 9: Snapchat notifications bring a meaningful smile to her face.

She is getting lots of updates from Snapchat these days and most messages make her either smile or blush. Apparently, despite being too involved on Snapchat, you don’t see much activity on her Snapchat stories. It may be disturbing because Snapchat is feasible for private conversations.

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Sign #10: Her response in bed is different now.

Whether she fakes it a lot or she is a starfish in bed now. There are signs that someone else is experiencing the real her.

Sign #11: You don’t see her wearing the lingerie she has been buying lately.

She prefers to buy more provocative lingerie and clothing, spending more than normal. Yet you fear she doesn’t do it for you and you can’t see her wearing so much.


Spyine is the best cell phone monitoring solution to let you discover if your partner has been sleeping with someone else. It will offer all the bits you need to solve the mystery your relationship has become. It has stealthy features that will let you catch your red-handed girlfriend.

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