How to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook

Cheating was always there. The only thing that has changed with the change of time is the way people cheat. Facebook, being the easiest platform to cheat, has become a reason behind many broken relationships in current times.

If you think that your spouse is also cheating on you then you must take appropriate actions before it becomes too late. In this article, we will try to find out one such way which will help you decode the Facebook cheating that your partner must be doing behind your back.

Part 1: How to Catch Facebook Cheaters

You must be thinking that cheating on Facebook is easy but what is easier than this is catching a Facebook cheater. Yes, you can easily catch a Facebook cheater if you have the right technology besides you and that right technology is Spyine.

Spyine – Modern-era Genie

Remember that Genie from Aladdin’s stories? The Genie always helped Aladdin and never let anything harm him. Spyine does the same for you.

Spyine is a precisely developed remote monitoring app that you can use to catch any Facebook cheater without being caught in the act.

Built with powerful AI and machine learning, this Facebook cheating app has helped millions across the globe to catch Facebook cheaters. The best part is you will never compromise on your identity and data safety.


If you are wondering how it happens, here is the explanation.

Jailbreaking and rooting is the thing of past

Before the invention of Spyine happened, people have only two options to catch a Facebook cheater that is jailbreaking and rooting. But both these activities are extremely risky and can create much of a nuisance that is beyond our control.

Instead of keeping these two activities as a viable option, Spyine has found out a new and novel way to catch a Facebook cheater.

It basically works on the OS syncing process.

Without tampering with the targeted device’s OS, it secretly syncs with it and fetches the data for you. Trust us. Its path is far safer and hassle-free than conventional ones. Whether it’s iOS or Android, it follows the same pathway.

Spyine for iOS is a marvel that comes with a 100% web-based interface. You don’t have to involve downloading and installation hassles to get started with it. As long as you have valid iCloud credentials of the targeted device, the ball is in your court.

Spyine for Android is not less than this. It’s a high-flier app that comes with stealth mode. With this mode, you can hide the app’s icon from the app list and work clandestinely.

It’s super-compact only 3MB doesn’t consume much of the phone’s battery and doesn’t send any notifications on the targeted device.

For monitoring, you can bring Spyine (whether the iOS solution or the Android one) into action using any device/browser.

Both of its solutions work so secretively that no one can ever find out what you are up to. Seeing all this, we can easily call Spyine a Genie. It’s indeed one.

Spyine never put your crucial data at stake

Losing your crucial data while catching a Facebook cheater is the last thing that you would like to face. But it happens all the time if you’re using any bargain-basement solution as they secretly save your data on their server and expose it to the world of cyber vulnerabilities.

This is where Spyine comes for your rescue. Unlike other options, it doesn’t save data on its server and keeps it protected. And, it follows this protocol for both iOS and Android platforms.

Everything comes under Spyine’s radar

Facebook does a lot for you. You can post pictures, you can post video, and you can send secret messages. All these ways can be used to cheat on you. So, you need something that can track all these activities. Thankfully Spyine has such abilities!

Whether you want to learn about which media was posted or which text was dropped, Spyine will fetch every detail for you. Do you want to catch your cheating spouse on Snapchat?  And, the good news is there are no hiccups involved.

As soon as the target person marks a presence on Facebook, it notes down and updates you. Every data comes with time stamps. So, you can know what happened when. Such sort of vigilance is indeed beyond our mind’s eye.

It doesn’t pinch your pockets

Catching a Facebook cheater can be pocket-pinching if you decide to hire a hacker for this job. As not everyone has million dollars in their account to splurge on this, many people never find out the truth.

Spyine guarantees that money should never come between you and your peace of mind. It offers you the most affordable way to catch a Facebook cheater. Its one-month subscription costs you less than one –time meal in a restaurant.

To make sure that you get the best ROI, it does a lot more than catching a Facebook cheater. You can track:

  • Call history
  • SMS, IMs, and secret chats
  • Web-browser history
  • Location history
  • SIM information
  • Other social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,
  • Line, and so on
  • Calendar and notes
  • Apps installed

In a layman’s language, getting Spyine is like earth and heaven’s joy combined. And, this is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Facebook?

Catching a Facebook cheater is a cakewalk until you pick Spyine. Within four simple steps, you can outsmart any self-proclaimed Facebook cheating expert. These are the steps that you need to follow to catch a Facebook cheater with Spyine:

Step 1 – Sign Up for Spyine

Do a quick sign-up with Spyine using any of your active email ID and pay for the Spyine’s subscription.


Step 2 – Select the Target Operating System

 Choose the type of OS you want to target.


Step 3 – Complete the Steps needed for Data-fetching

Now, at this step, you need to progress differently for iOS and Android.

If the Facebook cheater is using an iPhone then you need to enter the related iCloud details and verify it. The verification, which is a second’s job, is done so you can see the live data rendered exclusively for you.


For the Android platform, first, you need to prepare the targeted device for Spyine followed by a quick installation.


Step 4 – Access the Spyine Dashboard

Now, login to your Spyine’s account using the same email ID that you used during login and access its dashboard. You can accomplish this task using any device/browser.


Step 5 – Catching a Facebook cheater red-handed

On the left side of the dashboard, you can see the ‘Facebook Spy’ option. Click on it and you can have admin like the view of the targeted Facebook account. From here, you can easily view the images posted and track every activity.


Want to have a try? Just click here >>

Part 2: Facebook Secret Conversations Cheating

Facebook is known worldwide for its powerful security features. It has taken an oath to maintain the privacy and secrecy of its user. That’s why some of the activities and information are never revealed.


While you can easily see what post has been shared and liked, personal chat can never be traced out. The chat that happened on Facebook messenger always remains a secret affair between those who are part of that chat.

Did you wish to spy on Facebook messenger chat? Spyine will make your wish come true. It has all the latest technologies that you need to decode a Facebook secret conversation. It has a powerful in-built Keylogger.

Being a cut-above software, it tracks the keystroke on the targeted device in such a hush-hush manner that no one will find out that you are spying on a secret chat. It finds out what text was typed by the targeted person on Facebook messenger.

Even the deleted text can be traced. This way, you can find out secret messages which are hidden from the rest of the world. If you have such kind of power in your hands, you can never be a victim of cheating on Facebook messenger.

The Crux – Don’t be prey. Be a huntsman. Spy and Catch FB Cheaters with Spyine

Cheating in any form is not at all accepted. You don’t let anyone spoil your peace of mind. Before anyone does this to you, you must learn about how to catch a Facebook cheater. Needless to say that the best help that you can get at this point is Spyine.

With its impeccable features, you can track, record, and monitor every kind of Facebook activity. Also, it keeps you updated about any foul play way before it actually occurs. Don’t you feel powerful? So, without wasting any time you must take it on board.

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