Is My Husband Cheating? 20+ Signs to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating

“Are you facing a troubled phase in your marriage when you believe your better half is not as interested as you are in the relationship?” This could make you wonder if it’s because you’re doing something wrong or his attention has moved elsewhere. When you believe that your husband is cheating, he might be cheating. Yet without a proof, you can’t ask him directly because he’s likely to deny it.

To get started, you can look for a few signs in your cheating husband’s behavior and bring some clarity to your thoughts.

Is My Husband Cheating

In this post, we will learn about 20 + signs of a husband cheating. You can observe the actions of your cheating husband and observe the changes in his routine with particular interest. In addition, we’ll explore the app’ Spyine – Bust a Cheater’ that will help you discover the truth.

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Part 1: 20+ Signs to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating

The signs you can look for to see if your husband cheats on you are the following:

Sign # 1: He doesn’t notice the changes in you anymore

If you’re wearing a different perfume for days or you’re wearing the same outfit, he doesn’t see the difference. He behaves as if you are no longer there.

Sign # 2: He quickly gets cranky while at home

These days he spends very little time at home and when you get to spend time with him, he generally isn’t in a particularly good mood. Perhaps he’s too sick of the workweek or he simply doesn’t like the feeling of the place you’ve selected to spend time with him.

Sign # 3: He talks eagerly about a new friend

He has made some new interesting friends. Now and again he keeps throwing out a new name in the talk. You will notice his distinct behavior when he talks about that particular friend. He is either too eager when talking about the new friend or swiftly changes the topic.

Sign # 4: He is going to ‘out of town’ work trips frequently.

He happens to be attending more seminars and workshops that are now being held off-station. Yet you can’t be accompanying him for one reason or another. If this happens regularly, unfortunately, you’ll need to be more attentive to his behavior.

You can see his real-time location and complete location history with the Spyine Location Tracker feature.

Sign # 5: Always on his phone

Your cheating husband uses the phone more frequently. He is avoiding calls in front of you but continues to text with a smile on his face. When you’re trying to start a conversation, you’ll either get no response or a very thorough response.

Sign # 6: His call log and inbox doesn’t have any new entries

Despite being always on his phone, you do not find new phone calls or text entries on your cheating husband’s phone. This could only mean he sneaked a few chats and erased all those to hide something from you.

You can see the complete call log and the text messages, including the deleted records, through your Spyine Dashboard.

Sign # 7: Job dinners are more a ritual now

Owing to overwork, he often always enjoys his dinner at the office and there is no significant raise he gets for working over hours.

Sign # 8: His spendings have increased

He worries about financial issues although you are not making any additional expenses. It can mean the transfer of money is directed to something else. He might be paying some extra lunch or dinner bills for his secret affair.

Sign # 9: Hurries and leaves the room when receiving calls.

Clearly, he does not want you to overhear his talk. He panics and leaves the room immediately often upon receiving a phone call. Take note! This is not just another work call.

Simply check the call log from your Spyine Dashboard and you can see the caller details.

Sign # 10: Working from the lounge has become a newfound passion now.

He now even has to work from bed, nearly every night. However, when you want to go to bed, he enjoys working. He evades you clearly by using his devices.

Sign # 11: He has become protective of his gadgets now.

He doesn’t look comfortable when you have to use his phone and asks it back for one reason or another, after a few seconds. His gadgets are now password protected.

With the Spyine Android Keylogger, you have the luxury of knowing every keystroke on your cheating husband’s phone.

Sign # 12: The physical intimacy has either waned or is peaking.

The intimacy between you and your cheating husband isn’t the same anymore. “I am too tired for it” might mean he is getting what he wants from somewhere else. Overzeal in bed, on the other, might be an indication that he is making up for infidelity.

Sign # 13: He gets a lot of Snapchat notifications, especially at the nights

You see a lot of Snapchat notifications on his phone in the morning. We all know Snapchat notifications can be bad news as it facilitates cheating without a trace. Read this article to know How to Catch a Betrayal Spouse on Snapchat.

Sign # 14: He is always on his phone around you but takes hours to respond to you when away.

When you see him all the time using his phone at home but he’s just too late to answer you while he’s at work or outside. This means your husband ignores you or is involved with someone else.

Sign # 15: You notice visible changes in the way he looks and smells.

Now he is more concerned about how he looks and feels. He is experimenting with new hairstyles, perfumes, and designs. He’s now going to the gym regularly.


Your cheating husbands discuss situations with you where one of his married friends is cheating on his wife. He will try to know about your opinion and judge your prospective behavior.

Sign # 18: He knows your schedule

Your husband wants to know about your schedule i.e. if you are coming early from the office or staying late at work if you intend to attend any conference this week or if you intend to take a day off.

You can guess the reason why is he keeping tabs on your schedule.

Sign # 19: He encourages you to spend time with friends

Your husband has suddenly started to convince you how healthy it is for you to spend time on your own self. He encourages you to go to your family picnics and social gatherings freely without him.

Sign # 20: He is showering you with care

Some husbands are caring by nature but you know your husband’s nature. If your husband has suddenly showered you with ultimate care and gifts, you need to get your heads up. He might be making up for his infidelity.

Part 2: Use Spyine to find if your cheating is cheating on you

Now is the time to get hold of the situation. You should take the next step and start tracking the cellphone activities of your cheating husband.

With an intuitive and pleasant user interface, Spyine is explicitly designed to cater to the needs of wives who want to secretly track their cheating husband’s phone. 35+ monitoring features enable Spyine to give you the ultimate access to your husband’s data.

You can use Spyine even if you are a non-technical person. It is a web-based solution and can be accessed through any browser from any device.

You can view your cheating husband’s messages, see his call history, track his location, view social app our conversations, read emails and a lot more with Spyine. You can also view his activity on Tinder and get to know if he is dating someone these days.


The best aspect of using Spyine is its secrecy. You can spy on your cheating husband secretly and he would not know about you spying on him. It is available for both Android and iPhones. You can access all monitoring features without rooting or jailbreaking the device.


Infidelity is a red flag about the health of one’s relationship. Use Spyine cellphone monitoring solution to know the truth about your cheating husband. Spyine gives you the chance to know the truth and decide what is best for you and your mental health.

When you know your husband is cheating on you, gather the evidence through Spyine, confront him and communicate about the problems in your marriage. Seeing it all coming true can be heartbreaking but this also might give you a chance to save your marriage and start afresh, honest and healthy relationships again.

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